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The Daily Prophet
February 18, 2046 11 Sickles Issue 12
Chief Warlock Eden
Eden Smile
Filling the vacant seat of Chief Warlock, the Ministry welcomes Eden Lestrange. Lestrange has shown exceptional leadership skills and has quite the following already. Many people are curious to know how she will fill the shoes of the late Elvira Griffin, and many eyes are watching her.
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Ministry Welcomes the New Year!
Ministry Party
The ministry held their yearly New Years party in Lincliff City Park to welcome in 2046. Many citizens felt this put the ministry in a good light and praised Minister Yaxley for bringing the Ministry out to the public. Perhaps the Ministry is turning a new leaf and trying to erase the scars of the past?
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Top Stories
Gossip Column
Movement in the Shadows?
There have been reports of suspicious persons in Diagon Alley and Lincliff City. Rumors are fluttering around if there is a new dark wizard group rising?
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Hogwarts Life
Life After The Tournament
Was the Tournament worth it? Many wizards and witches have been asking if the tasks of the Tournament were suitable for students. Some wizarding mothers have started a petition to send to the Ministry regarding student Mental Health and Hogwarts care for the students.
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2, February 18, 2046
Chief Warlock Lestrange
With a close running against Karsci Russell, Ms. Eden Lestrange was recently elected as Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot. Many wonder if her change from Head of the International Magic Cooperation to Chief Warlock will be easy, or difficult.
Eden Lestrange has been apart of the ministry for years now and is well known amongst wizarding kind in Magical Britain. She worked under Minister Hudson Radley-Abbott and now works closely with Minister Yaxley. Despite her young age of only 30, her years in the ministry have given confidence to the British Wizards that she will be a fine Chief Warlock.
Despite confidence from wizarding kind, many eyes are on Ms. Lestrange from higher positions in Wizarding kind to see how she will do in her new position over the next two years.

3, February 18, 2020
New Years Ministry Party
Greenwood, Penelope

The Ministry recently held their New Years Party in Lincliff City park. Usually the party is held behind Ministry doors, leaving much to the imagination. But with this New Year brings new changes as Minister Yaxley breaks hold tradition and moves the party to the public. Despite the party being invite only, many were curious and visited the park to catch glimpses of the Ministry workers.
Rumors soon floated around of Deputy Headmistress Van der Hoek with a Ms. Sakellarios who is the head coach for England's national quidditch team. Despite the interesting couple and moves to get more information all that left the party were rumors. There were other couples seen throughout the night, such as a Mr. Karsci Russell with an unknown woman. Perhaps Minister Yaxley moved the party outdoors to allow more freedom to her fellow Ministry Workers?

4, February 18, 2020
Gossip Column: Movement in the Shadows?
There have been recent reports from various wizard folks of strange figures seen moving throughout Lincliff City and Diagon Alley. Many wizarding folk believe that it's nothing to be concerned about or that it's a few Hogwarts students trying to stir up some trouble.

From the few Aurors asked about the reports they had no comment. Some think that the ministry is trying to keep the group hidden and deal with it behind the scenes as to not stir up any panic. Could this be a new dark wizard group rising up from the shadows? Be on the lookout for dark robed figures, especially if they're acting suspiciously and sticking to corners and shadows.

5, February 18, 2020
Was the Torunament Worth it?
Grant, Marie
Many wizarding parents have been concerned with Hogwarts most recent Tournament, especially the mental toll that it took on its students. Is Hogwarts really a safe place for its students? That is the biggest question circling many social circles at the moment.

Hogwarts has been known to be a fortress in the past, protecting its students against all odds. But lately, have they brought the dangers to their students in disguise? Is it worth it for the praise of glory of winning a tournament only to have years of trauma and PTSD?

A petition has been started by a group of wizarding mothers regarding the safety of their children at Hogwarts. The plan is for the petition to make it to the Ministry and then to Hogwarts, but they'll need over 5,000 signatures from parents before the document can make its way to the Government.