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Full Name Cormac O'Reilly
Nickname Cory, Mac
Basic Info
Birthday January 12, 2019
Nationality Irish
Relationship Info
Status Single
Sexuality Unknown
Best Friend
Family On The Wiki Dillon O'Reilly (father)
Caitlin O'Reilly (mother)
Aoife O'Reilly
Elizabeth O'Reilly
Samuel O'Reilly
Hannah O'Reilly
Cera O'Reilly

School/Career Info
House Ravenclaw
Year/Occupation Second Year Student
Titles O'Reilly Raven
Optional Classes Taken
Magical Info
Species Human/Wizard
Blood Status Muggleborn
Wand Core Jarvey Tooth
Wand Wood Vine
Wand Arm Left
Boggart Never Knowing What's Out There
Patronus (will be) Raven

Model Thomas Brodie-Sangster
Gender Male
Hair Colour Dirty Blonde
Hair Length/Style Messy
Eye Colour Brown
Skin Colour Caucasian
Clothing Style Casual
Other Info About Looks
When Cormac is allowed to dress how he wants, he chooses a ratty old green sweater with a plaid shirt underneath. When his mother dresses him, he ends up wearing uncomfortable ties and and clothes. He also wears glasses to see. He isn't going to wear no contacts!

Colour Hunter Green
Music Anything
Food Irish Stew
Sweets Cookies
Animal Wolves
Class TBD
Season/Weather Loves Winter
Dream Job TBD
Happiest When...
He's by himself, learning about everything that he doesn't know. Also, when he can people watch. You'd be surprised by what you can learn from just watching people!

A Raven in A Flock of Swans

Let Ravens fly and give my soul release


Cormac is a loner. He doesn't want or need anybody else to be alright. He's a happy kid by default but it takes awhile for that to show. Curiosity is one of his many qualities. He questions things that most in his faith wouldn't dare to question. Like, why is magic bad? Can't it be used for good? What if a boy likes a boy and a girl likes a girl? That sort of thing.

Cormic is naturally smart in an academic way. Things just come easily for him in school. He does study for tests just so he has that extra reinforcement. Cormac can be considered responsible and honor-bound. When he says he's going to do something, he will do it.

Cormac, however, is a very quiet person. Have fun getting him to talk! He's stubborn and proud which are great moderation. Unfortunately, he has just a little too much of both. Fortunately, if apologized to, he is quick to forgive.



Ravenclaw Crest (Gif)


Dillon O'Reilly grew up wanting to see the world. That however, would soon change. His family and faith kept him anchored in Ireland. So, he decided to work for the town Butcher. That's, ironically, how he met Caitlin, who was the Butcher's daughter. Dillon awkwardly tried to talk to her which Caitlin found endearing. One day, after a year of this, he finally started to court her. Another year passed and they were engaged and six months later they were pronounced as husband and wife.

Soon they were expecting their first child, a little girl named Aoife. That didn't last for long. Soon they were expecting yet again but this time they had a fussy two year old as well. Once again, they expected with a six year old and a four year old. Then a ten year old, an eight year old and a four year old. The next one would come as a surprise. With a fifteen year old Aoife, thirteen year old Elizabeth, nine year old Samuel and five year old Hannah, they had their hands full. That's when Cormac and Cera O'Reilly were introduced to the family dynamic.

Now, it was plain to see that Cormac was an odd child. Nobody would play with him. Why? Well odd things happened around him. Ever since he was five and some boy picked on Cera. The boy had to see the doctors for boils. It got to the point where Dillon and Caitlin took him to a local priest to get rid of the devils that obviously plagued him. Nothing changed.

Dillon then decided to ignore Cormac's...peculiarities for the time being, foolishly thinking it would go away...somehow. The eight year old boy's relationship with his family was now strained. His father tried to teach him outdated concepts but Cormac just wouldn't learn. He would watch his mother work so hard to keep things in order while his father worked at the Butcher's. Cormac was made an outcast by his older siblings and his father and mother just couldn't stop whispering about him. They all thought the same thing: something was...unholy about Cormac.

On Cormac and Cera's eleventh birthday, an oddly dressed man appeared on the O'Reilly doorstep. He explained how one of their children was unique - they had magic. Of course, their was an out roar from the parents. How dare he say that about their children? That's when the man said one thing that made everything fall into place. He said Cormac's name and that's when everything fell into place and made sense. The O'Reilly boy had an affinity for magic. Which, just so happened to be considered wrong and unholy in the eyes of their church.

He decided to move out of his shared room. Cormac just couldn't stand the cold looks his brother would give him. So, he moved to the attic. He really enjoys being there, even though it's pretty cluttered.

Cormac has been counting down the days until he can leave home for awhile and be with those like him. Maybe, he can discover if magic is bad and the origins of it.


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Cormac: Possibly derived from Irish Gaelic corb "raven" or "wheel" and mac "son". This was the name of a 3rd-century king of Ireland.

O'Reilly: Valiant or Courage


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