Darius Hunter Black
The Reckless One

If you could describe Darius Hunter Black in one word, it would be attention seeker. He doesn't even need positive attention, just people paying attention to him in general. Attention craving is what drove his love for trouble making in school. Drove a lot of things about him really. He mostly craves his parents attention, wanting to know they're watching over him... Although attention from anyone else is good, too.

Hunter is a troublemaker at heart. He loves to do little rule breaking things, finding it quite funny when it's some annoying kid that's the victim. Is that evil??? He's quite good at tricking people, being a talented liar. Occasionally he even liked to dabble in a bit of thievery, but that was only if you really got on his nerves. Just, to be honest, don't be an annoying brat and you'll be fine.

Socially, Hunter is quite good at talking to people. He likes making friends with people (who aren't boring or anything of course) and talking can come naturally to him. He is, of course, inclusive about who he decides to be friends with, but if you fit into the category, Hunter will be very quite friendly towards you. He likes social events and talking to people at them.

Hunter is reckless. He constantly does things without thinking. When he's in the moment, he tends to not think before he acts... And this definitely gets him in trouble, a lot. If it's him playing soccer in the manor and breaking a window, or using the Stickfast Hex on an annoying student. His recklessness causes him to get in trouble a ton,- like he didn't get in trouble already- and even though it's not great for his family repuation, does Hunter care? No.


The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black is one of the largest, oldest, and wealthiest pure-blooded wizarding families in Britain, and one of the Sacred Twenty-Eight. Like the majority of these families - Houses Malfoy and Lestrange included - the House of Black is synonymous with elevated status and wealth. They trace their origins back to the Middle Ages. Although they claim blood purity, it's no secret they resort to the same tactics as other houses: removing muggles and squibs from their family trees.

To this day, it's difficult to pinpoint just how the Black line survived following the deaths of Romulus and Sirius Black, leading to a hefty number of rumors. Some claim the family survived through the female line, adamant to preserve their family, whilst others claim the family survived through secret children. But as it is, to this date, historians have difficulty drawing together an explanation for their survival. Patriarch Adonis Othello Black and wife Astraia Eurydike, however, know exactly how they pulled through. And believe it or not, it was quite the difficult secret to maintain. It's no secret that many pure-blooded families practiced incest. They'd marry their cousins and ensure their family stayed pure. While it wasn't scandalous back then, in the late twentieth century it was deemed a disgusting, outdated practice. But the Blacks - or at least some of them - refused to believe as much, hence why they went into hiding. They recognized it was only a matter of time before the family died out. Adonis Othello, his siblings and his cousins were all products of these endeavors.

Adonis' parents were the first to come out of hiding, around the time their son began Hogwarts. This triggered mass confusion in the wizarding community and of course raised a lot of questions. How'd they do it? Where do they fit into in the family tree? Where were they all these years? They weren't around during the wizarding wars. Who were these people? It was a lot to handle, but Adonis persevered and quickly rose in the ranks at Hogwarts, earning himself a steadfast reputation as one of the best wizards of his generation.

It was at Hogwarts that Adonis and childhood best friend Esmeralda were able to get their heads together and finally become an item. They became a power couple: if you didn't want to be them, you wanted to be with them. It was one or the other. Everything about them screamed powerful. Pure-blooded wizards from equally as respectable families? They had the looks, the power, and the money. But of course, no relationship is a healthy relationship without its up and downs. Adonis was a compulsive liar and cheater, and Esmeralda was a hormonal bisexual cheater. She ended up hooking with his cousin Sappho in their sixth year three times, and twice in their seventh year. Her boyfriend got his revenge, though, and ended up bedding her younger cousin: Sofia. For a while, their relationship was open. They couldn't bear just being together. The toxicity got to them and they knew that, without the release, they wouldn't last. It was because of this that people began asking themselves: when would they end things permanently? (Spoiler alert: they didn't.)

They were wed at age 22, not early enough to call it a mistake but not late enough that their biological clock was ticking. It was the ideal age. To reflect the union and fit in properly with the other Blacks (and to sweeten Adonis' disapproving parents, honestly), Esmeralda legally became known as Astraia Euridyke. Greek, like they liked, and Eyrydike as another shoutout to that (and her bisexuality, to some extent, as the Blacks made a point to erase all traces of it). Unfortunately, not everything went to plan. They were having trouble conceiving children. So what did they do? They turned towards adoption.

Although they were eventually able to conceive two children, they'd already ensured their family's survival by urning towards a pure-blooded adoption agency to take in a couple of kids. They had to fill that void in their hearts somehow. His parents, however, were disapproving of the whole ordeal. If they couldn't bear kids, that was their problem. But potentially tarnishing the family's name and reputation? They wouldn't stand for it. Not like it mattered. They turned out dead three weeks later, with poison in their system. The aurors never caught the culprit, but the family strongly believes it was Adonis. (It was actually Sappho. She wasn't going to allow them to disrespect her girlfriend. What never heard of a long-lasting affair?)

Hunter Cade was adopted and became the youngest of the Black family, adopted and biological both included. Traces of his biological parents are very few, since he was put into the orphanage when he was only a three month year old baby. All that he knows is that they didn't want him, both of them were pure-bloods, and they also were American. He stayed with the orphanage and occasional foster families until he was about seven years old and the Black's adopted him. So he headed to England with his new adopted family, changing his name to Darius Hunter Black to keep with the Greek name tradition... Although, he much rather just prefer if you called him Hunter.

It took some time to get used to the new life style, but Hunter did. He learned the traditions and mindset of the Black family. What he shouldn't and should say and believe. He fit well enough in and became close enough with most of his siblings... Except for the ones that were just complete assholes.

Hunter's first sign of magic was when he eight. He had been playing around the house, most likely doing something he shouldn't have, and accidentally broke a fancy vase the family owned. He knew his parents would be extremely pissed off when they saw it, so you knew Hunter was a scared little boy. But everything ended up okay when suddenly the vase fixed itself,- well, with some of Hunter's accidental magic at least- not even a trace of broken glass. No one ever found out.

Hunter had always been somewhat of an attention seeker, especially toward his parents, but it didn't become much of a problem until he started Hogwarts. When he realize that doing good things didn't get as much as attention as he wanted, he started to notice trouble did. If it mean't hexing another student that annoyed him just a little bit or pissing a teacher off, Hunter surely could get himself detention. Howlers from his angry parents didn't even stop him.

Starting his third year, Hunter doesn't really expect much. A year of trouble and boring lectures most likely. He's definitely expecting to create some fun for himself, though...

I solemnly swear that I'm up to no good.
A little fun never hurt anybody.
Basic Info
Full Name Darius Hunter Black
Nickname Darius
Birthday February 16th
Age 14
Nationality British
Home Britain
Status Single
Sexuality Heterosexual, Heteromantic
Location Britain
Gender Male
Year 3rd
House Gryffindor
Species Wizard
Family Blood Pure-Blood
Wand Core Dragon Heartstring
Wand Wood Dogwood
Wand Arm Right
Boggart Needles
Patronus Raccoon
Model Cameron Boyce
Gender Male
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'5
Body Style
Mental/Emotional State
Mental/Emotional Disorders
Physical Disorders
I have nothing to lose and a world to see.
Fam & Gen
Mother Astraia Black
Father Adonis Black
Brother(s) Lazaros, Adonis, Pollux, Castor,
Sister(s) Aphrodite & Phoebe
Cousin(s) n/a
Aunt(s) n/a
Uncle(s) n/a
Niece(s) n/a
Nephew(s) n/a
Character Flaw Attention Seeker
Personal Motto
First Reaction to Crisis Tries to help asap
Faces Their Problems
React to Change Eh
Native Language English
Escape the ordinary.



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