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Celyn Carina Edillon
Birthday: 19 April 2009
Age: 17
Species: Witch
Alignment: Lawful Good
School: Philippine Institute of Magic (former)
Occupation: Student
Location: England
Gender: Female
Relationship Status: Single
Nationality: Filipino
Accent: Filipino
Organization(s): The Noble House of Edillon
Status: Alive
Mimaropa's Sampaguita
This sweet lady is the second daughter of the Noble House of Edillon, which rules over the Southern Tagalog Islads, Mimaropa. She, unlike the other noble children, went to Britain out of sheer worry and protectiveness of her bunsos. Often referred to as C.C., she is the ARMP bunch's de-facto big sister and Joaquin Perez's best friend.
Celyn Appearance.png

Celyn looks a lot like her mother, from whom she had inherited her elegant, wavy hair. She has almond-shaped brown eyes and a tanned complexion. She loves wearing non-constricting clothes. At home, she would often be found with flour and batter all over her clothes.

Celyn Personality.png

Celyn is a sweet, gentle-mannered young lady, often having the vibe of an elder sister. She is the happy-go-lucky one of the ARMP Bunch. She is their de-facto tita and she loves spoiling each and every one of them. She doesn't spoil them to flaunt her wealth, she does it because they're her bunsos and they're cinnamon buns who deserve everything.

She doesn't really mind the crazy shenanigans they come up with, rather, she joins them. She loves seeing her bunsos happy. However, the famous Filipino temper will blow up once she discovers that someone hurt one of them. If you see her with an unusually creepily-sweet smile and heading towards your way, run, because she's in destructive mode.

She is really fond of cute things, and would spoil Hazelle the most. Also, when Joaquin Jo would try to pull off a bad boy pose, she would find it really cute.

Celyn History.png

While the first sign of magic within the Filipino thousands of years ago hasn't been pinpointed quite yet, it is true that the Autonomous Region of Magical Philippines has risen together with the great Kingdom of Namayan. The ARMP had no name in the past since it was one with Namayan.

For years, the Magicals and the Muggles lived in harmony, no prejudice and no discrimination. Of course, there were some groups that wanted the Magicals to separate from the Muggles but they were scarce and were merely a small nuisance. The Magicals helped the Muggles in more difficult work and the Muggles gave the Magicals a sense of purpose. They all thought it would last forever and nothing could disrupt the peace. Until the Spaniards came.

The Spaniards didn't like the idea of people using magic and strove hard to separate the 'normal' from the 'abnormal'. People possessing magic or showing that they possessed magic were hunted down and were executed. Some were smart enough to hide their magical abilities while the others fled to remote areas and islands. The Muggles helped the ones who hid their abilities to hide and kept the location of the remote areas and islands from the Spaniards.

Years passed by, and the Muggles slowly forgot about their friendship and alliance with the Magicals due to little to no contact. The newer generations were taught that Magic was evil and was abnormal which lead to the Magicals completely separating from the Muggles. While the Muggles were under Spain, the Magicals thrived and grew, watching helplessly as the Muggles were tortured colonial master after colonial master. As a way of coping with the loss of their friendship, the ARMP mirrored the cultural progression of Muggle Philippines, albeit with their own magical touches.

They still kept the monarchy intact. However, they had changed the surname to del Castillo and had turned into a patriarchy, which didn't please most of the citizens.

Several centuries and generations later, the ARMP has become an isolated region, its government keeping to itself and lying low as possible while making its economy flourish. It's been known to most of the Wizarding World as a very shady government and some trying to get information on it are rebuffed every single time. They don't join international events even if they are qualified and during wars, they stay neutral and keeps their citizens close. Now, the ruling monarch is King Alejandro with his wife, Queen Marisol. The current heir to the throne is Prince Martin. Several of the Noble Houses has grown bigger while others have grown smaller or extinct. Some members of the Noble House of Iglesias and Fernandez has moved to the United Kingdom, still under the protection of the Crown. Recently, the two royal del Castillo children have moved there in hopes of establishing trading agreements with the British Ministry.

The House of Edillon is the temporary Noble House of MIMAROPA after the Niesa Family Breakdown. Prior to that, they were the second most powerful family in the region, being bodyguards to the Niesas. They were easy to underestimate, seeing as they were a mostly pacifist family. You could call them the Hufflepuffs of the Philippines. Despite the Niesas being neck-deep in Dark Arts, they remained loyal to them. This is because of the pact, sanduguan, made by their ancestors many centuries ago.

After the Niesas were held down by the Crown, the King chose the Edillons to rule over MIMAROPA while the Niesas were given time to sort their problems out.

During the 32nd year of the Edillons' reign, Celyn Carina was born. She is the youngest child of the Edillons, after her ate Evangelina and kuya Renaldo. She is the typical peaceful Edillon, raised to be a capable bodyguard should the Niesas regain their seat.

Seeing as the Noble Houses meet at the Palasyo ng Tondo every year, she got to meet her fellow scions, namely Victoria, Corrine, Valentin, Joaquin, Hazelle, and Martin. She got along well with the other kids, but she got along best with the Perez scion, Joaquin. The two seemed to just click with each other and they were often mistaken to be siblings, seeing how close they were. Of course, she became fond of the other kids. Eventually, she began to view them as real siblings and would often bring them delicacies from MIMAROPA every time they meet.

She soon grew to be the de-facto ate of the bunch. She is very protective of each of them and loves to spoil them. She is often the one who would fish them out of trouble, and lets herself get dragged into their ridiculous shenanigans. It got even better when they were enrolled to the same school; Philippine Institute of Magic.

Their lives were filled with fun and... randominjuries. Until the Iglesias' moved. It was too sudden and too soon. They were gonna graduate together, take the careers their parents laid out for them. Celyn watched sadly as Hazelle began to crumble and change... and its effect on Valentin. No, she didn't hate the Iglesias sisters. Rather, she was disappointed in them. How could've they done this? was the question that bugged her for a year.

When she had learnt that the children of the del Castillos and the Fernandez's were moving to England, she immediately stepped in to join them, not wanting to get them out of her sight. Who knows what kind of people that country has. And of course, she dragged Joaquin with her.

Having arrived to England, she wasn't able to start school right away because she had struggled at first to adjust to the new environment. She was sorted into Hufflepuff after she was enrolled at Hogwarts and is ecstatic to see her little bunsos again.

Celyn Relationships.png

Roberto and Antonella Edillon

Her beloved parents. They are one of the most amazing people in her life and she looks up to them a lot. She did get kind of miffed out because they initially discouraged her move but she was happy that they understood her motives. She sends them letters regularly to update them of her wellbeing and of course, to stay in touch.

Evangelina and Renaldo Edillon

Her ate and her kuya. The only people who can match up to Celyn's overprotectiveness. The three siblings are close as peas in a pod, to the point where they could almost read each other's minds. The two were openly against Celyn's choice of moving to Britain and wanted for her to stay where they could look after her.

Joaquin Perez


Joaquin and Celyn are two of a kind, platonic soulmates. From the moment they met, they just clicked. These two are super close and would rarely be found without each other. The pair grew up together and know each other so well. They are so close that one time where they announced that they were a couple as an April Fools prank, the others were like 'ha, knew it. gimme 50 pesos'.

Hazelle del Castillo

She considers the princess the cutest out of their group and spoils her the most. She's really fond of Hazelle and is her favourite out of the royal siblings. Seriously, Hazelle has Celyn wrapped around her finger. Hazelle was one of the reasons why Celyn decided to follow the other noble kids to Britain.

Claudio Villaflor
The absolute number one d**chebag of ARMP, Celyn loathes Claudio and has sent him to the ICU several times with the help of Joaquin. This guy has no redeeming qualities and is able to infuriate Celyn every time he enters a room.

Celyn Misc.png

Baking utensils

Being a patisserie at heart, Celyn naturally has these. She keeps these around in case she is able to bake while at Hogwarts and wants to use these in the Hogwarts kitchens.

Celyn's 10⅓" wand is made out of Talisay wood and has a Bakunawa scale for a core. She's had this wand since she was 11 years old and treasures it very much.


From a young age, it was clear that Celyn would grow into a patisserie. The skill is a notable trait of the family members of House Edillon so it wasn't surprising that the girl is skilled in this area.


One of the two traditional types of duelling in the Philippines, one being Magical duels, Celyn is adept at arnis, being trained since the first time she can properly handle arnis sticks. This is because she needed to top any challengers to the throne of MIMAROPA and fulfill her duties as a scion of Edillon.

Martial arts


Means "holly" in Welsh.


Late Latin name derived from cara meaning "dear, beloved".


Celyn Trivia.png
  • Her Patronus is a dove.
  • Her favourite memories are
    • The first time she successfully baked a pastry
    • The first time she met the others
  • Her Boggart is isolation, which manifests as her friends and family disappearing one by one, leaving her all alone.
  • She is to be betrothed to the D**chebag of the Philippines, Claudio Villaflor. She doesn't know about it yet.
Celyn Edillon - Sixth Year Hufflepuff 🍰 Sacchariferous Rose

- "Beware the nice ones."
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