You press on, trying not to think of what lies ahead. As you're just about to lose hope, you see a light. It's a warm, purple-ish light, and you walk through a set of magnificently gaunt double-doors, inlaid with what looks like human skulls. As you walk through the doors, you enter the ancient Crypt of the le Fey family. Magnificent in size, and illuminated by enchanted purple and orange flames, to give it a permanently mauve glow, the gothic crypt it breathtaking. You can smell thick heavy incense, which soothes you, especially after the swampy catacombs. Stone gargoyles look down upon you, with eyes that seem to follow you as you make your way around the crypt. You take a moment to blow the dust from each grave and see the name. Guinevere Pendragon…Ygraine Pendragon…Uther Pendragon…Mordred le Fey…Morgause le Fey…Morgana le Fey… — the names of dead ancestors to Sabrina, the stuff of legend. Perhaps, however, the most impressive is the one in the centre - the eldest of them all…Merlin Ambrosiusthe Merlin.




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