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Charlotte Kastas Reid
Reid Family
Future First Year
Blood Status
rped by Merisa

Charlotte Kastas Reid is a future first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She also happens to be a seer. If you plan on being this girl's friend, I'd suggest you get used to the weird comments and intense amounts of sarcasm.


Model: Sammi Hanratty

Charlotte Kastas Reid was born to Mike and Donna Reid on September 24, 2019 in sunny Florida. Being the seventh born girl in the family, she got a ton of hand-me-downs growing up. Not that that's surprising. Though she did grow up to being the last to get anything.

She never stayed in one place too long since her parents had a 'see the world' kick. So, when she was two years old, they packed up and moved to Puerto Rico. Then, when she was four they moved to Brazil. A year later and they where in South Africa. They stayed there the longest. However, they can't seem to stay in one place for long so they packed up yet again and moved to Greece when she was eight. A year later and they where in Scotland.
Of course, being a half-blood she would have some sort of 'magical sign' or what have you. Charlie's happened when she was eight years old. For some reason, she saw her mother's favorite vase fall off of the table. So, naturally, she sat underneath the table all day, waiting for it to fall so she can catch it. What she didn't know, was that Jupiter would trip over her legs, causing the vase to fall. The vase fell in her lap and she told her mother the whole thing.
Her parents were surprised for sure about the whole thing. After all, she 'saw' the vase fall before it actually happened? Well, regardless they told her all about going to a magic school and learning to be a witch. This was exciting for Charlotte. After all, she was finally going to be able to do what her older sisters get to do!
A year later, she would still 'see' random things happen before they actually did. Though that happened every so often. This confirmed (at least in her parents eyes) that she was, in fact, a seer. They told their daughter their suspicions and Charlie was unfazed by it. In fact, it made her even more excited to go to whatever magical school would be in the area. They then found out that her great-great-great grandmother was a seer as well.

Since she's already ten and still in Scotland, she's expecting to go into Hogwarts. All she has to do is wait for the letter that will be sent during the summer...

Charlotte is too girly to be a tomboy but too tomboyish to be classified as 'girly'. She is one of those people that is stuck in the middle of two social standards. Which, to be honest, is how most people seem to be. She can be classified as quirky. Which happens to be her favorite thing about herself. Charlie will sometimes go by her middle name, Kastas.
She loves to play sports and ship people together. Though she isn't die hard for it. Just a simple past time that every ten year old girl pursues....right? Like every younger sibling, she has a mischievous side that usually involves her backmailing one of her sisters into letting her watch whatever she wants (I totally saw you sneak out last week...wonder what Mom'll say when she finds out...). Charlie loves to make new things out of something old (thank you for your old jeans! these will work perfectly for a new backpack). Even if they don't turn out that great. She also has a dry sense of humor which almost always includes intense amounts of sarcasm.


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*Her theme song is Headphones by Britt Nicole


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