Birthday: Wednesday, December 16th of 2020
Birthplace: Lifou, New Caledonia
Nationality: New Caledonian
Languages Spoken: English (2nd) & French (1st)
Languages Understood: English (2nd) & Spanish (1st)
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Species: Witch
Marital Status: Single & Not Looking
Sexual Orientation: Demi-Bisexual
Schooling: Beauxbatons (1-2) & Hogwarts (3-)
Affiliations: Siyana Family, Beauxbatons, Bellefeuille, Hogwarts, & Slytherin
Patronus: Bassett Hound
Boggart: Drowning
Amortentia: Plum Tart & Chichi

Constance Valentina Siyana was born Thibault Celian Siyana on December 16th, 2020 in Lifou, New Caledonia. This was alongside her sister Genesis and her brother Aymeric. Her parents were the sweetest pairing of Muggle Maicon Siyana and Muggle-Born Lauriane Siyana, who were of French European descent as quite the population in New Caledonia is. However, they also worked tourism harder than most as they ran their own shop beside the waters. It was there that they sold equipment for snorkeling and swimming about the coral reefs, while also setting people up with lessons for such. They're not overly popular, having had their fair share of moderate reviews that haven't ever gone into the realm of being even possibly amazing, but can be considered reliable if you're native to Lifou.

It wasn't the birth of triplets that affected their family forever. It was the birth of the twins: a boy named Thibault and a girl named Genesis, then the adoption of a little Part-Light Nymph named Aymeric. Maicon and Lauriane believed that they all passed off for triplets, so they were all raised as such even if they soon noticed that they definitely weren't all triplets. It's not that they looked terribly alike, because the triplets definitely still passed off as siblings regardless. Aymeric never got sick and his wounds healed much faster.

Thibault always loved both Genesis and Aymeric equally, normally enjoying all of his time with the both of them. When he started getting older, he enjoyed playing with what little beauty products their mother kept in the powder room. Even if he enjoyed stealing his brother's clothing, despite being perhaps a bit too small for them, he liked spraying himself with some old lady cologne or making himself delicate accessories with flowers and other plants. It was always apparent he had a slight femininity to him, that led to Maicon and Lauriane speculating he would end up being homosexual (no matter how wrong it was of them). When he was seven years old, he started growing out his hair to go past his shoulders and decorating it with pigtails and bows.

It continued on that road, with a life of simple French people living in New Caledonia. It became apparent there was something wrong with Thibault, because practically everything seemed off about him. It started with having allergies to sunscreen and gluten, then being diagnosed with dyslexia. It was the process of trying to learn English to pair with her French, because secretly Lauriane planned for them to go elsewhere from Beauxbatons, and then them learning she had Dyslexia (and so did her biological twin Genesis). The magical signs which couldn't quite be confirmed as magic at all added to his troubles.

With Lauriane herself having attended Beauxbatons, due to being a citizen of a French territory like the rest of the Siyana family, she was capable of deeming it not right for the triplets and their personalities. When it came to the point where their parents could confirm that they would be going to a magical school, she had quickly jumped on board to get them out of the preppy school that was Beauxbatons. It was her mission to steer them towards a place that would give them their ultimate freedom which she believed they deserved. After several letters between the headmistresses and government officials, it was decided that they could go to Hogwarts. It was when they had settled down to discover the news of such, on a late spring or early summer day, in which Thibault told his family that he was a transgender individual who identified as a girl.

Perhaps, it was heartbreaking to see that her parents couldn't quite wrap their minds around it at first. However, the most crushing feeling was that her no-good twin stole her moment and her time by saying that she was then genderfluid. As much support that she had wanted to give her sister, she let a rift divide them from that moment on. It seemed that their father took her transitioning less seriously; part of her is still thinking that he will keep her from doing anything serious for a long time in belief that it is just a whim. Her bond and protection of Aymeric and Genesis never faltered in the experience, but she wouldn't be able to say that she doesn't have hard feelings that she's more than comfortable ignoring towards her sister.

When it came time to make proper decisions, Lauriane and Thibault settled down for a nice conversation regarding picking names and discussing hormones. They had decided on Constance Valentina Siyana, because it sounded soft and gentle, much unlike the girl herself. It happened that transitioning would be a whole deal of a lot more complicated, but it started with just getting some new clothing and growing out her hair finally. The testosterone blocker was injected a week before their time at Hogwarts was to begin, just a few months into her properly transforming into Constance. When they were off for Hogwarts, she had gotten her mother to cast some spells to make her at least seem more feminine until perhaps something more permanent could come up, because she wanted to have just that at the very least for the new school year.

Upon arriving and taking the train there, she was properly sorted into Slytherin. It was there that her and the other triplets were separated, for Aymeric went to Gryffindor and Genesis went to Hufflepuff.

Although only a skilled adventurer and conqueror in her dreams, Constance's pride and ego don't just stick into that simple lane of imagination. As a little boy, she had the boisterous yet flamboyant cliche attitude of any boy who ran through the streets of Lifou. It's no different now that Thibault has started to become a girl (like how she had been deep down the entire time). A girl of loud laughter and piggish snorts, it is hard to miss her; in both that you can't help but notice and you can't help but be glad she's gone.

It's not just the loud banging and clanging of things breaking around her that's caused her despise from most of her superiors. It's also her hypocrisy; whether it's this or that, she's bound to have dug herself a hole of it at a moment or two in conversation. A fiery spirit with no limits, most teachers have struggled to get her to sit and understand material, because she has no problem not understanding and then quitting. It's a natural reaction to any and all stressful positions she could ever put herself into, because what's better than avoiding your problems?

Generally, she's still a soul of creativity and imagination and she's collected journals upon journals of poetry and short stories or maps and drawings. A hyperactive mind and body can create such oddities to help exercise out the brain. Speaking of, Constance's athletic and casual tendency gets her into playing a lot of sports for leisurely and competitive reasons, including football and crosscountry, but she's also dabbling in Quidditch (boating is also important to her, but she wouldn't ever call it a sport). The best way to get to her heart is by loving sports, getting dirty yet also cleaning, and the creepy crawlies going all about Earth.

A semi-honest soul, it's pretty obvious that she just wants her own path. When you have two siblings who are born on the same day and year as you are, you're going to learn that it's almost impossible for you to not be compared to them one way or another way and so forth. Constance knows that she's never going to have the capability to be an individual, but that certainly won't stop her from grumbling and complaining about it. Of course she loves her siblings to death, but she's also allowed to want her own life apart from them too.

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