Birthday February 19th
Age 36
Status Alive
Pronunciation klah‧rehnss bish‧op
Family son, daughter
Handedness Left
Gender Male
Relationship Single
Nationality British
Speaks English, German
Species Wizard, Human
Blood Status Half-Blood
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'11"
Model Sam Claflin

Clarence is attractive - he thinks it's important to always be well-groomed, regardless of how long he's been locked in his office for. He'll forget food but at least he'll shower and shave. When out and about Clarence is always in a suit or something appropriately formal, because he's a CEO and he needs to make a good impression. At home he's a little less restrained, but he won't be caught dead in joggers or a corny t-shirt. Even as a teenager he at least had minimal style - I mean, with a sister like his who wouldn't appreciate a good quality leather jacket?
Daniel Bishop, owner of the multi-million corporation Bishop Hotels, has been with a number of women. Only a small proportion of which were his wives. His first wife, Lacie Spiegelman, gave him a daughter. Being the sexist millionaire he is, Daniel did not give his daughter Cressida the inheritance. Wife the second died in a car crash a few weeks after the wedding. Wife the third is still alive and married, though unhappily. She had a son, Clarence Bishop, but Daniel had been cheating and got another woman pregnant around the same time. Zachary Bishop was born a few hours before Clarence, on the same day.

Daniel took custody of Zachary and told his wife to raise him as her own, and so the two boys grew up believing themselves to be siblings. Zachary was named heir, as the elder, but the twins' 'mother' has always preferred Clarence to him. Probably because he wasn't the result of an affair.

Growing up in the hotel was fun, though their father's general stance was "nO RUNNING IN MY LOBBY." Clarence's first sign of magic was a few months after Zach's, when they were seven. They'd knocked over an expensive vase while running in the lobby and suddenly it fixed itself. That's what Clarence is good at - fixing things. He once fixed a toy car with a pencil, a roll of tape, and a rubber band. When the boys were eight, Rosalie Draganov started living with them. Clarence still isn't entirely sure why she's even there, but he still quite likes her.

Growing up with an older sister like Cressida Bishop was bound to make an impact somehow, and on Clarence it shows a bit more than on Zach. She's somehow managed to indirectly get him to start smoking. He knows it's bad for his lungs and he might get cancer etcetera etcetera - he's had those lectures like 20 000 000 times - but it's not as though he smokes too much.

School was a good time for Clarence - except seventh year, of course, where he caught scrofungulus during the epidemic and almost died. Regardless, he met his best friend, Cedrica, and once they graduated they bought an apartment together. Now they've managed to make magic work with technology and set up their own company, WizCo, to promote technology and its development in the wizarding world.
The first thing anyone has to know about Clarence is that he never ever shows enthusiasm. He's the salt to Zach's sugar. In all honestly, he's still enthusiastic on the inside. He just shows it oddly. Well, if you get the right topic he can be made mildly enthusiastic, but it's very, very difficult. Clarence is very competitive, and he somehow manages to be both unenthusiastic and competitive. At the same time. He thinks it's just his natural ability to multitask, though he can only really do that within his projects.

Clarence's 'projects' are really the only thing he's ever remotely excited (oN THE OUTSIDE) about, and he's built up quite the reputation around his house for snapping at people who interrupt him. He's ridiculously intelligent, and he really wants to go to Cambridge Unversity. Not Oxford - he's been there before and it's waaay too grand. Cambridge is okay.

Usually Clarence hates games, but he'll make an exception for chess. Or games which he knows how to win at. Anyway, back to chess: he's never been beaten, but then again he's never taken part in an actual chess tournament. He always has at least one earbud in, and it's a sure sign that he holds someone in high esteem if he takes both out for them. He also refuses to disclose what he's listening to. Ever.

Now that he's been working for so long, Clarence has really learned the value of people skills. His smiles come a lot faster now, and though he's still quiet he's more than capable of turning on the charisma. Of course, he'd rather be in his office working on his projects, but he's more than capable of connecting with people on a personal level. Character development much?

Boggart Illness
Amortentia Motor oil, fresh bread
Patronus Lynx
Wand Walnut, phoenix feather, 11 3/4"
Interests Electronics, space, chess
Pet Peeve Interruptions
Habits Fidgeting
Star Sign Pisces
Dreams/Goals Advance wizardkind, get wizards to the moon
Color Blue
Song Science Style (ASAPScience)
Show Blue Planet II
Movie Black Panther
Book A Brief History of Time
Food Pot Noodles
Drink Coca Cola

he's great at chess.

he likes the Spice Girls, and that's why he refuses to disclose what music he listens to.
It's not always her, though.
he smokes. it's his sister Cress' fault.
he taught himself German, because Germany has the strongest economy in Europe.
he always has something scribbled on his hand. Always.
he has a massive comic book collection. Cedrica has all the pop figures.

he's a marvel fan. Cedrica's a DC fan.
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