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Cholmeley Lodge

Cholmeley Lodge

A discreet modern building that boasts five available floors of wonderfully bright, striking and contemporary accommodations.

Cholmeley Lodge offers luxurious living in a much sought after location, superbly located just yards from Waterlow Park and the delightful cafe and bistro society of Highgate Village High Street. The flats at Cholmeley Lodge can house anywhere from a studio to five bedrooms per flat making them ideal starter homes or rentals.

One bedroom apartment: 35-55 Galleons per month (First Floor)
Two bedroom apartment: 75 Galleons per month (Second Floor)
Three bedroom apartment: 95 Galleons per month (Third Floor)
Four bedroom apartment: 115 Galleons per month (Fourth Floor)
Five bedroom apartment: 135 Galleons per month (Fifth Floor)
The block of flats located in Cholmeley Park known as Cholmeley Lodge are owned by the Whitacre Family, they occupy the entirety of the sixth floor.

OOC NOTE: -I welcome any and all users to create apartments within Cholmeley Lodge.

If your character has an apartment in London please add the link to your apartment at the bottom of the Apartments sections.
Please list the appropriate number of bedrooms, and the corresponding floor.-

Example: [[Alex Kemp/Apartment|Alex and Aerich's Apartment]] - Three Bedroom - Third Floor

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