Birthday May 13th, 2031
Age 14
Status Alive
Pronunciation kri·SAN·thuh·muhm
Family · Boone von Mirbach (father)
· Amber Holland-Porter (mother)
Handedness Left
Gender Female (cisgender)
Orientation Bisexual (closeted)
Relationship Single
Nationality Belgian & Dutch (dual)
Speaks Dutch, English & French
Species Witch
Blood Status Pure-blood
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Height 5'8
Model Charlotte Lawrence

Chrissy has a lot of confidence in her physical appearance. She is conventionally attractive as were both of her parents. However, unlike her parents, she is quite tall at around 5'8 (1.73 meters) - just an inch shorter than her father. Her skin is on the fairer side, but she tans very easily like both of her parents do. She tends to spend a lot of time outside year-round no matter the weather, so she always has a slight glow of natural light on her face. Or that's sweat from jogging, who knows? Her dark brown hair and eyes are rather plain in her opinion, so her parents let her touch up her hair with some blonde. She has plans to do something more crazy with her hair, but it will take some convincing.
Two unfortunate souls brought together by happenstance, Boone von Mirbach and Amber Holland (later Holland-Porter) were very much so attached and in love during their first year at Hogwarts. They had met on the train ride from London to Hogwarts and would have likely travelled together every year if not for the unfortunate split that temporarily drove them apart. After only two years at Hogwarts and a stint with a group called Boone's Angels, he transferred to Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. It was a difficult time for Amber, who had found Boone to be her only friend outside of her (quite frankly) cold twin sister.

For years, she isolated herself and was left only content by a couple of letters they shared on holidays. However, she was soon given the opportunity to move back with her much older parents in the Netherlands after her fourth year at Hogwarts. Before then, she had been living with her older sister Courtney, who - to Amber - had been holding her and Annaleise hostage in the United Kingdom. With her move to the Netherlands, she was able to successfully transfer to Beauxbatons and reunite with her best friend albeit still devastated by the loss of her sister. Their relationship was in no way a strong one, but living a life suddenly without your twin by your side was a difficult adjustment. However, having Boone by her side to guide her through her grief was a comfort to her that she would never take for granted.

Their relationship was certainly platonic. Although they were arguably each other's soulmates, Amber had personally believed she was a lesbian for some time and had left her relationship with Boone unexplored although she would realize she was bisexual a couple years after graduation. As she specifically fell in and out of other relationships, he was there to comfort her and sometimes the roles were reversed. After a few more tedious years of attending Beauxbatons, the pair graduated. Boone was a tad more successful than Amber in regards to their marks, but they were equally successful in spirit and that is what mattered most to the both of them.

Together they decided to rent a small home in a wizarding village on the border of Belgium and the Netherlands - their respective home countries. He pursued further studies in entomology before becoming a specialized magizoologist. She briefly worked as a secretary at the Bureau de la Justice Magique, the French ministry, before becoming pregnant. As expected by their parents yet somehow not themselves, they had somehow started dating. It was slow and random. There was nothing planned or thought out, but rather casual and perhaps a tad childish considering the environment of most relationships between people of their age. Neither of them remember quite how it happened, but can both pinpoint the moments where they realized they were going to spend the rest of their lives with one another.

A little summer solstice celebration in June led to their little bundle of joy, Cricket. Born in a little Belgian hospital found in their tiny town, Chrysanthemum Josephine Holland-Porter Hottinguer von Mirbach was born on March 13th, 2031. Her parents instantly nicknamed her Cricket although she would later prefer the name Chrissy when at school. Shortly before her birth, they had moved farther out from the village to a slightly larger home still chockfull of magic. They never married, but were forever faithful to each other. Amber eventually pursued a career as an auror after the birth of their child empowered her more as both a woman and a mother, feeling more confident in her abilities and more dedicated to providing a strong example for her daughter. She became one of the leading aurors at the Bureau as Boone himself made a name for himself across Western Europe as a reliable magizoologist.

With two successful parents, Cricket was well taken care of and was never left hungry. Her family was generally considered middle class and they lived solely within or below their means. Her parents cared for her and her birth had only brought them closer together as a bonded pair. Never battered, a lot of her traumas seemed to have been spent on both of her parents, who had grown above and beyond them both individually and as a team. Debatably, her biggest pain was the untimely death of her childhood dog when she was eight years old. Her parents made her volunteer with them at multiple functions a month. At daycare, she Many of her early years seemed impossibly perfect and they certainly were, but every perfect child has some not-so-perfect secrets and some not-so-perfect endings. However, that isn't coming yet.

By the time Cricket was five years old, she had had her first sign of magic. Her parents had teased her about how she might be able to pull some magic from behind her ears and use it if she focused hard enough. Of course, she believed them and wanted to try. Every day for almost two years, she stared at her mother's hideous choice of curtains and tried to make them disappear. Only on the holidays for one Christmas when her mother had changed them to something more wintery, did she stop, but not too long after they would return. Shortly before her fifth birthday, by all force of her tiny yet powerful mind, the curtains disintegrated before her eyes. She shouted in joy and shock that for once her mental games had worked.

At the time, it seemed like her efforts had genuinely led to this conclusion, but she realizes now as a teenager that it was all a coincidence. In no way was she some largely powerful witch ready to lead the French Bureau at five years old, but that was how she felt and it made her head rather humongous. Her parents had shortly there after enrolled her in school, where she excelled in most of the taught subjects and was generally liked more by her teachers than her peers. It took less than a year of early childhood education for the ego to wear off and for her to settle in her tiny children-sized shoes once again. Not to be mistaken, she was still wickedly smart compared to most of her peers although she had her downsides (mathematics) and there were certainly children who challenged - and often won against - her.

Chrissy continued to live a rather simple life. Things were easy for her and her start at Beauxbatons was no different. She was sent off to Bellefeuille and lived comfortably within the castle for many years. Her classes were easy for her first few years and she served as a tutor for both her third and fourth years there. Friendship didn't always come as easily to her as academics did. Most of her friends were conventionally pretty, mean girls who would pull her in and push her out continuously for years. Their love for her was far more conditional than hers was for them.

Halfway through her fourth year, she had developed feelings for one of her close friends. This friend was rather wealthy and had landed her a couple minor modeling jobs, exposed her Witchagram to her larger following, and expressed a love for Chrissy that she had never felt before. It was overwhelming and incredibly difficult to hide from her best friend. A couple days after her friend's birthday over winter holiday, she inquired about her feelings and expressed her own. Not too long after, she felt a slight soul crushing regret over doing so. Her friend's response wasn't what she wanted to hear and she was sent home to her family early to avoid more chaos between the two of them. She was shunned from her friends, but at the very least she was never outed to the rest of Beauxbatons.

For the rest of the term, Chrissy sat in the library alone, had her meals squished between people she despised, and was ignored in the dormitories. Her academics slipped off at the beginning from stress, but she adjusted and quickly started to do better than she had been before her permanent separation from her friends. She began coordinating a plan with her parents to transfer schools because quite frankly her time at Beauxbatons seemed to be over. Although she was looking forward to attending a prestigious, nerd-filled school in the mountains somewhere, they suggested...Hogwarts. But it was something and she really needed something. Of course Chrissy never looked at this and thought "A fresh start! How wonderful!" No, she didn't care enough to see it like that. A nice change of scenery, sure, but she wasn't traveling to an unexplored dimension. Worst of all, she was going to be a fourth year again because of her age.

Still living in Belgium, her opportunities seemed pretty limited to try to find some people her own age before starting school. Her parents arranged for her to spend summers at the Backpackers Hostel in London for as long as she wanted to and she agreed to spend a couple weeks with them. In late June of 2045, she moved into the hostel and started forging her way through future relationships and a new life in the United Kingdom. Once at Hogwarts, she would be sorted into Gryffindor.
Chrysanthemum lacks a lot of personal struggles and for that she tends to be very cocky. Although she is cooperative by all means and works well with teammates, she can never serve as a follower and is more likely to take charge of the group and listen to their input and wishes from there. Her stubborn streak is a continuation of both of her parents'. She lived in a happy household growing up, but her parents taught her to never back down especially when it pertains to doing what is right. She has a strong sense of morals and feels obligated to stand up for herself and others. At Beauxbatons, she was well-respected by most of her peers for her ability to empathize and her ability to effectively communicate with people she disagrees with despite their inability to change her mind.

To contradict her effective communication style, Chrissy often feels misunderstood and is very hard on herself both in her studies and her personal life. Considered an extremely gifted child, she struggles with her academic performances being only slightly above average and often catches herself competing for attention from professors. She is still advanced in many subjects and takes great pleasure in her dueling skills, but has certainly lost her spark and the absolute love for education that she once possessed. Regardless of her performance, Chrissy struggles to accept her flaws and has been deemed a perfectionist by several family members and friends. It has - at times - reached the point of near mental breakdown and is considered one of her larger personal conflicts. More importantly, in times of high stress, she becomes snappy and miserable to be around and cannot maintain the usual positive and picture perfect demeanor.

This is not to say that she is free of fun. Chrissy has issues that she generally hides until the most extreme of times. Like most teenagers, she is spontaneous, but her basic intellect leads her to not be reckless in her spontaneity. Not timid by any means, she is always looking for something new to do and her pride makes it very difficult for her to shy away from challenges unless it could put herself or others in grave danger. She's the epitome of the friend that goes along with plans, rolls her eyes at the scared friend, and steps in before the rest of them go too far. Also known as, she's the reasonable one and is considered the voice of reason among most of her friend groups both past and present.
Chrysanthemum's relationship with her mother isn't strained by any means, but she sees her mother as a tad odd as well. After she started investing herself in the Bureau, she became more motherly and started coddling her, which caused a lot of her perfectionist issues. She doesn't hold anything against her mother for it and loves her so, but she finds it difficult to take her advice or her compliments because they so often feel insincere.
What happens when you start crocheting next to a famous Flootuber tanning? You make a new friend and get behind on your crocheted turtles, duh! Chrysanthemum finds him especially amusing and while she isn't a huge fan of his Flootube channel, she will certainly still be his friend with glee.
Growing up, she was attached to her father by her tiny hand wrapped around his finger. Although she doesn't fully understand him and finds him quite peculiar, she loves him and has all of her academic spirit from him and his love for entomology. Chrysanthemum will always gravitate towards him first when in need because he is more likely to tell her when she is wrong and she respects him immensely for it. The only issue is their combined bull-headedness.

Boggart Her old best friend (and former crush) as a frog
Amortentia Lavender fields, warm sugar, and tree bark
Patronus Blue Jay
Wand Aspen, Unicorn Hair, & 10.75 inches
Interests Quidditch, modeling, knitting, and herbology
Pet Peeve Being late all of the time and redundant hashtags on Witchagram
Habits Squinting only her left eye, reapplying chapstick, and checking her cell phone
Star Sign Aries Sun
Dreams/Goals Make better friends, advance her modeling career, and get high OWL marks
Color Green
Song Ne-Yo - Miss Independent
Show Grey's Anatomy
Movie Gone with the Wind
Book The Hidden Life of Trees
Food Carbonade flamande
Drink Butterbeer

· She is completely deaf in her right ear
· Her favorite music genre is 2000s American R&B
· Her favorite past time is working in her family's garden and listening to her father talk about bugs
· When she is stressed out, she goes jogging with a sweatshirt on and pulled tight to try to sweat the stress away
· While attending Beauxbatons, she was competing in a French track and field club during the summers since that was something obviously not offered by her school
· She also loves knitting and crocheting (her main love language is making winter wear for her friends)
· During the summer, she has a small online shop where she sells crocheted things
· She learned both Dutch and French growing up and was only exposed to English when she was a little bit older, leading her to be slightly less fluent in the language
· She only knows a little bit of German, but only understands it when spoken to her by her grandmother, who usually goes easy on her
· She has an irrational fear of frogs and toads, but especially toads
· She has a very hard, loud laugh that most people in her life have called "annoying" at some point in time
· One of her best friends at Beauxbatons was the daughter of a popular French fashion designer, which led to her first modeling opportunity for their modern witch robes
· Since then, she has developed a small Witchagram following, but it is larger than most of her peers'
· Her family lives in Baarle-Hertog-Nassau on the Dutch-Belgian border, but she is staying at the Backpackers Hostel

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