Connor is an Irish name meaning strong willed or wise 'Hound-lover.' CON-er
James is and Old French variation of the late Latin name Iacomus. JAYMZ
Gallagher is the name of an Irish Gaelic clan based in what is today County Donegal. GAll-a-her


Connor James Gallagher was born on April 2 to Abigail and Brennan Gallagher in Mullingar, Ireland. Abigail and Brennan had met about ten years prior to Connor's birth during their 6th Year at Hogwarts. Abigail was a Ravenclaw whereas Brennan was a Gryffindor. Believe it or not, the pair hated each other at first. Abigail thought Brennan was obnoxious and immature, and Brennan thought Abigail was uptight and stuck up. It wasn't until their 7th Year that the tension became too much and they began dating, much to everyone's surprise. Afterall, opposites do attract.After graduating from Hogwarts, the couple decided to buy a small flat near Hogsmeade. Abigail was quick to get hired working in the Department of Magical Education in the Ministry of Magic and Brennan went to play Quidditch as a chaser for Puddlemere United. Life was going smoothly for the pair and they went about 8 years living together before finally deciding to start trying for a child.

It ended up taking almost a year until Abigail finally fell pregnant with her soon to be born son. Sure enough, 9 months later Abigail gave birth to Connor. Not even 2 years after Connor was born did his younger sister, Bedelia, come. 2 years after Bedelia and the triplets, Rowan, Fiona, and Myles, were born. Just as the large family thought they were done, Abigail became pregnant with her final child, Kira.

Abigail ended up quitting her job at the Ministry to raise her children until Connor was old enough to take responsibility so she could go back to working to help provide for her family. Being a professional Quidditch player, Brennan had a fairly large salary but was often gone playing games.

Connor was only 7 when he showed his first sign of magic. He grew up with knowledge of the Wizarding World as both his parents were Hogwarts graduates, so it wasn't much of a surprise when he found out he was a Wizard. Connor was stuck babysitting the triplets one night as his parents had gone out with Kira and Bedelia was having a sleepover with one of her friends. The triplets were toddlers at this point, and Connor couldn't get them to do anything he asked no matter how hard he tried. Eventually he got them to all sit down on the couch together and just as they were about to run off, they couldn't leave their seats. Connor had unintentionally glued them to the couch so they wouldn't run away. While Connor was pleased he no longer had to chase after them, his joy didn't last long as they immediately began screaming and crying.

Upon the realization that Connor was a wizard, Brennan decided to teach him to play Quidditch. Connor had always been an athletic child having taken up other Muggle sports like football (not the American version), tennis, and rugby. He was never afraid to get down and dirty which is probably part of the reason why he is so good at Quidditch. Not only is athleticism in his blood, but he wasn't and still isn't afraid to sacrifice anything to win a game.

Connor was sorted into Ravenclaw upon arrival at Hogwarts. This was no surprise as he took after his mother's wit and determination. Connor decided to try out for the Quidditch team and, to his great surprise, made it on as a beater his first year. As he got older and his years continued at Hogwarts, he eventually started playing Keeper instead as he had the build of a phenomanal keeper. Connor did extremely well in school aside from Quidditch and managed to graduate with all O's and only one EE in Divination.

After graduating school, he initially set out to get a job as an Auror, however quickly realized this wasn't the right profession for him. He decided to take up Quidditch professionally and play on the Kenmare Kestrels as their keeper. Connor played for the Irish team for about 7 years before being recruited by the Irish National Quidditch Team where he as remained ever since.


Connor is confident, down-to-earth, and reliable.

Growing up with 5 younger siblings has surely made an impact on his personality. Even as a child, he was always more mature than you'd expect the average kid his age to be. He learned the importance of taking responsible and holding yourself accountable for your mistakes at a very young age.

Connor is insanely dedicated and hard-working. He is resilient and once he gets his mind set on something, it is almost impossible to steer him any other direction. He always focuses on the task at hand and doesn't let his mind wander to other subjects until his job is done.

Despite coming off as cold and demanding, he is actually the exact opposite. While he may be serious most of the time, he does like to have fun- that is, after his work is done. Connor is loyal to his family and would risk his life for theirs in a heartbeat. While he make not be the best with strangers, if you're lucky enough to become friends with him he will be there for you through thick and thin.

He has a fairly large fan base and has been recognized in public on multiple occasions due to having been so successful and playing so long, however he doesn't really like the attention. Connor could easily do without all of the special treatment and while he loves his fans, he absolutely hates when someone wants to be friends with him purely because of his status.

Connor is an ISFJ.


Connor has a rather rugged appearance that many say is his best overall feature. He usually lets his scruff grow out a bit before shaving it which is probably the main reason for this. Connor's model is Jamie Dornan.







  • Connor can speak both Irish and English.
  • His favorite drink is a Black Russian.
  • He highly dislikes shaving and would rather let his beard grow out.
  • Connor is the oldest of six.

"difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations"

Connor James Gallagher
RPer alex
Age 27
Birthday April 2
Nationality Irish
Ethnicity Caucasian
Species Wizard
Blood Pure-Blood
Orientations Heterosexual
Gender Male
Hair Light Brown
Eyes Blue
Faceclaim Jamie Dornan
Height 6'0"
Weight 77 kg
Schooling Hogwarts
Year Graduated
Occupation Keeper for Irish National Quidditch Team
Wand Vine, Unicorn Hair, 12"
Wand Arm Right
Patronus Otter
Boggart Losing his family
Affiliation(s) The Gallagher Family; Hogwarts; Ravenclaw House; The Irish National Quidditch Team
Location Wherever his team is
Most influenced by His siblings
Languages Irish, English

Model: Jamie Dornan

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