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Daisy Frosterson
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Greek, Roman, Londoner
April's Aunt
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Jasmine Stoneweather (Twin Sister R.I.P) James Stoneweather (Brother-in-law  R.I.P)
Status Alive


28 years old

Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Dark Brown
Height 5'8 ft
Affiliation Ex-Hogwarts Student
Wand  Ash and Dragon Heartstring 10 inches
Species Witch
Home Apartment Building

Daisy Frosterson (Continued)





Favorite Subjects

Myths and Legends

Boggart 2


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Boggart 4

Loosing her Niece

Relationship Status



She is like her niece April in some ways but she is arrogant and sneaky but can be noble and humble when it comes to family. She is very protective about who she knows and her beliefes and she thinks that her niece April should live with her and not April's adoptive mother Leona. Her patrounus is that of a tiger. Her birthday is on October 31.


Diasy was born a twin to April Feralstine's mother  who is now dead. She tavels form country to country finding out new things and learning new languages. She spended most of her time in Greece learning the myths and legands. She moved back to london she had dyed her hair a dark brown and unlike her twin sister she has hazel eyes instead of grey as her birthdefect. She knows Greek and Roman languges more than anyone she could even try to translate it. The first time she met April was when the girl had bumpped into her and apologised for it. She had cursed in greek when that happened.   She took April to Diagon Alley after figuring out the the girl was her niece. While April was in one of the stores Daisy suck out for a second and bought April a male Black and White cat and smiled when the girl named the cat Yoshi. Daisy took April to all of the other stores but stayed outside when her niece went into Ollivanders to see if Mr.Ollivander was there and if he was to tell him she said hi. She told April before she went into Ollivanders that Mr.Ollivander remembers every wand he ever sold and he should remember her aunt when she first went into his shop. 


Daisy's faceclaim is Famke Janssen as Xenia Sergeyevna Onatopp from the James Bond movie called: Goldeneye