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AGE 18
MODEL Jaehyun

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Cheol was born to a simple couple that lived in Malta, a small island off the coast of Italy. He was the first born and his parents adored their little bundle of joy, but even from such a little age they knew that he was going to be a handful. He was always exploring and getting into trouble, but he just couldn't help his curious nature.

Cheol's parents didn't know what to do with such a hot headed spunky little toddler. Cheol was always so rough with the other kids and always wanted to play dangerous games that they hardly let him play with others kids because of it, it's not that he was bullied or socially awkward, it's just Cheol was too much of a dare-devil.

Ae-Cha Seung, Cheol's mother, ended up getting a job as a maid/nanny to work for the Camilleri's, a family that the Seung's had been serving for generations. Ae-Cha thought this would be the best opportunity for Cheol, as he could maybe learn how to play nice with the Camilleri boy, Kyran. Only, when Cheol arrived he instantly hated Kyran. Not only was the boy blind and couldn't play, he kept calling Cheol a commoner.

Cheol stayed as far away from Kyran as possible, really only interacting with him at mealtimes and whenever his mother forced them to play together. Cheol loathed going to the Camilleri household after school, as he wanted to be home and play with his younger sister and interact with his classmates. Though, all his built up emotions had to burst at some point and sadly that happened to burst on Kyran.

One day when Cheol was playing by himself, Kyran ended up coming into the room and instantly started talking bad about Cheol and how he was a commoner and that he made Kyran smell like a commoner and etc. Cheol ended up getting so mad that he tackled Kyran to the ground, punching him in the face which led to Kyran beating Cheol with his stick. Ae-Cha luckily separated the two before either one got hurt too badly, but that didn't stop Cheol from screaming at Kyran about how much he hated him and the Camilleri household.

The Camilleri's ended up firing Ae-Cha for not handling her son and bringing harm unto Kyran, forcing them to leave and Kyran was alone once more. Cheol on the other hand was happy to get away from the household and be normal again, but the rest of that year was lonely for Cheol. For some reason he couldn't help but think about the Camilleri household and Kyran, despite hating it and him so much.

This caused Cheol's magic to appear when he was 9, despite it being so late. He came home to hear that his mother had been hired back by the Camilleri's, causing Cheol to be so excited that he accidently apperated them to the Camilleri household. He denied being excited about it when his mother asked him, just saying he was happy she was getting her job back.

Cheol also became friends with Kyran surprisingly, despite their deep hatred only a year earlier. The two never really talked about it, and only teased each other. Cheol ended up convincing Kyran that if he was touched enough by Cheol (who was a commoner) that he'd turn into one. And because of Kyran being blind and always having to touch Cheol, Cheol discovered that he was a germaphobe.

When Cheol was 11 he received his letter for Mahoutokoro, and was excited to finally go off to magic school, only Kyran begged him not to go and to go to Hogwarts instead, for which Cheol also received a letter for. In the end, Cheol agreed to go to Hogwarts for and with Kyran, not really knowing why as he had wanted to go to Mahoutokoro for as long as he remembered.



Cheol is a hot-headed, troublemaking teenager. He's always had a bit of a temper and a tongue and can never seem to keep what's in his mind in his mind. He points out imperfections of people, like if they have a pimple or perhaps a piece of food in their teeth or their tag is sticking out of their shirt. But he doesn't do this to me mean, he just feels that someone has to point it out and that person is him.

With Cheol's temper he's also a bit of a tease, he likes to make jokes and poke at people and push their buttons, but not to get into any serious trouble, just to annoy the other person. He does it in all good fun, and sometimes doesn't even know he's hurting the other persons feelings unless they tell him or start to cry.

Despite some of Cheol's flaws he tries to be a decent human being, he's polite to strangers and holds doors open for people, but he just can't help it if someone is doing something to annoy him and he has to call them out on it. His biggest pet peeve is when people are straight up rude and purposefully try to make people cry or hurt them, and Cheol is no whimp and will stand up for anyone and against any big foe.

He believes that people need to be decent human beings, and he loathes a lot of the Slytherin's because of their natural bad behavior. Sure, Cheol teases people but not to purposefully make them cry, just to be annoying. His parents, more specifically his mom, taught him the Golden Rule, and he tries to apply it the best he can but sometimes it slips from his mind.

Cheol also believes that no one is better than another person, and the nerd sitting in the corner is just as good as the Quidditch captain with the girls flaunting all over him. If Cheol could, he'd snap his fingers and make everyone see each other how they deserve to be seen/treated, even if that means that bullies and jerks are treated how they treat others.


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FATHER Bon-Hwa Seung - 40
MOTHER Ae-Cha Lee - 38
SIBLINGS Seung Chaewon - (Little Sister)
RELATIVES Grandparents and various cousins
WAND Vine, Unicorn Hair, 8 inches
BOGGART Lightning
SCHOOL Hogwarts
HOUSE Gryffindor
FAVE FOOD Chicken Wings
FAVE DRINK Orange Soda
FAVE SONG Don't stop 'til you get enough by Michael Jackson
FIRST KISS Kyran Camilleri


Bon-Hwa Seung

Ae-Cha Lee



Elis Rosier
Cheol couldn't be more happier than he is with Elis. He loves everything about his boyfriend and sees them really staying together for a long time. He loves Elis with all his heart, and hopes his boyfriend knows this


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