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Daniel has dark blond hair, and handsome blue eyes. He likes to be clean-shaven, but can definitely pull off any amount of facial hair, which he sometimes grows out in the winter. He usually dresses nicely, but likes to be comfortable when not at work.

His face claim is Chris Evans.

Daniel James Beckett was born January 11, 2001 to Marion and Isaiah Beckett. Daniel was the second born in a family of four. He has an older sister, Dana, a younger brother Dawson, and the youngest is his sister Daphne. Dana, Daniel and Daphne were all magical siblings, as one would expect from a pure-blooded family; but Dawson wasn't born with magic, and is a Squib. While the three magical children went to Hogwarts, Dawson was kept at home. Marion tutored him somewhat, teaching him to read and write, and other necessary things. Daniel never thought this was fair, and always wanted to include Dawson in whatever it was they were doing growing up. As all the children got older, that became harder. It was increasingly clear that Dawson was... different. And it was also clear that he wouldn't have a place once they all graduated-- something that bothered Daniel throughout his Hogwarts and early adult life.

Daniel went through Hogwarts leading a pretty average student life. He excelled in his classes, and maintained a healthy social life. He dated a few girls during Hogwarts, but it was Elizabeth Montgomery who caught his eye after graduation. Daniel and Elizabeth both worked at the Ministry, starting low and dreamed of moving their way up the ladder. They met when they were 22, and dated for five years before Daniel proposed. They got married the following year, and eventually started trying for kids... before things went south. Three years into trying for kids, it was pretty clear that it wasn't working. Daniel was all for adoption, but Elizabeth insisted on continuing with fertility treatments. Finally, accusing Daniel of not loving her because she couldn't bear children, Elizabeth left.

Thirty-year-old Daniel threw himself back into work, to ignore the pain of being lonely and single for the first time in eight years. He reconnected with his brother, who was also feeling lost and trying to determine whether or not he'd fit into wizarding society, or if he should just consider making it as a Muggle. Daniel was determined to make his brother fit into magical society. Daniel moved in with his brother, and got Dawson a job bartending at the Leaky Cauldron. So far, that's been the status quo for the last seven years. Dawson frequently tries to get Daniel to go for a date... and he's been on a few, but it never seems to go anywhere. He knows there's only so much longer he can use the excuse of "it just didn't click for me," because he knows he's not really giving things a fair shake.

Daniel is a go-getter. He hates having a to-do list that gets too long, and has a work ethic that always gets his job done. If he believes in something, he never does it halfway, always going for it whole-heartedly. His professors and his bosses always remarked that he'd go far, and go fast-- especially if there was little standing in his way. Unlike your typical ladder-climber, Daniel isn't cold or ruthless, but rather kind, personable and very charming. He wins his way up with an easy smile and making the people around him feel great.

Daniel is all for inclusiveness. He never understood why those without magic were treated like a social pariah. They were born into this world, and therefore should be allowed to be a part of it, rather than cast out into Muggle society. He's a fierce defender of all Squibs, but especially his brother. He doesn't tend to listen to supremacist types well, and doesn't engage in dialogue with people with differing views very positively. He tends to shut them down, because how on earth could they be right when they're so backwards in their thinking?

Daniel is fairly well-traveled. Following his divorce, he traveled around a bit, to see how Squibs were treated in other major magical societies to see what, if any, sort of strategies he could bring to the British Ministry. He'd love to continue traveling, but also wants to stick around to help his brother. He always comes back with gifts for his nieces and nephews whenever he comes back, because just as much as Dawson is important to him-- so are his sisters.

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First name means: "God is my judge"
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