Birthday June 1
Age 15
Status Alive
Pronunciation kor‧dee‧lee‧ah wor‧behk
Family Celestinus Warbeck
Handedness Right
Gender Female
Relationship Single
Nationality British
Speaks English
Species Witch, Human
Blood Status Half-Blood
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 5'9"
Model Raven Lyn

Cordelia is tall and thin, and usually looks fairly unkempt. She always has a pencil behind her ear or just sticking out of her hair, and she's usually got some kind of stain on her somewhere. She's pretty, too: I mean, she wouldn't be a Warbeck if she wasn't. In general she looks quite delicate and not at all like the one to go to if you want your car fixed, and her clothes are generally either about ten years out of date or just absurdly floral.
Everyone knows the story of Madam Celestina Warbeck's rise to fame. Born to a wizard father and a muggle mother in Wales, it's common knowledge that Celestina displayed her talent young. She attended Hogwarts, because WADA hadn't been founded at the time, and her mother bombarded the school with letters demanding that they form a theatre club, dancing class and a choir in order to show off her daughter's innumerable talents - these, notably, have persisted to this day. Everyone wants to be the next Celestina Warbeck.

After school, Celestina's popularity skyrocketed with her debut album. She acquired a mob of undying fans, ranging in identity from little girls to old men who like a bit of jazz now and again. Once, three devoted fans were involved in a three-broom pile-up over Liverpool on the last night of her 'Flighty Aphrodite' tour, which caused a stir because they were seen by at least four different muggles, all of whom had to be located and obliviated.

Perhaps more often remarked upon, however, is Celestina's love life. Early on in her career she married one of her backup dancers, but this broke down after a year and she went on to marry her manager instead. They had one son, Cladeus, who was given Celestina's surname (she doesn't need no man), and sadly had zero musical talent - he was, however, a very talented actor, and went on to receive almost as much acclaim for his work on the stage as his mother. But not quite.

Cladeus was Gryffindor at school, just like his mother, and it was there he met the love of his life, a quiet Ravenclaw boy called Xander Adeyemi. Against all expectations the two managed to stay together without incident from fourth year until they graduated and married. Xander became an unspeakable while Cladeus went on to further his acting career, and the press lapped it up. It was the perfect opposites attract love story.

When the couple decided they wanted to have children one of Cladeus' actress friends volunteered as a surrogate - she insisted that the child should have a quality biological mother, one with beauty and talent in spades. By this, she meant herself, the one and only Beatriz Shehi, and she went on to carry children twice for Cladeus and Xander: the first a boy named Celestinus, and the second a girl called Cordelia.

Cordelia Warbeck's intelligence has been evident almost since her birth, but to the disappointment of her grandmother and (one of) her fathers, has never really displayed any special talent for their fields. She's not tone deaf by any means, and her acting skills are better than most, but she lacks something. Growing up, she was enrolled into a lot of classes - not clubs. This is serious. - to teach her to sing, to act, and to dance. She can play seven different instruments, and has loved acrobatics since childhood, but she's never quite lived up to the astronomical talent that her grandmother and father expect her to have.

Cordelia's real interest has always been in more academic pursuits, and this has been evident ever since her first sign of magic at age seven when she somehow summoned every single one of Xander's books into her (large) room because she was bored. It gets a bit lonely when your parents insist you have a 'normal childhood away from all the media vultures' and your only brother is going through his "ew, girls" phase.

Upon reaching Hogwarts, Cordelia followed her father Xander's footsteps into Ravenclaw and found her place in the world pretty quickly. She studied more than nearly everyone in her year, mostly because she had no friends, and this year she finally reached her goal: an internship at WizCo itself, possibly the most exciting institution in existence.
Cordelia is a bit of an airhead. She's easily distracted because her brain is constantly working, whether thinking of a new idea, coming up with solutions to a problem, or just general shower thoughts. She loves nonograms and chess and sudoku and crosswords, and you can bet she knows around 200 Rubik's Cube algorithms. Quite often she'll be found with her nose buried in a muggle university-level textbook on the intricacies of Tolkien's Elvish grammar or the complex mathematics used to send Apollo 11 to the moon.

When Cordelia sees a problem, she fixes it. It doesn't particularly matter if the problem in question is material (she once fixed her brother's toy car with a piece of string, some tape and a rubber band) or emotional, because she'll find a way to make anything work. Ironically, she herself isn't very put together. Often she'll be found with some oil smudged on her cheek, hair in disarray, with a pencil carelessly stuck behind her ear. She likes to say that her life is kept together by a piece of gum and a lot of hope.

One of her defining factors is her boundless enthusiasm for everything. A friend expresses a vague interest in the MCU? She'll buy them every single movie and become an expert in every part of the world in one evening. Next History of Magic topic is the Goblin Rebellion of 1612? She'll go talk to real-life goblins to get their side of the story, because history is written by the winners and honestly, if you want to understand something you really have to look at it from all angles.

Cordelia loves everyone. She doesn't really have many friends, but she's always friendly if a little odd, and she'll flirt with anyone she finds even remotely attractive. Sadly, she's quite full-on, which can scare people away sometimes, and she can be fairly difficult to keep up with in a conversation because she tends to forget words, use the wrong words or just use very obscure words. She means well, though - she just doesn't give herself enough time to process what she's saying before it's out there.
Her wand: literally allows her to do anything. Of course she'd keep it.
Her assorted instruments: she loves music, she really does, and she is good at it - just not as good as her grandmother or brother. Regardless, she loves to play.
Her tools: how is she supposed to tinker without her toolkit?
Her phone: firstly is super cool because she can do almost anything on it, and secondly is her main link to the rest of the world.
Copy of the Tales of Beedle the Bard: a gift from her father Xander when she was a little kid, it remains her favourite book to this day.

Boggart Loneliness
Amortentia Motor oil, petrichor, roses
Patronus Owl
Wand Sycamore, Unicorn Hair, 8 1/4"
Interests Science, Chess, Superheroes
Pet Peeve Forgetting things
Habits Biting the ends of pencils/pens/quills.
Star Sign Gemini
Dreams/Goals Make friends
Color Sunset orange
Song You Stole My Cauldron But You Can't Have My Heart
Show Louis Theroux's Documentaries
Movie Tangled
Book Cinder
Food Toffee
Drink Pink lemonade

she's a bit of a nerd for muggle franchises like marvel and star wars.
she plays seven instruments to a decent standard.
she could probably be a very famous acrobat if she tried, but she doesn't think she's good enough.
she once fixed her brother's toy car with a piece of string and a rubber band
she has a pet crup called Toto, given to her by her grandmother Celestina (who breeds them) when she had her first sign of magic.
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