Christopher Henry Richards
Protective Jokester
March 23, 2014
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Name Pronunciation
KRISS-tuh-fur r-IH-ch-er-d-z
Blood Status
rped by Merisa

Christopher Richards is a Gryffindor Alumna. A lot is going on in his life, such as his little project to help his sister, Alex.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Clothing Style
Still loving the plaid shirts
Christopher looks like a taller, slightly older looking version of his eleven year old self. The only difference is that he will occasionally put white dye in his hair. It started with a dare that Amelia told him to do (she's got a real mischievious streak...) and he found that he actually liked the color, oddly enough. Though it's only occasionally (bless temperory hair dye).

Native Language
Earliest Memory
Yells and crying
Type of Childhood
Childhood Fear
Separation from Alex

It all started with a cup of hot chocolate and a cold December.

Lisa Matthews was a Witch. She had graduated from the Salem Witches' Institute. She was determined to be able to live in both worlds. Which soon lead her to her one year away from getting her Musical Education degree.

Henry Richards was just a normal joe. He would go to work, school and home every. Single. Day. He wanted change. That soon came at a café.

It was cold and she didn't have any other classes that day, so she went to the local café to order some hot chocolate. Once she got her drink she turned around-

And spilled the drink all over the person behind her!

She apologized over and over as she hastily started to clean up her mess. She looked up and their eyes met. After the incident, they hung out a few times before they actually became an item. A year later, they were engaged and six months later, they were finally husband and wife. Soon after, they became parents. Lisa would soon learn a secret that Henry hid so well, even HE didn't know it.

He was verbally abusive.

How did Lisa find out? Well, it goes like this:

Whenever the kids would do something wrong, he would yell at them and say things that would bring their moral down. He would even do it to his wife. Lisa only stays with him because she loves him and knows he can be better.

This is Christopher's story.

Christopher Henry Richards was born on March 23rd with his twin sister Alexander (later changed to Alexandra). These two caused mayhem for their family. They grew up to be specialists in pranks and causing general mischief. Which of course, was not okay in their dad's book.

One day, when they were seven, he was sick and tired of having to watch were he stepped. So, he figured, if I separate them then it should end. It didn't. In fact, that's how their first sign of magic came. Chris blew things up. Well, his bed mostly so he didn't have to sleep there. Every day he blew up something until he and Alex could share a room again.

This lead to a discussion with their mom about magic. Of course this happened while his older sister was at Salem. So they obviously assumed they would be going there.

Life had other plans.

Henry got a job in England when they were ten, forcing the whole family to move to Britain. So, guess what? That means they get to go to Hogwarts. No big deal. Then he heard about sorting. What if he got separated from his sister? Not cool.

Luckily he wasn't. Not that he would ever tell anyone that. Things that became crazy very quickly. In his second year, his sisters decided to make a plan to help them out of their current situation. In their third year, Dad was behind bars and Mom was put into the hospital. Alex left for a America during the summer. Let's just say that wasn't a fun month for Chris. Now, Christopher didn't want to go to the USA. No way. He loved Hogwarts. The only thing that kept him from staying was his fear of not being with his sister. They were a package deal! Where she goes, he follows. Which meant, he left behind the place he loved.

Now, things weren't all rainbows and daisies when he met up with Xavier and Alex. Oh no. Alex knew he wanted to stay due to their close bond. So, she called him out on it. Now Chris took this the wrong way, thinking she didn't want to be around him anymore causing a huge fallout between the two. They weren't the two best friends that their family was used to anymore. No. They became each others worst enemy. Remember kids, if you don't clear up a dispute, it can become

Christopher started Ilvermorny shortly after that and he was almost immediately put into Thunderbird which he found very fitting indeed. Though, he found that he absolutely hated the place. So he quickly started to bug ask his grandparents to let him return to his older sisters in England. They obviously said no but did that stop Chris? Heavens no! So he kept asking. And asking. And pestering. Until after two years of this non-stop, they finally threw their hands up in the air and gave in. So, he immediately sent an owl to his sisters to let them know of this turn of events and luckily got their consent as well. So, he packed his bags, his grandparents bought him a ticket (bless their souls) and he was on his way to returning to what he had considered to be his home. Little did he know that he had quite a few surprises coming his way.

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Jokester, Hardworker, Loyal, Protective
Worst Qualities
Stubborn, Proud, Prankster
Most Influenced By
His Family
Christopher Richards has grown a lot since he was last in England. He still has that troublemaking streak in him that gets him into a lot of trouble. However, he has toned it down some. Meaning, he won't go around pranking and causing overall mayhem. Instead, he just says stuff without thinking and generally pissing off people without meaning too. Though, if you do get on his nerves, he will revert back to being that devious eleven year old boy. Which plays into his whole protective brother thing he has going on.

Of course, he still hates school since the whole ADHD and Dyslexia thing. Though, to be honest with you, he has gotten loads better with reading. In fact, now he only has to work TWICE as hard on any assignment. Which, is an achievement mind you. He does have a tendency to just do whatever comes to mind in the middle of class which is a major problem. So detentions all the time. He is a lot better at going to classes everyday and not skipping. Which is a major plus.

Chris is still pretty laid back and still very much a jokester. Though now it's not the kind of laid back that comes off as lazy. He actually does do what he's supposed to and on time. Don't have a heart attack. After all, he can't rely on Alex anymore to keep him on track. He still feels strongly about certain things. Nothing can really change that. He's very stubborn and...though he won't want to admit it, proud. When he fights with somebody, he will hold a grudge against them. Time can't heal those wounds for him.

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Chris Richards - Protective Jokester ♠ Gryffindor Sixth Year

- Things change constantly, whether we like it or not.
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Christopher would look over and wave. "Hi! I'm Chris. What's your name?"


skills and magical abilities




Sexual and Romantic Orientation
Heterosexual and Heteroromantic
Relationship Status
Henry getting out of prison and being worse then he already was
Alder Wood with Phoenix Feather Core
Favorite Drink
Dr. Pepper or OJ
Favorite Sweet
Still Chocolate
Amortentia Scents
Pine Trees, Almond and Rain
Favorite Song
Why Worry by Set It Off


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