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David Eastwood
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basic information

Full name ||

▪ David Christopher Eastwood / Shin Seung-Ho

Meaning behind name ||

David is his English birth name. It is from the Hebrew name דָּוִד (Dawid), which was derived from Hebrew דּוֹד (dod) meaning "beloved" or "uncle".
Christopher is his middle name. It is from the Late Greek name Χριστοφορος (Christophoros) meaning "bearing Christ", derived from Χριστος (Christos) combined with φερω (phero) "to bear, to carry".
Seung-Ho (승호) is his Korean birth name, from Sino-Korean 乘 (sung) meaning "to ride" combined with 虎 (ho) meaning "tiger.
Eastwood is his surname. It is an English surname originally derived from the Old English words east and wudu, meaning "eastwood".

Nicknames ||

▪ Chip [ childhood nickname ]
▪ Dave

Age ||

▪ 18

Birthday ||

▪ October 31

Assigned sex ||

▪ Male

Gender identity ||

▪ Male

Sexual/romantic orientations ||

▪ Pansexual

Nationality ||

▪ British

Ethnicity ||

▪ British-Korean

Species ||

▪ Human [ Wizard ]

Marital status ||

Being courted

physical information

Tattoos ||

▪ None.

Piercings ||

▪ None.

Dominant hand ||

▪ Left.

Voice ||

▪ Tenor.

Scent ||

▪ Macademia; cocoa; cinnamon

Blood status ||

▪ Half-Blood

Face claim ||

▪ Moon Hyung-Seo [ Kevin; The Boyz ]

familial information

Father ||

▪ Jorge Eastwood

Mother ||

▪ Adrianne Shin

Siblings ||

▪ n/a

Other relatives ||

▪ Paternal aunt and uncle [ deceased ]

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magical information

[ Wand ]

[ Boggart ]

Losing his family in a big fire

[ Patronus/Animagus ]

None | Leopard

Acie — Leopard Patronus

[ Amortentia ]

[ Exotic? ]



[ Likes ]

▪ Cherries, fluffy animals, naps, chicken nuggets

[ Dislikes ]

[ Loves ]

▪ His family, his pets, his friends, apples, the Guardians of Childhood, baking, the seashore, his flute and violin

[ Loathes ]

▪ Ginger, high temperatures, huge blazing fires, uneccessary conflicts, his works getting destroyed/tampered with

[ Passions ]

▪ Music, writing, ceramics, pottery

David is a very tactile and affectionate person. He isn't afraid to show his fondness for his close friends and family, using cute nicknames to refer to them and would often greet them with warm hugs. David still retains his cuddlebug tendencies from childhood and he still keeps a variety of stuffed plushies and soft pillows though now he's pretty shy about it. Tactile and affectionate as he is, David still keeps in mind the concept of personal space and won't initiate anything unless he's sure the other party is comfortable.

While he has shed his childhood naivety, David still has that aura of softness, though now it has a hidden sharper edge. He speaks in a soft, warm tone and is unfailingly polite in most, if not all, situations. His early chaebol upbringing ingrained in him the type of elegant gentleness characteristic of people in the higher echelons of society. He was also taught to be more cautious especially of people in his parents' business.




adrianne shin, pureblood heir to a giant jewelry making company, and jorge eastwood, halfblood heir to an even bigger ceramics importer company, were a perfectly arranged couple, having been engaged since they were 5 and 7 respectively. they're the classic childhood best friend romance, except for the fact that adrianne had jorge wrapped around her finger and she was the sole reason why jorge ever accepted his parents' offer of having him take over the company. jorge had promised adrianne the best and adrianne promised to make him the best. they were the perfect pair, adrianne is able to control jorge's highly lazy side and jorge was able to make adrianne break out of her icy shell.

david eastwood was conceived ten months before adrianne and jorge wed. the pair didn't have any regrets and their wedding was doubled as david's christening (they were a weird couple but they worked). they loved their son dearly and had everything for his future planned out. their jobs never hindered them from spending time with david and during the rare times when they worked overseas, they made sure to leave someone they trust with david. they doted on their son a lot.

adrianne and jorge saw david's potentials and worked on improving them. they nurtured david's talents and encouraged him to follow them. more often than not, david was found in either his parents' office or their magmificent music room. not only did they teach him about music and business, they also taught him about magic especially when he had his first outburst trying to retrieve his flute from its shelf. in short, david had a perfectly idyllic childhood.

everything changed when their house was set ablaze when david was alone with his nannies while his parents were off at work. david didn't understand why people wanted to destroy his home and kill his parents, but it was done. thankfully, his parents were okay. unfortunately, large infernos have been haunting him since then.


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