Birthday february 28, 2028
Age 17
Status alive
Pronunciation ???
Family father
Handedness right
Gender female
Orientation lesbian
Relationship crushing (hard)
Nationality british
Speaks english and german
Species witch
Blood Status muggle-born
Eye Color blue
Hair Color blonde
Height 5'6"
Model virginia gardner

Daphne is the human embodiment of a ray of sunshine, wherever she goes a shining golden aura appears to follow her. Graceful yet energetic, Daphne is pretty, very pretty with golden blonde hair and sky blue eyes, a constant soft smile beaming toward everyone who meets her. Her skin is fair in tone, unblemished and youthful. This doesn't stop her from putting a considerable amount of time into her makeup, however. It is one of the few ways she manages to express herself while wearing a school uniform.
She stands at about five foot six with a relatively normal build, nothing you wouldn't expect from a seventeen-year-old girl. Her style is relatively preppy, girly and bright, at least in comparison to many of her peers and she spends a lot of time picking out the right outfit to make a good impression. All in all, Daphne perfectly encapsulates the fleeting beauty of a butterfly (her patronus) - striking and filled with cheerfulness.
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Daphne doesn't remember her mother, she died before her third birthday and her father never really liked talking about her. She was a rich heiress from the von Rosenheim family, an influential muggle family from Germany, but was cut out of her parents' will whenever she fell pregnant with Daphne. Adam was a working-class man from Bristol, they didn't approve but she loved him and soon they married and Daphne came along in all her shining glory. Of course this fleeting happiness wasn't to last, Viktoria fell sick and soon passed away leaving her husband, a veterinary student, to take care of Daphne all alone.
This he did quite well...wip
she loves him, her number one influence in life

daph has a painful crush on her but knows she will never notice her, at least in that way
they've talked a couple of times, daph thinks she's nice
one of daph's dormmates, she scares her a little

one of daph's few friends, they haven't hung out recently though

Boggart nobody knowing who she is
Amortentia mint, lavender and charcoal
Patronus blue morpho butterfly
Wand 10 1/2", willow, unicorn hair, swishy
Interests flowers, baked goods, historical novels
Pet Peeve bigoted purebloods
Habits saying "i dont know", holding her chin
MBTI infp
Star Sign pisces
Dreams/Goals prove she isn't inferior
create a magical beauty/skincare line
Color powder blue
Song hey there delilah - plain white t's
Show pride and prejudice (1995 mini series)
Movie atonement
Book wuthering heights
Food lemon drizzle cake
Drink lemon fanta

* her favourite subject is potions
* she struggles with transfiguration
* enjoys drawing, especially portraits
* keeps a journal on her at all times
* got six outstandings, two exceeds expectations and two acceptables in her owls
* scared of the dark
* literally follows everyone on witchagram
* spends an hour on her makeup, at least, most mornings
* tries to be vegan but messes up sometimes and feels bad
* enjoys baking
* her and her father own a dog named tilly
* sees the best in everyone
* is upset she wasn't born a day later - feb 29
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