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Christina is the Latin feminine form of Christian, which is from the medieval Latin name Christianus meaning "a Christian".
Leigh a variant of Lee, from a surname which was derived from Old English leah meaning "clearing".
Earl is from the aristocratic title, which derives from Old English eorl, which means "nobleman, warrior".


Christina Earl was born to Cathy Wilds, an American squib, and Christian Earl, an English muggleborn wizard. Five years later, Joanna Earl was born, and two years after that, Christian Earl left his girlfriend and his daughters in favour of returning to England with his ex from Hogwarts. Chris doesn't blame him. Her mother's hardly fun to be around.

A month after her father's vanishing act, the only job Chris' previously unemployed mother had managed to find was one at a rundown salon in the outskirts of town. It didn't pay enough for them to keep their house, so when Chris was seven their little family moved into a mobile home park. The children adapted quickly to their new living arrangements, not minding the cramped quarters of their new trailer. The world seems a whole lot bigger when you're 4 feet tall.

Less than half of Cathy's meagre earnings were put towards food, bills, clothes and other important things. The majority was instead splashed on alcohol to help her drown her woes. Chris made a point of never contributing to her stash, though she began working the summer between her fourth and fifth year. She made an effort to make her mother think she was being a delinquent whenever she was absent, and kept her profits so she'd have some sort of resource when she finally got out.

Chris' first sign of magic occurred when she was eight, and her father was supposed to be visiting. He didn't turn up, and in her disappointment she smashed three of the glasses in the cupboard without touching them. Her mother, in her inebriated state, didn't even notice that exploding glasses were out of the norm.

Age eleven, Chris received invitations to both Ilvermorny and Hogwarts. She chose Ilvermorny purely because she knew it would irritate her father, and set off for school. At school, she made quite a few close friends, and even made Quidditch captain in her fifth year. She got good grades, and she was planning on continuing her savings until graduation, before maybe moving on to a muggle college.

That was until she returned home for the summer between her fifth and sixth years, and had the pleasure of meeting her mother's current boyfriend. He was a brute, and not to mention too heavy-handed for her to allow her younger sister even a week longer than necessary in the same household as him. She made a decision that she wished she'd never have to make, and contacted her father in London to ask to transfer to Hogwarts, and to request that she and Joanna stay with him for the summer.

Her pride was a small price to pay for her sister's safety, she decided when they arrived in England and their father showered them with gifts - new wands, new phones, new clothes, new everything. Joanna instantly adored him, but Chris had been nurturing her grudge against him for nine years. She hates that she has to depend on him at all, honestly, and has long since resolved to buy an apartment when she turns seventeen. She and Joanna are never going to have to rely entirely on a parent again, if she has any say in it.


Chris has a fiery, I-don't-need-no-man aura about her that makes her come across aggressive and unrelenting from a distance. From closer up, she's just as aggressive and unrelenting, but friendly and accepting, too. Unless she's speaking to a jerk, in which case she'll tell them to their face exactly what she thinks of their attitude. She's very protective of the people she holds close, and will cut anyone who thinks it's fun to upset one of them. Verbally or literally.

Determined and stubborn, it's a given that she's ridiculously competitive, and a bit of a sore loser. Chris is reliable, first and foremost. She's practical and responsible, not to mention very smart with money, and extremely independent. Generally she is quite loud and extroverted, and favours sarcasm above all other demeanours.








"do as i say, not as i do."

Christina Leigh Earl
RPer Elsa
Age 16
Birthday April 27
Nationality American; English
Ethnicity Caucasian; Latina
Species Witch; Human
Blood Half-Blood
Orientations Idk
Gender Female (cis)
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Faceclaim Lindsey Morgan
Height 5'7"
Schooling Ilvermorny; Hogwarts
Year Sixth
Wand Poplar, Unicorn Hair, 8"
Wand Arm Right
Patronus Tiger
Boggart Sexual assault
Affiliation(s) Joanna; herself; Gryffindor
Most influenced by Joanna Earl
Languages English


Model: Lindsey Morgan

credit to kibeth for page & brocky and red for inspiration/code