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Christine Albertson
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living compass
June 17th
Albertson Family
Name Pronunciation
kriss-TEEN AElbert-suhn
Blood Status
rped by sophie.

Christine Albertson is a fourth year Gryffindor, an avid chess player and a living compass.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Clothing Style
Trendy, stylish
Christine has beautiful golden blonde hair with brown eyes. She usually does different things to her hair, but most of the time, she curls it.
That's history. Christine still has that golden blonde hair from the past, but it has become more beautiful than before. Her skin has also become more radiant (and no, she doesn't need makeup to look good, okay?). To add to that, she's now also, for some reason, an inch taller than most her siblings (talk about bragging rights).

Native Language
Icelandic, English, some Norwegian
Earliest Memory
Playing chess alone
Type of Childhood
Mostly uneventful
Childhood Fear
Detaching from her family

Christine, born Christine Danielle Albertson, is the 6th child of Danielle and Richard Albertson and also their 5th daughter. She was born and raised in England, as her family had moved from Reykjavík.

She was naturally taught to speak Icelandic as her entire family was Icelandic, however, she did learn English as well. She wasn't really expected to do much while her family was busy doing stuff to their new house. But it did not stop her from helping out every now and then.

She learnt English faster and better than Icelandic, but she mastered both by the time she was 7. Although her older siblings, already in school, still spent some time with her. While out, however, Christine was generally with her twin, Toby. She did grow close to him, but not quite as close.

If anything, Christine grew close to Hazel, and likes to look up to her and her successes. It's not like she doesn't like her other siblings, but she likes Hazel the most. She tried to spend as much time with her as possible.

When alone, Christine found herself sketching and playing chess at the same time. She often thought long before making moves in chess, and usually she considers all possible opposition moves. She liked these long games, as they really got her thinking.

She spent a lot of her childhood, doing this. She never got bored, and claims that it's "better to have a trained and seasoned mind" rather than "one that doesn't know what it exists for". She occasionally spent some of her time doing this with siblings.

As the years went by, it was almost time for Christine to make her mark in Hogwarts. Her siblings have said that it'd be great, but she will never know for herself...

Her first two years weren't all too eventful. First year, however, she managed to get into the Gryffindor Quidditch Team. It was worth it, and at least now, she had a feel for the sport. Second year, she decided to stay out of the team and practice to get better, because next time she tries out, it might stick.

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Friendly, playful, rather intellectual
Worst Qualities
Shy, timid, uncomfortable with strangers
Most Influenced By
Hazel Albertson
Christine has social anxiety, and is rather uncomfortable talking to people who are not her friends or someone she knows. She is also incredibly shy, and tends to prefer to not strike out in a conversation. If in a conversation, she usually steers away from personal matters.

However, when one really gets to know Christine, she is playful, and friendly. She can also appear to be intellectual, which she is, but generally never displays this in front of people. She speaks with a way to make sense to people as her intelligent mind may not make sense at times.

Christine's personality has also changed over time. She has grown rather attached to her family and is now more likely to get attached to those who are her friends to the point where she'd never let a thing happen to them. Thus, her personality type is ISFJ.

talk bubble
Christine Albertson - The Little Navigator - Gryffindor Graduate
- "A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out." - Walter Winchell
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skills and magical abilities
Christine is a strategist, having played chess ever so often. She has her own strategy on life, as well as, numerous other strategies when interacting. Christine is also excellent at searching for specific items. When told to look for something, she'll usually be first to find it.

Christine possesses a full Quidditch kit and a locket with a picture of her and her family.


*Christine's favorite color is blue.
  • Christine has really slow reaction time, which is the reason why she'll never play card games. Unless it's Go Fish.

Sexual and Romantic Orientation
Bisexual, biromantic
Relationship Status
Dating <3
Being forever alone
Hazel, Dragon Heartstring, 14 inch
Favorite Drink
Hot Cocoa
Favorite Sweet
White Chocolate
Amortentia Scents
Paint, chess pieces
Favorite Song
The Way by Ariana Grande

Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots

Renegades by X Ambassadors

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