Coral Gates Wizarding Suburban Living Community

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Coral Gates is a wizarding suburban living community designed to mimic American suburbs. It's a project worked on by Tanilon Incorporated for many years, but it wasn't revealed and opened to the real estate market until 2036. The homes there all have different designs, ranging from small and reasonably priced, growing little by little as though each class were divided, which to be fair, is a reasonable comparison.

The community also includes a small cinema, functioning thanks to recent advancements made by different technological companies, a small shopping centre including a few clothing shops, restaurants, an ice cream parlor, and a supermarket. It also has sports facilities including a quidditch pitch among others. You can see cars crossing, but they're few and rare. You can also see golf cars, though those are also charmed to fly. Due to being the only current suburban wizarding living community in the UK, Coral Gates' number of residents is continuing to grow with every passing day.

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