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Great skoolz

The number of countries that have their own magical school is minuscule compared to those that do not. This is because the wizarding populations of most countries choose the option of home schooling. Occasionally, too, the magical community in a given country is tiny or far-flung and correspondence courses have been found a more cost-effective means of educating the young.


Hello all and welcome to our second one off contest! As you all know, recently we held a contest to find out where the other Great Wizarding Schools are located in the DARP universe. The goal was to create an encyclopaedia-esque page with all wiki canon information of the schools as a guide for character histories. The admin team had planned to trawl through various sources to come up with fanmade canon for the remaining canon schools we needed to find things for - Castelobruxo, Durmstrang, Koldovstorez, Mahoutokoro and Uagadou - and create a vote of sorts and present it to you all. For those in the Discord server, the admin team recently proposed doing a contest for this similar to the last one and, well, here we are!

Basic Premise[]

  • This contest will be to establish some lore regarding the named Great Schools within Harry Potter canon so we can better enhance the world of DARP. The more knowledge we have, the more streamlined peoples' histories will be and will give AI an opportunity to hold more events regarding foreign students.
  • The current great schools that we need to establish lore for are as follows;
    • Castelobruxo [ Amazon Rainforest, Brazil ]
    • Durmstrang Institute [ Scandinavia ]
    • Koldovstoretz [ Russia ]
    • Mahoutokoro School of Magic [ Japan ]
    • Uagadou School of Magic [ Uganda ]
  • The contest will be held in the same way as the other contest to find the rest of the magical schools; users will be able to write for whichever school they want to and the wiki shall vote on which one they want to become canon


  • Users may only submit an entry for one of the schools of their choice. Choose wisely!
    • All entries must be worked on a Google Doc. Alongside this please do not tell each other what school you are working on. Both of these are to ensure that the voting will be as unbiased as possible.
      • If, for whatever reason, you are unable to work on a Google Doc please contact EvilhariboMadness.
  • Voting will be done anonymously through a Google Forms vote. This is to ensure that the voting is as unbiased as possible. Of course people, more than likely, will vote for their friends but we aim to create the most impartial field possible with no special benefits to anyone.
  • All Google Docs must be given to Oli by the deadline. As he is not participating, he will be the one to compile the entries into this page after the entry deadline and set up the vote.
  • When entering, simply put your name on the page. PLEASE DO NOT LIST WHAT SCHOOL YOU ARE WORKING ON.
  • It is fine to take inspiration from existing ideas created by the Harry Potter community. If you do, however, you must link any pages you get your inspiration from so a plagiarism check can be performed. It would be even better if you message said owner and ask if their lore can be used. There's some really good stuff out there so make sure you at least explore this possibility!
    • If an entry is deemed to have too much plagiarism, it will not proceed to the voting stage.
    • If she says they have a specific routine then you must include this routine.
  • There will be no prizes for this contest, other than your lore for a school being our wiki canon.
  • The deadline is 30th November 2020. Voting will be announced shortly thereafter.

Information That MUST Be Included[]

Please note that you can add more into the Google Doc, just these are the things that must be included. You can format it whichever way you like.

  • Name of the School
  • Founding Date
  • Motto
  • Current Headmaster / Headmistress [ You may, alternatively, decide that the school is ran by a council - that is completely fine! ]
  • History [ This can be brief or detailed! ]
  • Do they have a House System? If yes, what are they? If no, why not? [ Please go into detail about the Houses! What are they represented by? What traits do they value? Colours? ]
    • If they do have a House System, how are students sorted?
  • Uniform
  • Classes Offered [ Core, electives and extra-curricular if possible! This does not need to be extremely detailed. ]
  • How does the magic style of the region influence life and magic usage at the school?
    • Please try to include this! Some regions have very distinct magic styles.
  • Year Composition [ Are they like Hogwarts where it's First Year at 11 years old to Seventh Year at 18? ]
  • Any links to where inspiration has been found

Users Participating[]