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Charlotte Adams


5th June

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Blood Status

Half Blood




Second Year (Twelve)


Poplar and Unicorn Hair

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  • Incendio (Herbology)

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Charlotte is intelligent as she spends a lot of time reading and loves learning new things. She can be sarcastic, but sometimes crosses over the line between funny and mean. When she first gets to know people she is often shy but as she forms friendships she opens up more.

She tries to be kind but often struggles with this as she is impatient with people who cannot keep up with her. However, when she respects someone she forms close friendships.

She works hard but can sometimes be distracted. She has high goals academically but occasionally struggles to meet these goals as she has difficulties prioritising work.


Charlotte is a half blood. Her mother is a witch but her father is a muggle. Her mother's family were supportive of the marriage and Charlotte is close to both her muggle family and her wizarding family. She is an only child but they have three cats and a kitten Charlotte hopes to bring to Hogwarts.

They live in the muggle world, in Edinburgh, and Charlotte was brought up as a muggle. Her mother uses minimum magic around the house, and owns a small cafe. Charlotte often helps her mother around the cafe. Her father works as a teacher at a local primary school.

Charlotte is especially close to her paternal grandmother and her muggle cousins. Most of her muggle family is unaware of her magical heritage but her father's mother knows. She will miss her family when she starts at Hogwarts but will write to them often.


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Magical abilities

Charlotte is in second year and has a grasp on some simple spells. Her favourite classes are herbology and charms.


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