Ciri Lleo-Schmidt
  • Name Cirilla Ida Lleo-Schmidt
  • Age 10 years old
  • Birthday February 24th
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  • Nickname
  • Nationality
  • Ethnicity
  • Home
    Lleo-Schmidt Residence
  • Status
    Alive and well
  • Sexuality
  • Location
    Lleo-Schmidt Residence
  • Year/Occupation
  • House
  • Species
    Witch (human)
  • Family Blood
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  • Wand Core
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  • Wand Wood
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  • Eye Color
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  • Height
  • Distinguishing Marks
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  • Disorders
  • Mental State
  • Favorite Color
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  • Mother
  • Father
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Each and every ten and eleven-year-old is still searching for a personality to call their own. It's one of the most important aspects of growing up. Ciri Lleo-Schmidt is not different. However, when it comes to her, one thing is already clear. Namely the fact that she's a giant geek. At age eight she already knew more about both modern-day and vintage popculture than most adults ever do. She enjoys every bit of fandom tremendously. TV, movies, comics, books - everything. She's one of the people who feel 80s nostalgia despite being born decades later. The geek stereotype has no friends and is generally a loner. But no one should believe that stereotype (or any stereotype, really). Especially so when it comes to Ciri. Her love of popular culture doesn't mean she can't have fun and spend time with peers. Some may be annoyed by her constant references and nicknaming. But for those who either aren't bothered or even like it, she's a loyal and supportive friend. That doesn't mean that she's always sweet - when someone's disrespectful towards her or her loved ones, she'll defend them however she can.


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One of the more well-known families of the wizarding world are the Schmidts. Their legacy is Quidditch, of course, but not only that. Each of the family members is known for something different. The famous Quidditch players Derrick and Emily Schmidt had eight equally famous children. The kids' names were: Arthur, Aeron, Lena, Ansel, Sadie, Boyce, Blake and Edmund. The last of the aforementioned, Edmund, wasn't the most sociable, and was known for being the family outsider for a long time. Despite that reputation, he decided to devote his life to Qudditch as well. Later on, he came out as gay, causing quite the sensation, and married Fabian Lleo, thus becoming Edmund Lleo-Schmidt. They soon encountered the problem of most same-sex couples. They wanted children. And finally, they decided to do what most of these couples do: adopt. Among their new children was Cirilla Lleo-Schmidt. She adjusted to the family well, being far too young to remember her biological parents. And too young to have any problem with having two fathers. That being said, her earliest years were as pleasant as they could be. Ever since she could read, Cirilla, now nicknamed Ciri, was extremely popculture-oriented. From now on, for all her birthdays and Christmases she asked for DVDs, comics and books. She learned as much as she could about her favourite universes and characters. It wasn't easy to deal with the dorky geek stereotype, but she managed. Even her first magic sign, when she was 6, was geek-related. She was really upset about the ending of a comic book she was reading. It made her so angry that she accidentally lit some clothes lying nearby on fire - luckily, it wasn't the comic. Ever since that accident, she'd been looking forward to her time at Hogwarts more and more - perhaps she could meet someone with similar interests.


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