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Courtney Stariah
Age 18
Birthdate April 8, 2009
Family Barbara Stariah (mother) Alexander Stariah (father) 4 siblings Starla Staples-Stariah (stepmother) Ivy Staples (stepsister)
Gender Female
Hair colour Blonde
Eye colour Green
Status Alive
School Hogwarts
House Welcome Ravenclaw
Boggart Forest fires
Patronous Eagle
Race Witch
Wand Arm
Height 5'7


Courtney Erin Stariah was born to Barbara and Alexander Stariah. She has 4 siblings, who she sometimes gets along with. In her childhood, she was pressured to do well in school, which she later didn't mind because she was very smart. One day, her mother left the family, but her father remarried after a year to a woman named Starla, and she had a daughter, Ivy, Courtney's stepsister. Ivy was a little shy and intimidated by the large family she joined in, but Courtney helped her when her siblings just ran wild.

Courtney knew just how to get Ivy to open up. Courtney put a movie she liked on the TV, a funny one, which Ivy would laugh at. In the end, Ivy hugged Courtney, which was nice. Courtney was the only one who Ivy would talk to. Then, the stepsisters played together, and sometimes Courtney would help Ivy with her homework.

Courtney did very well in Muggle school. She was accepted to Beauxbatons and Hogwarts, but she picked Hogwarts because she didn't speak French. She speaks a few languages, but isn't sure she could handle another one, even though with her cleverness, she probably could.

Spell List[]

I'm too lazy :P

Likes and Dislikes[]


Courtney likes insects, more like loves. She loves learning about them, and her favourite is the ladybug. She loves baking, although she can only make cupcakes, cookies... those baked goods. Not only does she like baking, she loves to eat her baked goods! She loves to read, and study too. She loves her stepsister, Ivy.


Courtney hates being bored. She hates when her sister says, "only boring people are ever bored", because Courtney can get bored, but doesn't like to think of herself as boring. She doesn't like the rivalry she has between her biological siblings. She also hates it when Ivy is upset, because it is very hard to cheer her up, which Courtney also doesn't like doing.


Courtney is very smart, if not a bit self-centered. She likes it when things are her way. For example, if she gets the wrong answer in class, she would be embarrassed and furious. That would go away, as long as the teacher says her answer was a very good one. She also likes to forgive and forget.


As you can see in the picture, Courtney has straight blonde hair that she keeps let down, blue eyes, and a light skin tone. Her model is Cassidy Ann Shaffer.


Barbara Stariah Barbara is Courtney's mother. They never were really close, as Barbara was unsure how to handle the 5 children she'd always wanted. Courtney was upset when Barbara left the family, but was over it after a year.
Alexander Stariah Alexander is Courtney's father. He seemed to care more about his children than Barbara, as he would always play with them when Barbara would go crazy. Finally, she divorced him, which he didn't mind. Courtney loves her father for trying to make her and her siblings happy when he remarried a nice woman, Vivian.
Vivian Staples Vivian is Courtney's stepmother. Courtney loves her step mother, because she cares about them more than Barbara ever intended to. Although Courtney wonders what it would be like if her father never married Vivian, she doesn't like to think about it because that would be terrible for her.
Ivy Staples Ivy is Courtney's stepsister. Courtney loves Ivy to pieces, because she is the cutest little girl she's ever seen. Ivy was shy at first, but Courtney helped her open up to the large family of 8 she wasn't used to. Ivy loves Courtney, and sometimes Courtney wants to cry when Ivy hugs her, she is just too cute.
Leo Leo is Courtney's little cat. Courtney got the cat as a present from Ivy, on her birthday. Ivy had wanted to give Courtney a present for being so nice, so she and Vivian had bought her a cat, like she always wanted. Courtney is so happy to have her cat!
Twyla Summers Courtney met Twyla one time, and considers her an acquaintance. Still, she seems nice and Courtney hopes to meet her again.
Xander Douglas-Hamilton He's one of Courtney's few close friends.