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Full Name: Dakota Lavender Sanders
Nicknames: ...
Birthday: October 30th, 2012
Age: Twenty
Gender: Cis Female
Nationality: Irish & English
Languages Spoken: Irish & English

Blood Status: Half-Blood
Species: Witch
Wand Details: Vine, Dragon Heartstring, 10.25 in
Wand Arm: Right
Patronus: Giraffe
Boggart: Alice Sanders (Her Mother)
Amortentia: Wood, Peppermint, and Tea

Schools: Hogwarts (1st-7th)
House: Ravenclaw
Occupation: Alumna; Unemployed
Current Titles: N/A
Former Titles: N/A
OWLs: Charms, Potions, History, Herbology, Transfig, Music

Orientations: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Anniversary: N/A
Best Friends: N/A
Worst Enemies: N/A
Pets: Pug
Family: Cousins

Model: Lily-Rose Depp
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown/Green
Height: 5'3
Weight: 115 lbs
Body Type: Petite
Other: Scrapes and Cuts


Dakota Lavender Sanders was born on October 30th to a Squib woman and a Muggle-Born man in Dublin, Ireland, to live a life of Muggles, although not fully aware of the magic blood within her family, something they decided would be better to talk about when she was older. As far as the young blonde was aware, all witches were ugly and she'd only fight dragons in her imagination, like every kid in the Muggle world was, because she wasn't anything but such for so many years.

As Kota grew up, she was very much so a tomboy, preferring to play football and get muddy than have fake tea parties and wear dresses, to wear tuxedos to her family members' weddings than the adorable dresses they'd shove girls into, or play cops and robbers than gossip on the playground. So far, this fact remains, the girl being feminine only to some extent nowadays, preferring to be more boy-ish, even as a fifteen year old. It would always upset her parents, who couldn't have another kid who would turn out more traditional than their daughter who didn't fill the typical shoes of a female.

As Kota got closer and closer to Hogwarts age, the two adults were hoping more and more that she'd turn out to be a Squib like her mother, to keep her from the magic that had disturbed both of their lives in one way or another. In fact, they got to the point of shutting her down if she even asked them if they thought some mythical creature existed somewhere, something that would hurt the girl, but not affect her much, because she asked various questions of the sort quite often, only to be shot down again. Soon, when the girl was eleven years old, after they were sure she had to be a Squib, for most kids got their letters on their birthday (side note, the family had a much bigger birthday bash that year, being aware that they're daughter was clear of magic), the young blonde was cleaning up from a day of ripping jeans and getting shoes unnecessarily dirty, to come home and get in an argument with her mother over it. By the time the girl was sent to her room, not to come back down for the night, lights had flickered and doors had slammed on their own.

When Kota's letter arrived, it was two months after her eleventh birthday, so she must've been special, from hearing the stories the other kids in her year said about their own signs of magic, not that she had even been interested. Upon arriving at Hogwarts, she was sorted into Ravenclaw, which she didn't fully get, since her father had never helped her understand the school, where he had attended a couple of decades before. She'd mostly stick to herself, doing everything to just get by through the years, because classmates didn't look interesting and classwork needed doing anyways, so she focused on that instead of the former. After returning home from her first year, the girl found out her mother's sister and her husband were deceased, affecting the woman immensely, despite not actually talking to her sister in a long while, but that might've been it actually.

Although Kota's mother mainly just swam in guilt, the need and curiosity for connection with her aunt's children was there, and she desperately wanted to know more about the relative she wouldn't be told anything about (much to her frustration). Unfortunately, the girl was just left with that, and wasn't informed of anything, perhaps because her parents barely knew anything what had happened with the family since they'd last talked, which had to have been at least a decade and a half, before their daughter was even born. So, she forgot about it, and pressed on with school sticking to the sidelines, and not dealing with the classmates and just rolling with the punches, keeping her more tomboy-ish vibe, despite the uniform and the rules that kept her from doing a lot of the stuff she used to as a younger kid.


Dakota prefers to keep to herself, although that isn't to say she can't hold a regular conversation, which she can, it's just that she prefers to not start random conversations with random people, hugging to the sides of everything (rooms, hallways, stairs, etc). Whether discussing with others or not, she's constantly observing anything, noticing a lot of little things, like how this one person constantly scrunches up their nose during conversation or rips at the strings of their shirts when they're nervous, so on and so on. Actually, it bugs her sometimes, because on occasion, it's better to just notice things as she goes, to pick up or learn, versus to start jumping to conclusions and trying to get a person right away. Due to this, she despises a lot of easy, boring people, because if they're not a certain bit of complicated, possibly hard to get to, then it's not worth it, and she won't see a point in being around them.

Dakota is always looking at the bigger picture of things, being on the verge between everything, not picking sides or focusing on just one thing, because you'd be foolish to do so. If she holds an opinion on a matter, she'll definitely voice it, but she'll always acknowledge the other side, because that matters to her, that both sides are always heard, even if she doesn't necessarily agree. However, this isn't to say she enjoys everything being fair, because she doesn't truthfully care if everything is fair or not, because as the famous saying goes, life isn't fair, so she's very much so used to just seeing it how it is and going with it, even if it isn't what she wants it to be, because sometimes you just have to go with it. So, this is a girl who reads into what she talks about, not just blabbing her mouth with fake facts she isn't sure of, because she's always going to be right with as big of a range of views she can, it's just easier.


Faelan Wilde: (Friend)
"Holy hell, Faelan is great and I adore him (plus, he's totally cute). I can't wait to talk to him again. And can you believe we held hands twice?"

Veronica Caracciolo: (Acquaintance -)
"Ugh, this chick was so annoying? I swear, she's so selfish. If you're walking around the halls of Hogwarts after curfew, you don't go around singing. Especially when it's going to get other people caught."

Zayd Shafiq: (Acquaintance +)
"Although he seems particularly awkward, he's really sweet and interesting. Hopefully, we'll be able to talk again, but it's not necessarily something that's completely needed."


  • Dakota's dream job was to be the History of Magic or Muggle Studies professor.
  • Dakota's more important possessions are a worn out football, a dark brown leather messenger bag, and an old iPod Touch with a bunch of old indie songs backed onto it.
  • Dakota's OWLs scores are as follows: Charms, History, Potions (O), Herbology, Transfiguration (E), Music (A), and Astronomy, Defense Against the Dark Arts (P).
  • Dakota's NEWTs scores are as follows: Charms, History, Music, Transfiguration (O), Potions (A), and Herbology (P).
  • Dakota was kicked out of her parents' house to live in a large van which she's constantly parking around England.

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