costin câmpina

fourth year, slytherin

- basics
RPer kibethastarael
Age 14
Birthday april 13th
Accent romanian
Orientations ????
Gender male (cis)
Location common room
Languages english, romanian
MBTI istp-a
- physical
Hair white
Eyes blue
Ethnicity caucasian
Model paul craddock
Height 6'1"
- magical
Blood Status muggleborn
Species wizard, human
Wand holly, dragon heartstring, 11 1/2"
Wand Arm ambidextrous
Amortentia incense
Patronus falcon
Boggart losing cristina
- affiliation
Nationality romanian
Schooling hogwarts
House slytherin
Year 4th
Influenced cristina câmpina


Unlike in the UK, Romania still has a large 'magic' community among muggles. There are white - 'good' - witches, and black - 'bad' - witches, who sell their services to other muggles. Of course, these witches don't have real magic, and the whole thing's based on superstition, but some of them do seem to have real power still. Cristi and Costin's mother was one of these, a witch who practiced both black and white magic and who had a freakishly high success rate, both with her curses and her charms.

All Cristi and Costin have been told about their conception is that they were left on the doorstep by a stork. As far as they're concerned, they have no father, and they're honestly fine with that. Their mother is more than enough, in their opinion. Raised in a house full of magic, the twins were taught everything their mother knew growing up - how to read tarot, tea leaves and crystal balls, how to cast curses and make love potions.

The thing is, when you live in a country as saturated with magic as Romania is, witches tend to only stay popular for a few years at most, and inevitably they're cast down and replaced by younger witches claiming to be more powerful. Well, that's what happened to Cristi & Costin's mother, and in order to continue practicing witchcraft she moved the whole family to England, where there was much less competition. But not before cursing every single person who betrayed her in Romania.

So, aged seven, the twins accompanied their mother to London, to settle among the large Romanian community there. Their mother lost popularity with no customers, despite the growing Romanian population in the heart of London; so, she began using her curses on bigger projects. She often cursed politicians she doesn't like. Why do you think the leader of UKIP keeps quitting?

Cristi had her first sign of magic before Costin did - she levitated him over a lake because he was annoying her, then dropped him in when their mother caught her. He, however, managed to get out of the lake dry as a bone, and the next day they received their Hogwarts letters.


+ honest, loyal, straightforward
- rude, aggressive, reckless

If Costin was to be described in one word it would be this: asshole. All he wants, really, is to be left alone, but people don't seem to be able to understand this, so he resorts to plan b: playing the asshole. The people this doesn't work on become his friends. Simple, really.

Simple is a word that describes Costin very well. Not in the sense that he's simple minded, but in the sense that his approach to things is very straight-forward. When he makes a promise, he keeps it, plain and simple. If he doesn't like someone, they know about it. He will literally fight anyone who irritates him or his sister. He'll probably lose, but the sentiment's enough (and his mother doesn't appreciate people 'bullying' her children).

Costin is an adrenaline junkie. He does stupid and dangerous things just for the fun of it, and it'll probably be the death of him, but he doesn't care. He heard somewhere that often it's a sign of an attention seeker, this kind of flirting with death, and that's probably accurate for him. He'll never admit it, but he's still kind of bitter about how his mother favoured Cristina during childhood, even if she treats him almost the same now.

That's another thing: he's very good at holding grudges, and his memory and perceptive skills are ridiculously good. He'll remember every single miniscule transgression ever and hold it against whoever did it as long as he lives.






  • he's not a seer but he loves everything to do with divination.
  • tarot, crystal balls, tea leaves - he's your guy
  • he's kinda bitter @ his mother bc she always favoured his sister


credit to kibeth

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