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Issue Two
Written by Rita Skeeter


Professor Kinsel
It appears no one, not even Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, is safe in this devastating conflict between the Allies and the WHPS. Just a few days ago, subsequently after the Battle for the Ministry of Magic, Hogwarts was faced with a brutal invasion by the WHPS. Many parents are angered, wondering how they got past the Hogwarts protection. Many fear for the safety of their children. Much of the blame is put on Kinsel, the headmaster of Hogwarts and the man responsible for maintaining Hogwarts' defenses. "The students could've been hurt, or killed!" said one parent from London.

Wikia DARP - Einar Faris today

The Ministry claims to be hard at work fighting the WHPS. These acts of terrorism have placed the WHPS as a high threat to the security of the Ministry and Great Britain as a whole. "I feel they [the attacks] show the desperation and the inconsistency of the WHPS," Minister Faris commented, "since they have assaulted both our centre of law and learning, with no apparent regard for loss of life, on their own side as much as ours."


With a full scale war waged between the WHPS and the Allies, many neglect to look into the roots of the war. The story starts with the first peace summit, which the six most powerful countries in the world met. Nimue Edeson, the predecessor of Einar Faris, wished to advance wizarding society. She wanted to modernize. Despite the countries agreeing not to modernize, Edeson secretly continued her projects. It did not take long for her abominations to be discovered, calling a second peace conference. Lowell Ormond and German Alkaev demanded that Edeson stop her project. It did not end well. Could it be possible that Nimue Edeson is the cause for the war for her insolence? "No," says the Minister, "I don't believe any individual on our side, which my predecessor most assuredly was, can be held responsible for the situation in which we now find ourselves. The unreasonable, even genocidal, pronouncements coming from Lowell Ormond were universally dismissed as the ravings of a madman, and in an orderly world they would have been so. I myself feel that, somewhat like the situation with Voldemort, this is one individual lust for power run rampant, dragging us all to the precipice of destruction and compelling us to peer over, into the abyss." Despite Mr. Faris' "wise" words, many people neglect to believe him. Do you think Edeson is guilty? You decide.
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