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Cressida 3
Cressida Gwendolyn Allen
Cressida 1
April 1
Robin Allen † (father)
Serena Allen (mother)
Charlie Allen (sister)
Jasper Allen (brother)
Name Pronunciation
KRES-eh-duh Ah-lehn
Blood Status
RPed by Red.

Cressida Gwendolyn Allen is the Keeper for the Quidditch team, the Holyhead Harpies.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Clothing Style
Cressida is short, she was tall once upon a time, but at, around third year she realized how short she was. She has dark red hair, and is very proud of it. She also has striking blue eyes. Instead of a bracelet, like the many other girls her age, she wears a pony tail holder on her wrist all the time. She's fond of using makeup; eyeliner and lipstick especially.

Native Language
English, Gaelic
Earliest Memory
Jumping on the bed during a sugar rush
Type of Childhood
Childhood Fear
Ghosts, still is.

Serena Hensley and Robin Allen met in high school, and after repeatedly asking her out, one day she finally said yes and their first date was at a fair. They instantly became the it couple of the school, and stayed together for nine years before getting married. After his father died, Robin inherited the family business, and the wealth that came along with it.

Cressida is the youngest of three. She has a three year age gap with older siblings, Jasper and Char, who are twins. She was always closer to her brother than to her sister, because of their shared interest for having fun, whereas her sister was more of the star student. Her earliest sign of magic happened when she was seven, magically making plants that had already died grow again. She was a very energetic kid, and was always running around the house and breaking things.

She was ten when her father died, and her uncle had temporarily taken over the family business up until her brother is going to be old enough to run it himself. A year later, she got her letter to Hogwarts, and she became so happy that she started to fly, her second sign of magic.

During her first year she realized she had an aptitude for Herbology, and Flying. She was accepted on the team as sub-keeper in first year, and in second year she became the official keeper of the team. In fourth year, Lizziebeth let her be co-captain, which helped her gain the position of Quidditch captain in fifth year. She considers the Gryffindor Quidditch team as her second family. She's close with most people on i, but she considers some closer than others. Riri is the little brother she never had, Lizziebeth and Becka are the big sisters she wants to be like one day, and Jeddy is like her brother-in-law (because let's face it, he and Becka are going to get married anyway).

Aside from her Quidditch family, she's close with Rey. He's a really great friend (and definitely nice to look at, but of course he's just a friend. Not like he likes her in that way). She has a teensy tiny crush on Krystian with a "K", because he's sweet and has the weird ability to make her cheeks flush the same color as her hair.

The summer before sixth year, both her siblings moved out of the house, and are normally too busy with adult stuff to even talk to her. And you know what? That's sad, and boring. She never wants anything to be sad and boring. She doesn't want to grow up.

Currently, Cressida is working as the Keeper for the Holyhead Harpies. She's developed a smoking and drinking problem, but doesn't do drugs in fear that she'll lose her job.

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Brave, Clever, Likable
Worst Qualities
Immature, Stubborn, Rude
Most Influenced By
Her brother, Rebecka Hartt, Elizabeth Magic
She has good and bad traits. Normally, they balance out, but this year, she's been leaning towards the negative. At the age of twenty, some parts of her personality won't be so cute anymore, don't you think?

Cressida hates sad and boring. She likes things interesting all the time, which means she doesn't mind at all with meddling into other people's lives, just to spice things up a little. No matter what the consequence. She is cunning and sneaky, and most of the time it isn't even obvious that she's manipulating what's going on for it to be, in her words, "more fun".

She always speaks her mind. You can see this as a good thing, but she also tends to insult someone or be blatantly rude without realizing it. She doesn't think before speaking. And she talks a lot. The good thing is that she talks so fast that people probably don't understand what she's saying. She fangirls a lot, and when she does it's like she's sugar high. She's bubbly and positive, but really, it's the words coming out of her mouth that are quite negative.

She's quite in awe of Hogwarts, and loves magic. She likes to explore the castle to see everything she can so she could tell her family about it. She wants to learn as much as she can about the wizarding world, but doesn't pay attention that much in class, unless the subject matter is interesting.

She is immature, sarcastic, headstrong, brave, and a little narcissistic: the girl who will never grow up.

talk bubble
Cressida 4
Cressida Allen - Graduated Gryffindor • Keeper for the Kestrels
- "I don't cause commotions. I am one."
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"This is my talk bubble."

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skills and magical abilities
Herbology: Cressida loves this subject so much. She already had a fascination with plants when she was younger (the best kind of living things are the kind that don't try to bite your leg) and always hangs out in the gardens at home. She's good at it, and likes hanging out in the Greenhouse. She's fairly good at sketching the plants too.

Quidditch: Flying is one of the things she loves about the Wizarding World; so obviously, she was ecstatic when she was accepted as sub-keeper for the Gyrffindor Quidditch team. For a Muggle-born, she is very good. Now, she is the official Keeper of the team, and has worked her way up to the position of captain during her time at Hogwarts. Currently, she is Keeper of the Holyhead Harpies.

Wand: Ebony, 11 inches, Phoenix Tail Feather wand. Ebony is said to be possessed by those with the courage to be themselves. She was instantly attracted to the wand, due to its handsome appearance. It's also quite good with combative magic and transfiguration.

Mercury: Mercury is the Roman equivalent of the Greek god, Hermes, who is the messenger of the gods (and her favorite god from the Percy Jackson series). Since Cressida isn't that good with animals, Mercury isn't really that friendly to her. Mercury is a male Screech Owl that her parents insisted she buy at Diagon Alley so she will be able to write to them. Jasper was the one who picked out the owl, upon seeing that it didn't like Cressida that much.


*She's afraid of ghosts, and nearly screamed when she found out there were ghosts at Hogwarts. She tries to avoid them as much as she can, and tries not to be rude and run away when she sees one.
*Her favorite color is red. Part of the reason she wanted to be in Gryffindor.
*She likes listening to Taylor Swift. Shhh! It's a secret.
*Her brother used to give her plates of sugar to eat when she was younger.
*Cressida is bisexual.
*She loves her name, which is why it irks her that her fellow Harpies try calling her 'Gwen' in keeping with the not-so-consistent 'G' theme.

Sexual and Romantic Orientation
Bisexual, Biromantic
Relationship Status
Single, not interested in anything serious
Ebony, 11 inches, Phoenix Tail Feather
Favorite Drink
Favorite Sweet
Mentos, or just plain sugar, really
Amortentia Scents
New Quidditch brooms, fresh air, her mam's perfume
Favorite Song
I Knew You Were Trouble (Gaelic) by Taylor Swift

Cressida Gif 3

credit to red for page, rabbit for the backdrop template, and belle for character questions