Circe Kim

Circe Kim is the last person you'd think to be running a successful music and modeling agency, especially if you met her back in her back in her early idol days. She's never been the business type. In fact, she's about the most lax person you'll ever meet, and she's pretty low-key and chill and that's exactly how she runs her company. At the end of the day, all she wants to do is help kids who need help going after their dreams just like she once needed help and guidance. She's always been someone who cares about others and raises them over herself, and even if she had to put her career as an artist on hold to help those in need, she'd do it. Her selflessness is partially why Alohomora Entertainment is known as one of the most humane corporations to date. She's constantly working around the clock to make sure not only the artists and models under the label are in comfortable working positions but also the employees.

Circe is also a great receiver of criticism and feedback. She likes knowing how she can do better and doing her best is the most important thing to her. She's a very approachable person and is more of a listener than a talker. In fact, whenever an issue is brought up, she often has little to say, and when she does, her points are condensed in a few easy-to-understand statements, even in complex situations. She's quite the observer and would rather sit back and watch than react immediately. She also likes having all the information in front of her first before assessing a situation. Acting without all the info makes her feel very uncomfortable and unprepared, and she heavily dislikes feeling or being unprepared for a situation. While she isn't a stickler for specifics, she at least needs to understand the general idea of a problem before commenting on it, and speaks based off what she does know, never hypotheticals. She's never been a person who wonders 'What If', she's the one that goes, 'What now' as she's always in forward motion. She strongly believes in making the future better by living in the present than trying to fix the past. This is also why she's very big on second, third, fourth, how many more chances you need to pick yourself off the ground and become a better person. She's very forgiving and is incredibly slow to anger of any type.

Although Circe is very laidback, this doesn't mean she's lazy or apathetic. She clearly shows much care in everything she works with, whether it's her music, her own personal ability, or her company. She's very passionate about the things she does, and even though she won't go on a thirty-minute speech about what she plans to do in the future, just know that when she dreams, she dreams big. It's a bit of a flaw of hers that's she realized, her desire to go as big as possible, even if it seems unrealistic. But then again, she always seems to make the impossible possible. No one thought she'd be able to successfully get Alohomora off the ground and then she did, and now they're on their way to the big leagues, if not already there. She's a persistent worker, who is constantly motivated to improve. She sees the potential in everything and will work countless hours to polish whatever it may be to reach that potential. She's very patient as well, having never been an urgent person in general. She's not always "go, go, go" and would rather sit back and wait for someone to grow into themselves then force them into it. She's a believer of letting nature run its course and doesn't think success, fame, and proper recognition can just be thrust upon a person. Sure, it also takes clever business strategy, but that just as much as time.


Oliver and Penelope Kim were about the most standard couple in existence. They met in Hogwarts and dated for the last few months of their seventh year before graduating together. There was nothing special about their romance, and the two were quite average, both in appearance and in general. They married two years later after they had both attained stable careers in the Ministry of Magic and moved into a well-sized house for a family. Then, two years later, they began having kids. The first two, Circe's older brothers were planned, and then the remaining three kind of just happened. When Circe was born, she was both a complete surprise to her parents but everyone around them. When they announced her pregnancies to their immediate friends and family, they got more awkward "Congratulations" than genuine excitement. It didn't matter because Oliver and Penelope still loved her regardless, even when she turned out to be a squib.

At first, her parents had hoped she was a late bloomer, but by the time she reached twelve, they finally accepted she just hadn't received the magical gene and continued to go muggle schooling. Circe herself didn't really mind. As cool as all the magic was in her family, she didn't have a need for it, especially with what she was choosing to pursue. When she was fourteen, she was scouted by a lesser known music agency to train her voice for a few years. At the time, Circe had already been heavily interested in music, posting song covers on the Internet, as well as teaching herself piano and guitar. Joining this music agency might be the propeller she needs to become the artist she's always wanted to be, and with no chance at becoming a member of the magical workforce, what with being a squib and all, there was nothing stopping her. She debuted at two years later, at age sixteen under simply her first name, 'Circe' as her stage name. Despite not being able to do magic, she still captivated magical audiences far and wide with her singing and stage presence. By the time she was 18, she was a fully-fledged superstar, and it seemed no one could get enough of her.

Circe completed her first world tour when she was nineteen, and then did another at twenty. After creating a discography of five albums and nine EPs, Circe decided to chase her next big dream, helping people go after her dreams like her agency helped her. At age twenty-one, Circe departed from her agency to go on and start her own. With her saved assests, she started Alohomora Entertainment with a few good friends that she had made in the music industry over time. It was an ambitious project, a star who had only been in the industry for five years, capitvating the world for three of those years, starting an agency out of the blue? It was certainly a test, and Circe passed with flying colors. Alohomora Entertainment debuted their first solo artist the following year, and the public recieved the well-polished debut artist well. Then, Circe focused on the modeling side of the agency, signing up countless young teens with big dreams and getting them deals with some of the biggest names in fashion. Alohomora models were all over the covers of every magazine in sight by the time Circe had hit twenty-three. Her dream had become a reality, and now she was gonna focus on making Alohomora the best it can be.

Basic Information
Full Name Circe Seraphina Kim
Nickname N/A
Birthday December 13th
Age 24
Nationality British
Ethnicity Korean
Home London, England
Status Singe; ALive
Sexuality Bisexual
Location Magical UK
Gender Female
Occupation Alohomora Ent's CEO
Physical Information
Model Kim Yerim
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 5"2
Distinguishing Marks N/A
Disorders N/A
Mental State Stable
Relationship Information
Mother Penelope Kim
Father Oliver Kim
Full Siblings Two younger brothers, two older brothers
Half Siblings N/A
Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Other Relatives N/A
Trivial Information
Favorite Color Blue
Favorite Music Genre Pop
Favorite Food Fish & Chips
Favorite Animal Hummingbird
Favorite Drink Strawberry Banana Smoothie
Favorite Song Dopeness by Black Eyed Peas ft. CL
Favorite Movie The Hustle
Favorite Sweets Strawberry Shortcake
Talents Singing
Languages English
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