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Chanterelle Deimantė Lombric-Argenta
Gryffindor Alumna
Age 18
Birthday Twenty-Fourth July
Nationality Lithuanian; Turkish
Ethnicity Lithuanian; Turkish
Accent Lithuanian
Blood Status Pure-Blood
Sexuality Heterosexual
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Chanterelle Deimantė Lombric-Argenta
Gryffindor Alumna
Species Human; Witch
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Model Maryna Linchuk
Height -
Weight -

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Chanterelle Deimantė Lombric-Argenta
Gryffindor Alumna
House Gryffindor
Year/Occupation Unemployed
Wand Acacia, Phoenix Feather, 9 1/2"
Wand Arm Right
Patronus Lynx
Boggart A cage
Affiliation Gryffindor, Hogwarts

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Chanterelle Deimantė Lombric-Argenta is a Gryffindor ALumna from Kaunas, Lithuania, and is currently unemployed.

Gryffindor Crest (Gif)

Chanterelle is a type of mushroom

Deimante is a Lithuanian name meaning Diamond. Derived from the Lithuanian Deimantas (Diamond)

Lombric-Argenta is made-up, but Argenta is derived from the latin word for silver, argentum


Chanterelle Deimante Jusmaite Lombric-Argenta was born to a Turkish man and a Lithuanian woman, Kadri and Kamile Lombric-Argenta née Jusmaite. Her childhood was normal-ish, and she went to a muggle school in Lithuania until she got her letter. When she started Hogwarts, she met a Turkish boy named Wes Tavik, and until their last few years they were both best friends and partners-in-crime. Since a young age, she has been betrothed to Jørgen Lindgren, but only found this out in third year.

In 6th year, she became a co-captain for the Gryffindor Quidditch Team, along with Orion Tulen, and kept that title until her graduation, whereupon she bought an apartment of her own and began looking for a job, adamant that she would not rely on Jørgen when they got married.


During her school days, Chanterelle was a troublemaker and did whatever possible to annoy, anger and generally harrass teachers. She calmed down in her last few years, however, but still enjoys chaos into her adulthood. Aside from this, she has a good sense of humour, and knows when to stop. Beneath all of this, Chanterelle is actually quite clever, though didn't try as hard as she might have done in her OWLs and NEWTs. She is generally loud - not to mention blunt.




Chanterelle's faceclaim is Maryna Linchuk.


Kamilė Lombric Argenta (née Jusmaitė) - Mama/Anne
Kadri Lombric-Argenta - Tėtis/Babacığım
Juozas Lombric-Argenta - Broliu/Kardeş
Liudvikas Lombric-Argenta - Broliu/Kardeş
Nielė Jusmaitė - Sesutė/Įseserė Never met

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