Chloé Dubois
Old Prefect • Gryffindor Alum • Emotional mess


Personal Information

Full NameChloé Dubois
Birthday25th of December
Age19 y/o
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Sex / GenderFemale / Female
Sexual OrientationHomosexual
Romantic OrientationBiromantic
Relationship StatusSingle
BirthplaceParis, France
Living Situation
Languages SpokenEnglish / French

Magical Information

Blood StatusPureblood
Wand WoodEnglish Oak wood
Wand CoreDragon heartstring core
Wand Length11 ¼ inches
PatronusRed Panda
BoggartHer father


Chloe Dubois is, in short, your typical teenager. Blunt and dramatic. However, she is an extrovert and doesn't hesitate to socialise with other people. Ever since the debacle that was her father, Chloe has become rather negative and mistrustful of the people around her and can often resort to snark to protect herself. However, Chloe can be, at times, flirtatious, especially to those she finds attractive. To the people she cares for, especially her twin, she often keeps them at arms length and rarely tells them how she feels. In fact, she prefers to keep her emotions under lock and key. Not that they don't influence her any less. Chloe reacts more on her emotions than she does based on logic and reason. In fact, it can be very difficult to reason with Chloe when she becomes upset or excited. However, at the same time, Chloe can be incredibly possessive of those she's close and can easily become jealous. Of course, she also rather enjoys people being possessive over her.

Chloe hates to be wrong, though, and almost always has to be right and can be incredibly stubborn when she wants to be. Chloe considers herself an amateur investigator and likes to go looking for the truth, or whatever she wants to find out, whether this be two people dating or if someone's cheating on their partner. Of course, she's a little miffed she never figured out her dad was cheating and is also a little bit miffed it was her sister who was the one who had found out. Totally not fair. Of course, she also believes what she does is right and doesn't particularly care for the consequences. Thus, it's safe to say that Chloe is rather bold and daring, even when it's wiser to hold back. Another hobby of hers is photography. She adores it, though she's not open about it. Maybe a basic white girl, Chloe likes to take polaroids but can delve into your traditional photography as well. Chloe also plays a lot of video games, though she prefers the hand held devices.

Chloe can often go out of her way to be annoying, especially when she's in a bad mood, can can often be in up in other people's business, especially when she's not wanted. Though she tries to keep them under lock and key, there are times they spill out and causes her to lash out, even towards innocent people. However, most times Chloe is rather helpful, going out of her way to help people. Though when it's to help people that she's close with, Chloe can often complain about it, though it's really to have a dig at them. She'd go above and beyond for them really. Chloe's also incredibly up to date with pop culture and conspiracy theories, there isn't a moment that goes by where she isn't checking what's going on through whatever medium she can find.


The marriage between Adam and Alice Dubois apparently seemed a stable one. From an outside perspective, they were completely mundane. Except the age difference, that always raised a few eyebrows. They met when Alice was twenty five and Adam was forty five. Alice was a small store owner in Paris whilst Adam was a teacher at Beauxbaton. He'd simply wandered through the store, which was how he met Alice and was quickly able to ask her out on a date. A year later, they were married. Alice never had much of a relationship with her family, so she wasn't easily deterred from Adam's proposal. He was a reliable man, gave her a stable life and future, so why not? Of course, Alice never knew of all the mistresses Adam was seeing behind her back. In fact, she never would until almost a decade and a half later. By their second year of marriage, the twins were born. Amelia was the oldest by three minutes with Chloe being the youngest. However, this wasn't true. This was the lie that they were brought up on. Unbeknownst to them, they had another sister, making them triplets. However, due to the small amount of funds that they had, the parents decided to put the eldest (who they didn't bother to name) up for adoption.

Being a teacher at Beauxbaton, Adam was gone for the most of the year, leaving the children with Alice, who'd quit her job to raise them. Alice, in the beginning, wasn't quite sure how to 'mother'. Alice was an only child and never had much experience with children so wasn't quite sure what to do with either of them. So, for the first few years of their lives, Chloe and Amelia had rather a lot of freedom and could get away with a lot, and caused a little bit of havoc as soon as they could walk or talk. However, there was one thing that Alice and Adam bonded over. Neither of them had good childhoods. Alice was kicked out when she was fourteen by her abusive mother, the dad had walked out as a kid, and was barely getting by when she met Adam. Adam on the other hand, had grown up with ten siblings in poverty, often being threatened to be evicted. Neither knew riches and glory. So when it came to their daughters, they agreed that the twins had to be perfect. The girls couldn't fall into poverty that they had worked so hard to escape.

Thus, any mischief was quickly stamped out of them by the age of five. Alice had gotten her act together and gone were the carefree days where the twins could get away with whatever they wanted. Under Adam's close supervision, they were being sent to the best school in the district. The private school type where they had primary and high school under one establishment. Of course, the girls' were going to be witches so there was no need for them to go to the high school but Adam believed that the primary would provide the best education. Alice simply went with this decision as she believed her husband knew best. Naturally, Alice was the more lenient one out of the two parents but she never stood up to Adam, so it never really mattered but even then Alice was still strict. The girls' were constantly punished when they acted out or did something either parent disapproved of. Though, it was never physical, the punishments usually meant being grounded or being deprived of their favourite toy or other things they enjoyed or loved. It was nothing serious but even the slightest mistake could send the girls' into isolation. And, of course, if one was in trouble, the other was in trouble too.

Their education was important to Adam, and thus Alice, and so the girls' were given private tutors and extra work on top of the primary school. In fact, Chloe found she had little free time to herself and when she did, she usually spent it with her twin let alone other people. She had her first magical experience when she was eight years old and set her homework on fire. However, there was one thing that set Chloe apart from her sister. And that was she didn't idealise her father like Amelia did. Maybe it was how he was always gone, but she never really had a relationship with him. She was closer with Alice than her father. When she was eleven, they were sent to Beauxbaton, and it was a bit of a culture shock for Chloe because now she was almost around her father twenty four seven. For the next four years, Chloe found herself distrustful of him, distant, she wasn't sure why but she never felt comfortable around him. Her suspicions were proven right during their fourth year.

It was Amelia, the one who did love their dad, that found him with a student. The worst part being was that she was a third year. Amelia, naturally, told Chloe who then told their mother. Luckily, Adam hadn't realised he'd been caught by one of his daughters and was blissfully unaware of what was about to happen. Naturally, Amelia went to her mother and sister. Unlike Chloe, who was vehement in going to the officials, Alice couldn't risk it. Alice found herself still...protecting Adam per say. Maybe she was scared of him, scared of how he could ruin her. Obviously, Adam always had more power than her. He was the bread winner of the family. She did promise to file for divorce. Thus, it was down to Chloe. At first, seeing that neither her sister or mother were willing to do anything, Chloe was ready to turn to the headmaster. But she didn't. Chloe had done research and knew he'd only get three years at most for a crime like that. She wanted more. Maybe it was that nagging suspicion from before, that nagging distrust, but she began to pry into her father. Going behind his back to sort through his things. Eventually she found it. The videos. Saved onto a hard drive that was locked in a safe. Having had to have broken into it, she didn't really expect to find what she did.

Adam Dubois was arrested on the basis of statutory rape and in possession of child pornography. He was given a fifteen year sentence with being eligible for parole by 13 years. Chloe doesn't regret giving the videos to the police, she doesn't regret making sure her mother didn't tell her sister about it. Chloe and Alice agreed to let Amelia assume the second charge was of the student, not them. Of course, it didn't take long for Chloe to realise Alice knew but was under the impression Adam had...well, stopped. It was why Alice pushed for Adam to go to Beauxbatons. Naturally, this realisation caused Chloe to lose all her love for both of her guardians, though she didn't do anything about it. Alice gave them a roof, a stable life, and Chloe could ride it out until she could move out.

However, Alice found herself scared Adam would be released, or could still get in contact with them from inside, so she decided to move the family to England. She had a cousin there that they could stay with for the time being. For a few months, they stayed with the cousin whilst Alice found a stable career. When she did, they moved out into a small apartment (small enough that the twins found themselves having to share a bed). Now, entering their fifth year, the girls' have been enrolled in Hogwarts and Chloe found herself praying this would be a fresh start.


Face ClaimLily James
Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourDirty Blonde
Voice TypeUnknown
Blood TypeO
Distinguishing MarksN/A
Body StyleSlim but fit

Family Information

FatherAdam Dubois
MotherAlice Dubois
Full SiblingsTheodora Edison and Amelia Dubois
Half SiblingsN/A
Other Relatives


Significant Other(s)
Best Friend(s)herself
FriendsMilo Iglesias and the dummies

Name Etymology

Given [ Chloé ]blooming
Middle [ None ]
Surname [ Dubois ]Wood


Favourite ColourRed
Favourite MovieDiehard
Favourite SongNone
Favourite FoodCroissants
Favourite DrinkFirewhiskey
Likesphotography / quidditch
Dislikesstaying in her lane
Lovesher sister
Loathesbeing wrong
First KissNone
First CrushHéloise Malfoy
First LoveNone
First TimeNone
Sports PlayedQuidditch
Instruments PlayedNone
GoalsGraduate tbh
Biggest HopeThat she'll get rich
Biggest RegretKeeping secrets from her sister
Best Memoriesnone
Worst MemoriesGoing to the police about her father
Mental IllnessesNone
Criminal RecordNone
Medical RecordNone

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