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18th August
Meredith McAlistair✝
Ewan McAlistair✝
Jack McAlistair (brother)
Blood Status
Human; Witch
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Chloe McAlistair is a third year Ravenclaw student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and a resident of Lil' Bundles.

Eye Color
Hair Color
Clothing Style
Jessica Barden
To say that Chloe is a bit of runt would be both an understatement and a complete mischaracterization: though she be little, she is fierce. Having been small all her life, Chloe's only around 5'2" and scrawny in size, with a wild mop of blonde hair that she often cuts herself when she gets bored of it. The grey eyes are inherited from her father, whilst the smattering of freckles all over her face is practically copy-and-pasted from her mother's cheeks. Her left arm bares an ugly scar all the way down the side - a reminder of the fire which took her parents.

Scotland, England
Native Language
Earliest Memory
"I don't have one."
Type of Childhood
"What do you think?"

To say that Chloe's had a rough start in life would be putting it nicely. To be honest, the very beginning was quite picturesque: man meets woman, man marries woman, woman pops out two children over the span of a few years and they all settle down in an idyllic little town on the coast in Scotland, complete with a pet cat and a penchant for family life. This was not a very magical family. Neither of Chloe's parents were magical, and they both died believing that their children were as ordinary as anything. Damn. How wrong they were.

The fire started on the eve of Chloe's sixth birthday. It's quite alarming how vividly she remembers it; and how vividly she remembers the thing in the living room. Whatever it was - human, creature, both - it had definitely been there, this heaving black shadow silhouetted by the moonlight coming in through the blinds which she'd seen as she'd come downstairs for some juice after having a particularly nasty nightmare. It had only been a few seconds, but then there was a flash of orange and Chloe felt heat. The smoke came moments afterwards. Naturally, her parents fought to get herself and Jack out of the house, which they did: Jack carried her out in his pyjamas, Chloe clinging to his shoulders, watching helplessly as the cottage burnt to ruin. Their parents never came out.

The siblings were both tossed into an orphanage, luckily kept together, and Chloe spent the next few years depressingly unhappy. She even refused to speak for a solid six months afterwards, no matter how hard the care staff pleaded or how many therapy sessions she had to sit through, staring at the clock with balled fists. It was only her brother who managed to get a sound of out of her, and that was typically a grunt. The words only began to flow when she reached the ripe old age of nine, and was beginning to experience some... weird abilities. Vague memories of Jack being able to conjure things with just his hands or make it snow with a few words danced in her mind, but that was just Jack being Jack, and all older brothers are magic, right? Well, turns out Chloe was as well. It showed when she had a pretty nasty tantrum in the bedroom one day and all the windows blew out when she screamed.

Following that little incident, the staff at Lil' Bundles quickly swooped in and rehomed her there, with other children like herself. Magic was a strange new ability which she struggled to hone, and still does to this day, but seeing Jack master it - and becoming an animal? What the hell? - gave her confidence. Hogwarts came knocking on the eve of her eleventh, and she hasn't looked back since.

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Caring, artistic, protective
Worst Qualities
Reckless, angsty, distrusting
Most Influenced By
"I have no-one to influence me, do I?"
To say that Chloe has a chip on her shoulder is a bit of an understatement; she is probably the personification of teenage angst, and for good reason. Her trauma is not something to be just brushed aside as it has helped shape her into the bitter, reckless child she is today. A combination of the remnants of PTSD and a fear of growing close to people for fear of them being ruthlessly torn away again has made Chloe a hard nut to crack, so good for you if you somehow manage it. On the other shell, she can be a piece of work: reckless and rebellious, constantly looking for trouble and unafraid to speak her mind, no matter how rough or hurtful. She struggles to trust - which makes her earned trust such an achievement - and therefore will distance herself the second cracks begin to show. She has one hell of a mouth on her, too.

Both her language and her soul can be described as colourful. Chloe hates expressing her emotions verbally and so often does so into a sketchbook - after all, art can't abandon you or turn its back if it hears something it doesn't like. Her artwork is incredible and therefore she is incredibly protective of it: in fact, she is protective of everything and everyone she cares about. Deep down, Chloe is completely capable of caring, and perhaps even more so that the average kid. Once Chloe trusts you, she becomes fiercely loyal; she would happily take bullets for the few whom she loves. Getting into that position is a tad more difficult, though.

Revenge is something Chloe is desperately hungry for. The fire wasn't an accident: something or someone broke into the house that day, and Chloe is spending every breathing minute thinking up ways to track down whoever it was and exact whatever horrible things she can think of. Death by burning? Not horrible enough. She pictures Crucios and worse. It would be worth the Azkaban sentence. Whether it's a carthartic way of dealing with her trauma or a focus for all of her anger she doesn't know, but it gives her something to fight for, and that's enough.

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skills and magical abilities
Art: Particularly graffiti. Chloe is a master with a paintbrush or a spray can, and is often leaving her mark on any public wall that she passes.

Herbology: Having a natural green thumb, Chloe can make any plant grow to its best potential.




*She is, unsurprisingly, absolutely terrified of fire. Even candles freak her out.
*She wants to travel the world before she's twenty.
*She never sleeps on the top bunk at Lil Bundles, because it's harder to escape from if necessary.
*Although she hates most animals, Chloe really wants a pet gecko.
*Her favourite place in the whole world is the Lake District, because she went there for family holidays.
*She loves comic books. Marvel all the way.
*Hot chocolate is her favourite drink in the whole world.
*She always keeps her scar covered up - it's the only thing she'll ever be self-conscious about.

Sexual and Romantic Orientation
"I'm not picky."
Relationship Status
First Love
Languages Spoken
Favorite Drink
Freak shakes
Favorite Sweet
Amortentia Scents
Freshly-fallen rain, baking cakes, syrup
Favorite Color


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