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Claudio Sousa

Ravenclaw Fifth Year
πŸ™ˆ Shy Boy πŸ™ˆ

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Basic Information
AGE 16 (October 15th, 2023)
SEXUALITY Heteroflexible
MODEL Shawn Mendes

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Ricardo Sousa was a young businessman who moved from Portugal to England to start a business and a new life, while Bridget Knight was a young secretary working at her father's business with rose-colored glasses and a wild imagination. The two happened to meet at a holiday party for the workers and Bridget's father introduced her to the young, handsome Ricardo. The two were sheepish and shy around each other for a few months, before Ricardo asked Bridget on a date after gathering up the courage.

Needless to say, the two hit it off very well and within a few months of dating they were engaged, and within a few months after their engagement, they were married. Bridget was the oldest girl and first married girl in her family, so it was a big deal, but not as big of a deal as finding out she was pregnant on their honeymoon when she didn't have her period. 9 months later little Claudio was born and brought the couple much joy that they didn't know they were missing.

3 years after Claudio's birth his mother gave birth to twins, having a little boy and girl named Cassandra and Sebastian, but after their birth, she had to get a hysterectomy because her uterus tore. Despite the surgery, she felt that their little family was complete. And while Ricardo was off working in the office, she stayed home with the children and raised them as best as she could.

When Claudio was 7 he had his first sign of magic, trying to help his mom feed his siblings but they wouldn't eat with utensils and proceeded to throw food at Claudio. He got so frustrated that in his anger the utensils got glued to his siblings hands which caused them to cry, and while his mother was happy that Claudio had magic since both her and Ricardo were Pure-Blood's, at the moment she scolded him for his behavior.

While Claudio grew up in a house of magic, he always thought the muggle world was more interesting, thinking it was so neat what they could do without magic. But, that interest quickly died when his mother let him go to muggle primary school only to be bullied for being weird and talking about things that didn't exist. He was pulled out of school and sent off to Kwikspell to be taught instead, and while Claudio didn't hate muggles, he didn't want much to do with them.

He recieved his letter for Hogwarts and was whisked away to school, being sorted into Ravenclaw and immedatiely being accepted and finding a place to fit in. He loved Hogwarts and thrived in potions class and transfiguration, soaking up all the magic he could learn and even being a few teachers pets, but always managing to get into trouble for random things and being at the wrong place at the wrong time... But, he still managed to get out of some things that were his fault.



Claudio is a shy boy that one wouldn't think was shy judging by his physique and big smile on his face, and while he likes to be kind to others he isn't the best at holding conversations or keeping eye contact. He's shy because he feels like he can't connect with people and so he doesn't put forth that much effort, and the one or two close friends he does have he doesn't know how he even got to be that comfortable with them.

His close friends see a different side of Claudio though, one who's loud and funny and won't stop talking about whatever comes to his mind. He's bright and happy and can fill a room with his laughter, and many times they don't even realize that Claudio is shy and reserved because of the way he acts with them. But, it's also hard to get Claudio to be that comfortable around someone because he's afraid of opening up only to be hurt, so he keeps his distance to prevent being hurt in the first place.

Claudio doesn't usually put himself out there, but in classes, people see a different side of him. He answers questions and is quite smart, but doesn't mean to show off or be a teacher's pet yet it comes off like that. He just really likes his classes and wants to show that he's learning and participating, and while he might be a few teachers favorite student he knows he isn't that favorited among the students. In the end, though, Claudio knows that it doesn't really matter as his grades will get him the job that he wants... Which is something he doesn't know yet.

Of course like every teenage boy, Claudio has a dream of finding a girl and getting married like his parents. While this is a good dream, Claudio has no idea how he's going to find a girlfriend because of his shyness. He feels like he could never get comfortable enough to put himself out there to be in a friendship, let alone a relationship. He just prays that he'll find a shy girl too, or someone who won't mind him not being as loud and "manly" as other guys he sees, like some on the Quidditch team or even some teachers that he aspires to be like.


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FATHER Ricardo Sousa
MOTHER Bridget Knight
SIBLINGS Cassandra and Sebastian
WAND Cherry, Veela Hair, 8"
BOGGART Screaming
SCHOOL Hogwarts
HOUSE Ravenclaw
BIRTHPLACE York, England
LOCATION Hogwarts (School Year) York (Summers)
FAVE COLOR Dusty Green
FAVE FOOD Empanada


Leyla Schmidt
Claudio has had a crush on Leyla since first year, but is way too shy to do anything about it. He wishes he could tell her how he feels, but knows she would never want him as a boyfriend. But, he can't get over his deep heart gripping crush for her.


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