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Colin is average height for a man, well-built and handsome. He has dark hair, and blue eyes that can go from smiling and gentle to piercing and intense when the situation calls for it. He dresses nicely, and keeps his facial hair well-groomed to match.

His faceclaim is Chace Crawford.

Colin Matthew Hall was born on March 29th, 2010 to a pure-blood wizarding family led by Matthew and Lillian Hall. Colin has one younger sister, both the Hall siblings grew up with significant means. Growing up was extraordinarily easy, on the outside, for Colin. He made friends easily, and he excelled with top marks in school. His parents were often confused why he got passed over for Prefect, because they felt that he should've been given the honor. It never bothered Colin too much, as he preferred staying out of the limelight where possible. Colin grew up knowing that his parents looked forward to him carrying on the Hall name... but Colin also had figured out by the time he was fifteen that he was gay. He came out to them the summer before his seventh year, to general acceptance, but to some clear disappointment. It hurt Colin that his parents didn't seem to grasp that he could get married, but he's maintained a friendly relationship with them, if only because they didn't want to lose their social standing.

When Colin graduated from Hogwarts, he entered the workforce. He took a job as a bartender while he figured out which department he wanted to apply for at the Ministry. While there, Colin found himself calling Aurors to take care of bar fights, or take care of overly drunken customers. As a result, he found himself befriending a few of them, who encouraged him to apply to the force. Colin had the grades to do it, he knew that much, but often wondered if he was really cut out for the life of an Auror. Still, he figured it never hurt to apply, and so when he was twenty, he did so. He wasn't immediately accepted, and so he took a job working in the Holding Cells, instead, processing parchmentwork. After doing that for two years, observing the Aurors, he went out for it again. The Head Auror decided to take a chance on him.

Six years later, Colin still works for the Aurors. It's helped repair his relationship with his parents, who seemed to have fully expected him to pick a more... effeminate career. They're fully supportive of having their son work for law enforcement. It's been a difficult path at times, though. Colin's lost an Auror partner, rescued people of all races and upbringings from horrible situations. He's also seen a few people wrongly accused of things, and some injustices on that front as well. After six years, Colin's considering trying to move up the ranks, probably in the department itself, but maybe even within the Ministry. He likes bringing justice to those who deserve it, and protecting people who need protection. And while he knows he can make a difference where he's at now, he wonders if a higher position would enable him to do more in that respect.

Colin grew up wealthy, and so he knows how to behave according to the situation he finds himself in. He can blend in with high society, and he can blend in with a crowd at the bar a few drinks in. While he can always play the chameleon, he will snap into his "Auror mode" if he sees someone who needs saving, regardless of the situation. He hates to see what he perceives to be injustice, and when he sees it, he'll do his best to eradicate it to whatever means necessary, though he tries to play by the book as much as he can. He's been known to confront bigoted people who make off remarks on the street if he needs to, and the remark calls for it.

Colin is excellent at using his words. He prides himself on his vocabulary, and his ability to use his words effectively. It's useful when he's interrogating a suspect, coaxing a witness to give up more information, or rebuking some loser on the street who can't keep their opinions to themselves. It's also helped him to maintain his relationship with his parents, and their upper society friends. People have told Colin he should be a writer, but Colin can't really imagine himself penning novels. At times, he does dream of penning legislation that could help people, however.

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First name means: People's Victory
Middle name means: Gift of the Lord


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