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Damian Hunter
Gryffindor Alumnus

Age: 21

School: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

House: Gryffindor

Job: Auror Applicant


Damian used to be quiet as a child, but when he began in Hogwarts, he changed. He was no longer the young, quiet boy and had changed into a more playful and outgoing young man. Growing up, he had more friends and became ore social. He had a few girlfriends, but no relationships ever lasted. He always went for girls a year or two younger. He has always wanted to fight evil and always will.


Damian was born to Hufflepuff Couple, Jaina and Nick Hunter. He grew up in a happy home, surrounded by love. Damian grew up knowing about his heritage. He even studied spells, except he never really practiced them, as he didn't have a wand. He grew up being homeschooled, as a precaution in case he did something magical in school. Damian was very social and had many friends, but he was quiet growing up. Once he got his letter to Hogwarts, everything changed. He became more outgoing and fun. He began gaining a more prankful attitude and had triple the friends. He was placed into Gryffindor, where he made a family. He always had a certain love for 'Defense Against The Dark Arts' and was always practicing new spells. Not at 18, Damian wants to be something new. Something that would help the wizard world.


Pine, eleven and one-half inches, encasing a Unicorn Hair core.