Birthday January 23rd
Age 15
Status Alive
Pronunciation kir‧kee ehl‧derr
Family Leta Elder
Handedness Left
Gender Female
Relationship Single
Nationality British
Speaks English, Scots Gaelic
Species Human; Witch
Blood Status Half-Blood
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Dark
Height 5'7"
Model Tashi Rodriguez

Circe is gorgeous, though not in an arrogant way. She tends to wear either basics she got cheap out of Tesco or gems she's picked up thrifting (often floral), but she has a way of making every outfit look like it's straight out of a fashion magazine. Really, she could be a model. Generally her makeup is minimal, maybe mascara or the occasional eyeliner but nothing over-the-top - she has better uses for her time. As for her hair, she rarely does anything with it other than giving it a brush, though in the summer she'll often put a fresh-picked flower in it if she's outside.
Persephone Elder was always an odd child. Born to two barristers, she took an interest in books very early on, as she was an only child and generally looked after by nannies and childminders rather than her very busy parents. Losing herself in a world of fantasy, filled with dwarves and elves and spells, Persephone didn't see it as odd when her dreams started coming true. Her nannies, having long since decided that Persephone was a unique child, didn't see it as odd when she occasionally went into a trance, spouting nonsense. Her parents didn't know, because they only really saw her to tuck her in at night.

Persephone received her Hogwarts letter like everyone else, by owl only a month past her eleventh birthday. It was all her dreams come true: she was a witch! A real-life, honest-to-God (Merlin?) witch! Her parents were exceedingly skeptical, but after a visit from a professor they let her go without much resistance. After all, they had already planned on sending her to boarding school, and it wasn't like anywhere else could teach her the skills she'd need in her new world.

For Persephone, Hogwarts was a whirlwind. Sorted into Hufflepuff, she gathered a wide group of friends in her own year, but she met her true best friend in second year. Maura was her name, and she was a seer like Persephone, a seventh year Ravenclaw. It was from Maura that Persephone really learnt many of the methods of divination: tarot cards, crystal balls, tea leaves. Upon graduation, having kept up a correspondence with Maura throughout school, Persephone was introduced to Maura's friend Calla, who was well into her thirties. The trio became fast friends, and soon moved in together to start their own psychic business.

The business was a resounding success. Three legitimate seers, working together? People flooded in to get tarot readings in the women's sitting room or to take part in a seance round the kitchen table. Persephone loved it. It was personal, and so tailored to her own personality, and it paid the bills! The customers were occasionally problematic, and always always odd, but generally it was pleasant. And then one particular customer came in: Ronan.

We call him Ronan because we're not certain of his surname. You see, he originally gave the seers the name Tom Smith (yeah, basic), but his relationship with Persephone was whirlwind and eventually, after the birth of their first daughter, he told her his true first name: Ronan. He'd been hiding from his older employers, you see, having stolen money from some crime lord and gone on the run. Eight years and four more daughters later, Ronan vanished. To this day Persephone doesn't know exactly what happened to him, but the cards tell her he's not dead so she'll take it.

Circe Elder grew up in a house full of seers, minus one father, surrounded by magic and people and strangeness. It was all something she delighted in, as a child. Nobody at her muggle primary school had such a unique family, and nobody at school had wand-wielding mothers and aunts and sisters. Or at least, that's what she assumes: she never quite broke the Statute of Secrecy that badly, thank Merlin. Regardless, Circe's childhood was the very opposite of her mother's.

Circe encountered one problem growing up: she didn't have the Sight. She memorised the meanings of the cards, the symbols in the tea leaves, but none of it came naturally to her. She didn't get visions like her sisters or speak prophecies over dinner, and the few things she did predict using her cards were often completely wrong. Overall, Circe was a shit seer. There were a few things she could do though, things that were completely hers: she just knew things about people and objects and places and events, without ever being told anything. Her mother and aunts knew what it was immediately, of course - Circe wasn't a seer, she was a clairvoyant.

That's maybe the only reason Circe didn't grow up resenting her sisters. She had something of her own, and it was a lot of use to her family - after all, it's easier to predict something if you know a bit about the client. Helps you focus. Circe's first sign of actual magic, though, came when she was eight and she made a client who was being uncooperative after turning over a death card (it means chANGE, how many times does this have to be said?) float right out of the window and into the busy street. He almost got hit by a car, but it was all fine eventually. The obliviators took care of everything.

Circe's Hogwarts letter finally came when she was eleven, and needless to say she was ecstatic. She'd always been incredibly excited to start her magical education - it was one more step towards her ultimate goal: become a world-renowned wandmaker. It's incredible, really, how much you can tell about a person just from a wand. But that's for another day.
Circe is... odd. She has a multitude of strange habits, mostly down to the superstitiousness hammered into her by her mother and aunts. It's not uncommon to see her throwing salt over her shoulder in the great hall, or chasing after falling leaves in the autumn. She's been known to talk to herself under her breath, and this has tended to gain her a bit of a reputation within her house as crazy. Against all expectations, though, she's never been bullied for it. Quite the contrary - many of her housemates seem to find it endearing.

Raised in a house full of seers, and a clairvoyant herself, Circe is understandably observant. She's very difficult to lie to, given her gift, and she has a very high EQ - she finds it easy to imagine herself in another's shoes, so she's prone to just giving people the benefit of the doubt in arguments. These qualities enable her to empathise with others, and therefore she's often seen as the friend to come to in a time of crisis.

Circe is reliable, in her own way. She's good at keeping a level head in a crisis, and she's very loyal to her friends. Sharing is a big thing in her household, what with so many women living in close quarters, so she learnt to work in a team early on. Don't let her usual calm, slightly disorganised self fool you, though: Circe is a force to be reckoned with when someone gets on her bad side. Armed with a fiery temper and a lot of sisters, she's not really a person to mess with.
Wand: this is a very important possession for Circe, more so than it is even for other witches and wizards. She loves it especially because it's hers, and because she's studied wandlore so much recently. Besides, the wand chooses the wizard: it's special. The wood is cedar, which amuses her because you will never fool the cedar carrier, and its core is phoenix feather - temperamental.
Tarot Cards: for someone who isn't a seer herself, Circe is pretty good at reading the cards (if she does say so herself). She makes a habit of reading for herself daily, and more often than not she can see the themes predicted come to pass in real life. Her set is old and worn with use - it used to belong to her mother, once - but by no means battered. They're comforting, in a way. A piece of home.
Potted plants: Circe adores her little collection of plants. She has been known to talk to them or to leave the radio on for them while she's in class, and she diligently waters them as often as they need. Sometimes one will die out of the blue, but that's okay. Her Aunt Maura once told her that if a plant dies seemingly without a reason, it's because it's absorbed a curse meant for its owner. Circe makes sure to give these heroic plants proper burials.
Black cat (Salem): Salem turned up out of the blue one day at their home and took an immediate liking to Circe. Did you know that in Scotland it's considered a sign of prosperity if a black cat approaches your house? Of course Circe had to adopt him as her own - black cats are good luck, after all (at least in Britain), and even in the places where they're bad luck it's only because they're associated with witches. So all in all, Salem is the ideal pet for Circe.

Boggart Being locked alone in a small, empty room forever. She's an extrovert and she hates small spaces.
Amortentia Incense, Old Wood, Petrichor
Patronus Raven
Wand Cedar, Phoenix Feather
Interests Wandlore, Tarot, The Stars
Pet Peeve People who can't work in a team
Habits Daydreaming, talking to herself, various superstitions
Star Sign Aquarius
Dreams/Goals Become a wandmaker
Color Yellow
Song Lemon Boy (Cavetown)
Show Queer Eye, The Great British Bake Off
Movie To All The Boys I've Loved Before
Book All The Crooked Saints
Food Strawberry Yoghurt
Drink Vanilla Milkshake

*she has a bit of an obsession with wandlore
*you know how some people judge others based on zodiac? yeah. she's like that but with wands.
*she's incredibly superstitious. she only cuts her hair when the moon is waxing etc.
*she thrifts. mostly she does it because it's cheap but it also makes her sound cool y'know? and it's an ~aesthetic~ now.
*she'd probably be a hippie if she was alive in the sixties. she's very flower power
*she loves wearing a flower in her hair, just behind her ear or as a crown.
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