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Cyrilla Bolton is role-played by Lyss.

Cyrilla Bolton is a Council member of the Shrouded.

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Cyrilla Bolton

The Rose Queen

Vital Statistics
Birthday December 4
Age 33
Gender Female
Species Witch
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Red
Status Alive
Blood Purity Pureblood


Cyrilla was born in England on December 4 to Callista and Tyson Bolton, who were both from Pure Blood families.She grew up as normal magical child, with a few quirks. She had a hidden talent for manpulation. Being the youngest of three children, she had a lot of practice. This talent eventually led to her sorting into Slytherin. She was the first Bolton in generations not to be in either Gryffindor or Ravenclaw. She worked her way through school with relative success. She wasn't the top of the class, but not the bottom either. After she graduated, she applied for a job in the ministry, getting accepted into the Department of International Magical Cooperation as Assistant to the Head. Eventually she worked her way up to an British Representative to the ICW, mostly by manipulation. She recently left the job in order to find something more...fulfilling.


Cyrilla is a mischievous and manipulative woman. She uses her charm and cleverness to persuade people into doing what she wants, and to help her obtain positions that she desires. She is one woman you do not want to cross. One wrong move, and a person may just vanish. Her activities have earned her the title of The Rose Queen by some. Pretty to look at, but painful to touch.


Cyrilla cares a great deal about the way she looks. She tends to dress in elaborate, regal dresses. Her red hair is usually put into curls and ringlets, adding to her royal look. Her eyes are an icy blue and teeth a sparkling white.


  • Callista Bolton (Mother)
  • Tyson Bolton (Father)
  • Laurana Bolton (Sister)
  • Tiberius Bolton (Brother)