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Chung Sangmi

Full Name Chung Sangmi
Nickname Sara
Basic Info
Birthday 11/10
Nationality American of Korean decent
Home Helsinki, Finland
Relationship Info
Status Single
Sexuality Who even knows
Best Friend Wally Chung
Pets nein
Family On The Wiki Wally Chung, brother

School/Career Info
House Durmstrang
Titles Honestdang
Optional Classes Taken
Magical Info
Species Witch
Blood Status pure-blood
Wand Core wip
Wand Wood wip
Wand Arm wip
Boggart wip
Patronus wip

Model Bang Minah from Girl's Day
Gender Female
Hair Colour Black/Brown
Hair Length/Style Slightly over shoulder length
Eye Colour Brown
Skin Colour Pale
Clothing Style wip
Other Info About Looks

Colour blue
Music pop
Food Ravioli
Sweets Starbursts
Animal Panda
Season/Weather Winter
Dream Job
Happiest When...



Sara is cheery, and pretty much always happy. She, however, gives off a passive aggressive vibe as she is always honest and upfront. Most get confused when she tells them they look fat in that dress, with a smile. This is an effect of her father always lying, and her wanting to be different. She feels no remorse for her truths, and will never say sorry for being honest. She can get along with just about anyone, as long as they accept or move past her truths. Sara enjoys drawing and painting in her free time.



The recently married Chung wizard couple moved to the U.S. to start fresh. A year later, they had their first child. Sungjae, the father, had always been an adamant liar, but this was when the life changing lies began. His first lie was to tell Ah Seong, his wife, that they should name their baby girl Sangmi because it was his great great grandmother’s name, whom had died honorably. The truth was, Sangmi was the name of his first love. Ah Seong did not know this yet.

Sangmi grew up comfortably, the first years of her life full of fun and laughter. She always enjoyed her father’s stories, of how he defeated many wizards, and was one of the most powerful wizards of all time. She ate them all up, despite them being white lies. When Sangmi was four, her brother Woojin was born. Around the same time, her father started staying at work later, going on trips more often.

When Sangmi was 6, she had her first sign of magic. Her father had been describing a tale where he slayed a dragon with one punch, when she started drawing the picture in her mind. As Sungjae went to tuck her into bed, he noticed her crayons were out, and on a white sheet of paper, was the mental drawing Sangmi had made. She hadn’t touched a crayon all day.

Around the time of her parents divorce (7), Sangmi started going by a new, more american name- Sara. Her play friends adopted it, and soon even her family called her by it. Around the same time, even Woojin’s name was americanized to Wally. Sungjae moved out to his own apartment, where he could tell himself when he was going trips and staying at work later.

When Sara was about eight, almost nine, her mother gave her and Wally the option of staying with their father, or moving with her to Finland. See, Ahn Seong had found a boyfriend via the popular owl service, Wizard Match. She was now taking the step to move with him to Finland, where he’d gotten a good paying job. In the end, neither she or Wally wanted to leave their home and everything they’d known, or the father they cared deeply about. With that, Ahn Seong left, but not before hiring someone to teach them finnish and swedish. Even if they didn’t yet, she knew Sungjae was not the best dad, and they might want to go live with her.

When Sara was about 11, the facade around her father began to crack, and she started to see him as he really was. He visited lots of women, was always out drinking, and didn’t do half of the things he said he did. Sara learned the reason for the divorce was his cheating and lying. She tried to protect Wally from this side of their father, as they were still young, but finally, got fed up covering their father. From there, she swore to herself to never lie, to never become him. She exposed Wally to the truth, and both grew further and further from the man. Around the same time, she began wizard schooling via home tutor.

When she was about 12, Sungjae seemed to be struck by one of cupid’s arrows. He fell hard for a muggle, and only three months into dating, they moved in together. This muggle was one of the average, ordinary types, the kind who tolerate anything that doesn’t fit in with them. Sungjae covered up, lying about his work and his kids. Sara refused to lie about any of it, so Sungjae sent her to live with her mother. She entered Durmstrang for her third year. She will be entering as a fourth year at Durmstrang this year, and is 14.

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Wally Chung: He is a good brother and a better friend.


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