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Ammon Masih was a world famous quidditch player. It’s no surprise he’s had many flings. In one of those moments of passion, he fathered Darius. Darius grew up in Cairo to a low income witch who worked in the Egyptian Ministry of Magic in a lower position. He was an obedient kid, almost unnervingly quiet. While his mother did tell him who his father was, he never aspired to be anything more than he was; a poor kid with an interest in herbology. Even at a young age, he devoured what knowledge he could. Unfortunately, when magic came knocking on his door, he gained attention from an unwanted source.

At age seven, Darius had his first sign of magic. While in the city, a group of muggle boys robbed him. Deeply upset, Darius resolved to follow after them. They easily got lost in the crowd, but that wasn’t a problem for him. He was flying above the crowd. Once he spotted the perpetrators, he promptly fell out of the sky, onto the leader’s head. Darius got his money back, but caused a huge scandal considering all the muggles that saw what he did. Darius was the talk of Egypt and even in nearby African countries. A few new laws were passed on, but the most important thing that happened is the attention it gained; his father’s. Ammon saw potential in the boy, and as word further spread that the “flying wonder” was none other than Ammon Masih’s son, Ammon decided to meet his son.

After a month of getting to know each other, Ammon offered to take care of Darius, as well as give funds towards the boy’s mother to live luxuriously. While Darius wasn’t a fan of his father, he agreed so his mother could live a good life. From then on, Darius lived a different life, without his mom.

Ammon trained Darius severely to become a quidditch player, his legacy to the world. That is why it is no wonder he became such a refined player in the Uagadou School of Magic. Despite much praise, Darius absolutely abhorred the sport. He tried to leave it behind many times during his adolescence, but Ammon always threatened to put his mother under a load of debt. Darius decided to keep at it until he had enough money to pay off his debt to his father, and pursue a career in herbology. After graduation, Darius couldn’t stand to stay in the same country and house of his oppressor, so he signed a contract with an American league Quidditch team. He met and fell in love with a girl, and ended up marrying her after 6 months, at the age of 21. While he didn’t know it, the entire time they were in a relationship, she had been cheating on him, and had only been with him for his money. She gambled, drank, and made it impossible for Darius to pay his father’s debt. He finally divorced her after he found her in bed with one of his many half brothers. At the age of 23, Darius returned to Egypt to train for it’s National Quidditch Team as a chaser.


At work, Darius is professional and polite. He tries his best to not interact with people unless necessary, and gives off a reserved, introverted vibe. Outside of work, he isn’t much different, besides being a little more boisterous and a little warmer. He has a drinking habit, but it doesn’t generally affect other people considering he drinks alone. Darius has almost no close friends because people find him unapproachable, due to his father’s status as a legendary quidditch player, and an international womanizer. He can be a little too serious, and has no sense of humor. Overall, he’s still pretty kind, even if he isn’t a people person. Curiously. Darius hates sports and Quidditch, but does it because it’s what pays. Darius is highly intelligent and capable, but mostly in the “plants” field.



Darius Heikal
RPer Manolo
Age 23
Birthday July 30th, 2006
Nationality Egyptian
Ethnicity Egyptian
Species Wizard
Blood Mixed Blood
Orientations Heterosexual, Heteroromantic
Gender Male
Hair Light Brown
Eyes Brown
Faceclaim Yusuf Dwairi
Height 6'0 ft.
Weight 170lb
Schooling Uagadou School of Magic
Year Alumnus
Occupation Egyptian National Quidditch Team Chaser
Wand Arm
Languages Egyptian Arabic, English

Model: Yusuf Dwairi

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