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Dana Padmore née Leland
Age 40
Birthday October 1st
Family Thomas Padmore (husband) Melody Padmore (daughter) Hope Padmore (daughter) Jonathan Padmore (son) Boris Padmore (son) Benjamin Padmore (son) Clarissa Padmore (daughter) Arthur Padmore (son) Jennifer Padmore (daughter)
Gender Female
Hair colour Brown
Eye colour Dark Green
Status Alive
School Hogwarts Graduate
House Hufflepuff
Boggart Something bad happening to her family
Patronous Wolf
Race Witch
Wand Arm Right
Height 5'9


Dana is a pure blood witch. She was an only child, but had lots of friends. Due to her loneliness sometimes, she decided she wanted to have a big family. She made friends easily in Hogwarts. In her 4th year, Thomas Padmore, a boy she liked, asked her out. They did everything together after that.

Her OWL scores were high, but her relationship with Thomas was more distant, because she loved to study for her exam, it was comfortable. They didn't break up, because after the exams they reconciled and saw each other a lot during the summer.

Thomas and Dana moved in together when they graduated, and got married later, and Dana got what she wanted, a big family. Her first child was Melody. Two years later, she had Hope. A year later, she had Jonathan. Two years later, she had Boris. After she had him, she quit her job to stay with her children at home. A year after she had Benjamin. Two years later, she had Clarissa. Finally, 6 years later, she had twins, Arthur and Jennifer. She and Thomas have decided they have enough kids for now. When Jennifer and Arthur grow a little older, she might teach Muggle Studies, or maybe Wandlore, her two best subjects while at Hogwarts.


Dana loves to cook, as she's constantly doing it for her family. She's quite smart, and motherly to her children. She's humble, loyal, and caring. She can be stern with her children if they misbehave. She also tries her hardest to help others in need.


Dana has shoulder length brown hair, which most of her children have inherited. She has a light skin tone, and dark green eyes.