This is a collection of those spells deemed generally to be Dark magic, freely available only to WHPS members, Durmstrang pupils and former pupils, and the like - in short, Dark wizards, or those regularly in their ambit. Hogwarts-educated souls, like Beauxbatons and Salem, would require an IC explanation for how they come to know items from this list. The vast majority of these spells are, unsurprisingly, offensive. They are also, less than shockingly, curses, and high-level examples of such. They are, essentially, such spells as permanently violate the target, or their free will, even if their use can, arguably, be made "for the greater good".

There are, obviously, degrees of Dark-ness, and the three Unforgivables (Imperio, Crucio and Avada Kedavra) have a particular status.

The judgement of the 'Darkness' or otherwise of a spell is an Admin/B-Crat one.



Sortable table
Spell Year Type Use Description
Antonin Dolohov's Curse ("Vulnaperite") 7th Curse Offensive Creates cursed purple fire
Avada Kedavra 7th Curse Offensive Killing Curse - Unforgivable
Crucio 7th Curse Offensive Pain Curse - Unforgivable - can cause permanent mental damage
Entrail-Expelling Curse 7th Curse Offensive Causes target's entrails to be ejected from the body
Fiendfyre Curse 7th Curse Offensive Creates Fiendfyre - which burns anything, and is impossible to put out
Imperio 7th Curse Offensive Causes target to obey caster's commands - Unforgivable
Jelly-Fingers Curse 6th Curse Offensive Makes fingers like jelly and stick to things permanently
Legilimens 6th Charm Any Allows the caster to dive into the target's mind
Morsmordre 7th Charm Utility Creates a Dark Mark in the sky
Sectumsempra 6th Curse Offense Cuts the victim
Tongue-Tying Curse 6th Curse/Protection Defensive/Utility Prevents certain information from being revealed by the target
Transmogrifian Torture 7th Curse Any Turns the target to stone - slowly and excruciatingly
Unbreakable Vow 5th Curse/Promise Any Forces the target to fulfill their vow or die
Praetondeo plica vocalis 7th Curse Any Snips a person's vocal cords
Ossa fracta <list bone you want to break> 6th Curse Any Shatters a bone
Excorio cutem 7th Curse Any Similar to a bad sunburn where the target is itchy to the point where their skin begins to peel away from their flesh
Paus-věko 7th Curse Any Removes a person's eye from their socket
Aufer pulmonarius oxygenium 7th Hex Any Pulls the oxygen from a person's lungs
Auribus cruentatur 7th Curse Any Makes someone bleed from the ears
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