the plant mother.

Coraline Felicity Patrick
Octavia Patrick (Adoptive Mother)
Orion Patrick (Adoptive Father)
Alexander Evans-Patrick (Adoptive Brother)
Blood Status
Human; Witch
RPed by Kayle.

Coraline Patrick is a Slytherin Alumna, former Head Girl, and skilled Herbologist.


Coraline is fairly small, being only 5'2" and not being able to even reach the middle shelf more often than not. She's fairly "chubby" in her opinion, and quite rectangular, but she doesn't mind it. She actually likes it a bit. She's pretty skinny, to an unhealthy degree, although her rectangular figure still remains, in her mind. She's lacking curves, although she doesn't mind it. She has brown hair, normally hanging mid-neck or a little bit past her shoulders, with brown eyes to go with it. She's now marked with scars, covering her neck, where the rash had been during the epidemic. She's relatively insecure about them, finding them incredibly unattractive, not like she wants that to matter, and is trying to figure out how to get rid of them.

Coraline's life started in Bandon, Oregon on August 28th. She had a mother and father, way back then, who worked for a catalog on...gardening, which she's slightly interested in (and a total master of). She doesn't look back much, because it's normally too bothersome of a story for her, and therefore she's forgotten pretty much everything about them, including the gardening. They did basically forget about her, after all, and left her to fend for herself, within their home, of course.

Coraline spent time elsewhere, as much as she could, because her life was just too boring in that bland, pink house. She had neighbors, retired actresses who really needed to get their lives worked out (seriously, who has that many dogs), who she found quite interesting. She often spent her afternoons with them, but she never really trusted them. It was normally because they were entertaining, and she didn't want to be stuck in a dark house all day (which, looking back on it, theirs wasn't much better). One day, she decided to tell some tales about how her parents treated her, which weren't at all true. She never found out the exact happenings that led to this, but she was taken out of her house days later and placed in a foster home, of sorts.

Coraline's new parents, who ended up adopting her without her consent (not like they needed it) and moving them to Wales when she was just about to turn ten, were exactly like her last, just much nicer, so it came easy to her when she wanted to completely forget about everything else. She even realized that they looked nearly exactly the same, but these new ones had rather black eyes, with zero color other than the irises, and white isn't even a real color. She took that as the opportunity to act like they had been their parents the whole time, since nobody knew any better, and she soon convinced herself of it too.

Coraline had no idea that she was a "late bloomer" and she didn't get her first sign of magic until days before she turned eleven, which she doesn't really mind, at least not too much. She had been walking outside of the family's house, wandering around, when a rather annoying cat began bugging her. She hates cats, that is all one would have to say to justify her next actions. She hadn't even done anything, since she was just standing there, and the cat went flying, landing far off into the distance. She later got her letter to Hogwarts, and was somehow not shocked at all by it, even if she had discovered her magic just days earlier.

Coraline didn't do much at school, normally remaining in the dark sections of the castle, for her first several school years. She later adopted the cat she kicked, even though it still annoys her. She just pitied it, like she does with most creatures, especially humans. She's even discovered that her new family is quite odd, and she's wondering what their problem is, which is a bundle of thoughts she would love to block out.

Coraline is absolutely brilliant at lying, being quite the pathological liar, and manipulating anybody with ease. She tries to keep from doing either, unless she feels threatened and deems it appropriate. But, she can't help it, she did mess up her own memories through lying to herself over and over and over, so how can she not say a few lies here and there? If your life is a lie, then any bit of information about you is. She just doesn't know it, and she doesn't realize that her lies are lies, sometimes. She tries to keep herself protected, locked away from anything else despite her adventurous spirit she shut down a few years ago, as well as anybody around her who she even remotely likes (which is a difficult thing for her, since she's sure nearly everyone is out to get her now, because of that wonderful paranoia). She lies, and manipulates, everybody that hurts her or the select few she "loves" (aka, likes, because love is a stupid word), with every little insult that will shut her down.

Coraline, despite all of this, is a very sweet girl. She doesn't approach people and just compliment them, but she definitely would smile and be absolutely adoring to anybody who approached her. Unless, they annoyed her or pissed her off in one way or another, in that case it's a different story. She doesn't think this is an act, because that's just how she is naturally, yet it seems to be one at the same time since it isn't all of her, now is it? She prefers this part of her more, nonetheless, and it's the only side she really wants to ever show anyone, but she's sure that won't happen (because it won't).


friends, acquaintances and enemies

Coraline is incredibly skilled when it comes to gardening, or anything plant related, really, but as she's constantly at Hogwarts, where she can't actually plant anything, she can't say she's had an actual garden in a while.

Coraline, school-wise, only likes Herbology, and that's probably because that's the only thing she's good at and school just sucks, but she's quite the genius when it comes to the class, until the roots of words and such are involved.

Coraline is absolutely miserable at flirting, but she's actually really good at helping people learn, and she doesn't understand that. She doesn't question it though, because it's probably just a sign that she doesn't ever need to flirt with somebody.

Coraline is a pathological liar, and a great one at that, and tends to use it to her advantage more often than not, or used to. She's on a lot of stuff right now, as to keep herself from lying about everything, but if she still lies from time to time.

*Coraline has four plants, all muggle ones, that she insists on bringing to Hogwarts.
*Coraline's American accent is basically nonexistent, but sometimes it peaks through and she hates it.
*Coraline cusses, a lot, once she gets to know a person, but before that, she's always much more "polite".
*Coraline's boggart is her becoming an evil person.
*Coraline's patronus is a margay, and she has no idea why.
*Coraline calls Prefects "Perfects" because she's sure they think they're just that.
*Coraline is a total and complete lightweight with alcohol, but she doesn't quite care.
*Coraline speaks Welsh, very well, but she only does so in full sentences if she is angry with somebody and she doesn't want them to know what she's saying.
*Coraline's cat is seriously just named The Cat.
*Coraline's MBTI is ISTP.
**91% Introvert over Extrovert.
**53% Sensing over Intuitive.
**77% Thinking over Feeling.
**88% Perceiving over Judging.
*Coraline's first kiss was with Teddy at the Yule Ball.
*Coraline's OWLs scores are as follows: Charms - E, Transfiguration - O, Herbology - O, DAtDA - A, Potions - O, History of Magic - A.
*Coraline's NEWTs scores are as follows: Charms - O, Transfiguration - O, Herbology - O, DAtDA - A, Potions - O, History of Magic - A.
Handedness Left
Sexual and Romantic Orientation Pansexual, Heteromantic
Relationship Status Single
Pets None
Favourite Songs Red Hot Chili Peppers - Scar Tissue
Everlast - Ends
Favourite Colours Blue and Red
Favourite Sweet Gummy Bears
Most Treasured Possession TBD
Where to Find Them


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