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Hufflepuff 4th Year ~ Kia Kaha
Owned by: Manolo
Basic Information
Full Name: Declan Byeon (in actuality)
Born: September 15, 2013
Age: 16
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Species: Wizard
Nationality: Kiwi
Ethnicity: Korean descent
Declan 1
More Information
Sexual Orientation: Demisexual
Romantic Orientation: biromantic
Relationship Status: Single
Accent: New Zealand
Birthplace: Wellington, New Zealand
Native Language: English
Languages Spoken: English and Korean
Current Location: London, England
Magical Information
Blood Status: Half-blood
Wand Wood: TBD
Wand Core: TBD
Wand Length: TBD
Wand Arm: right
Patronus: TBD
Boggart: Large Wave
Exotic?: Nah
Schooling Information
Schooling: Hogwarts
House: Hufflepuff
Year: 4th
Year Joined: 4th
Declan 2

Declan is very mellow and chill, and finds the simplest of things funny. He is prone to doing stupid things, most of the time without questioning it. He isn’t very bright, and can be very culturally rude. He is a huge slob, and always makes a mess wherever he goes. That’s not to say he is a procrastinator; on the contrary, he works hard, he just tends to mess things up because the work he’s done is misguided. He is extremely optimistic, even in the face of failure. He can be social, but not really logical. Declan, surprisingly, is a people watcher, and has a knack for making accurate observations.

He can be playfully flirtatious, but never really expects it to go more than that, as he believes sincerely that flirtation is all there is to romance. Unsurprisingly, he’s never dated anyone, but isn’t really looking either. Before the incident with his father, he’d thought he had the perfect life. Now, he is conflicted feeling the wizarding world is awesome, but also wondering about his dad and why he was never allowed into it before. Declan is extremely trusting and nurturing, and very much misses his muggle mates. Although he loves the ocean, he has never actually gone in since the day he lost his mom.


In order to understand Declan’s life, first his father’s life must be understood. Byeon Doyeon was a prominent pureblood figure in South Korea, very much his father’s son. The Byeon family went back hundreds of years, and had vast wealth and power. Doyeon’s younger brother, Kyuchul, was never quite as successful as his hyung, but he loved and looked up to Doyeon, not really jealous. Or so he thought. When their father died, he left everything to his successful son, making him even more powerful than before. Unfortunately, it was around this time that Doyeon began gaining a conscience, having been a hard core pureblood supremacist before. He’d always thought muggles as pigs, and inferior, until he met Heo Minju. Minju was a muggle, encountering Doyeon once while both were watching the Moonlight Rainbow Fountain from the banks of the Banpo Bridge. She’d clumsily handled her coffee, ending up spilling it on him as he admired Korea’s beauty. Well, that surely made his day terrible. He yelled at her as she incessantly apologized. Doyeon couldn’t help but find her quite comical, a jolly good show of a muggle. For the rest of the week, he couldn’t stop thinking about her, and ended up visiting the bridge often. Minju spotted him first, however, striking up a conversation about fountains and coffee. He asked lots of questions, still finding her to be a lowly muggle, but an interesting lowly muggle. Over the course of four weeks meeting each other, Minju realized Doyeon had never seen South Korea as she had, and offered to show him around to give him her perspective of their shared country.

Maybe he did it for the research, or maybe he did it because the prospect of being more with her reminded him of when he was roguish exploring teenager. He left the wizarding world, entering for the first time into muggle perspective.

6 months was all it took. He fell in love with her, he fell in love with her world. Everything about being a muggle shifted for him; he wasn’t disgusted, but intrigued. It was as if a light switch had been turned on, and he could now see more than he ever could. Of course, he was a very important wizarding figure in South Korea, so eventually Doyeon did have to return. When he did, however, he was a changed man. He fought against unjust laws, and the traditionalism that South Korea was so caught up in. All his enemies became friends, all his friends became enemies. This included his bewildered, but steadfast brother. Soon, Doyeon’s new enemies plotted to take him out of power. Their plan was simple; disgrace him enough that he can no longer be trusted. From there, Kyuchul would take the rest of his power and wealth.

It worked out better than originally expected; Doyeon grew so disillusioned with his wizarding life, and the sort of politics involved with it, he left the world completely. It wasn’t anything he wished for Minju or their prospective to deal with. They moved to Wellington, New Zealand, far far away from Doyeon’s past. They were happy, getting married there with Doyeon adopting Minju’s family name instead. Five years after, they birthed a son named Declan. Doyeon had told Minju he was a wizard, but had swore to her that if their child had magic ability, that he were to never go into the magic world. Their child would live as a muggle.

Thus it came to be that Declan knew of no sorts of magic. He went to playcentre as a tot, until schooling age. He later got into primary education, where he met most of his pals. Declan was likable, popular at a young age. He was actually many’s first puppy crush. He loved his dad, loved his mom. They taught him korean, so when he was younger he spoke a lot of korenglish.

When Declan was about 5, he started playing soccer and football (rugby), both sports he excelled in. Besides his athleticism, there was nothing extraordinary about him. He was just your average everyday boy, the perfect model of a happy kid. Doyeon was extremely glad; he thought the boy had gotten lucky, the boy was a squib. He couldn’t have been more wrong.

When Declan was about eight, it happened. It had been a beach day. The waves were rough, but he didn’t mind. Minju was teaching him how to surf, a skill she had only learned four years before. He enjoyed every moment of it, not noticing when the waves got more intense. Life guards called him back, experienced surfers getting into the surf to catch some tougher waves. His mother insisted on taking him back to shore, but he stubbornly refused. How it happened, was kind of a blurry to him. Mostly, a big wave grabbed him from behind, pulling him down. While his mother dived deep to find him, Declan wished to get to shore, now thoroughly afraid. He didn’t understand how he did it, but he was pulled to the surface, being pulled to the shore. Declan didn’t understand it was magic. Meanwhile, a larger wave had struck where his mother was searching. He was too busy coughing up water, his father rushing to his side to make sure he was alright. Doyeon asked him where Minju was, but he couldn’t respond quite well. Suddenly, surfers rushed by, carrying Minju’s body. They tried to get the water out of her system, but it was too late. She had no hope. That day, Declan lost his mom to the surf.

They stayed for two more years in Wellington. Adjusting was horrid, and Doyeon had a hard time processing his survivor’s guilt. Not only did he regret not being the one out there, but he regretted not being able to help. Even with magic, the thing he swore off, he couldn’t bring back the dead. Finally, tired of having to be reminded of her everyday, Doyeon forced the two to move to Palmerston North, another city in New Zealand. Despite not having witnessed Declan’s first bit of magic, Doyeon knew has boy had magic. Weird occurrences would happen here and there, all too familiar to the former warlock. He still refused to budge from his word, and instead lied to his son incessantly about the occurrences. “It’s your imagination; it’s luck; don’t be silly, it’s nothing.” He did not worry about schooling; New Zealand had no real zoned school of magic. Eventually, the pair moved to Auckland, Doyeon hoping that the larger city would cover more of Declan’s doings.

Something that Doyeon didn’t know was that his brother was looking for him, all those years. He’d taken Doyeon’s former wealth and power, putting it to good use of keeping traditional values. Unfortunately, Kyuchul was a bit of a sentimentalist, and wanted to understand what had happened to his brother that he could change so quickly, betray him and everything their family stood for. Doyeon not using magic made it complicated, but not impossible. Some who worked with him managed to track him as far as New Zealand, only then trying to narrow down where. It took lots of time, but by the time Declan was 13 (almost 14), Doyeon had been found. Kyuchul personally went out to get the truth from his brother. While Declan was in school, Kyuchul apparated into Doyeon’s home. Doyeon, while startled, was not surprised to see his brother. He figured that his old life would one day come for him, he had just hoped it would be later rather than sooner.

The two faced each other, starting off with obvious questions like “what are you doing here” and “why did you suddenly change”. The argument plunged from there, the two spitting their philosophy at each other, an argument they should’ve had long ago but hadn’t. As the argument heated up, so did their tempers, to the point where Kyuchul brandished his wand. Doyeon instead, brandished a gun. Kyuchul fired first, set off by an insult of their father. From there, both bullet and spell went flying, until Kyuchul had been shot twice in the arm, and Doyeon hit with the killing curse. Kyuchul came to his senses, out of his primal state. Horrified, and wary of the consequences, he apparated. The Ministry in that area of the world were notified by the reports of the crazy things having happened in the house from muggles, from there learning of the death of the wizard. When Declan had arrived home, he found Ministry people clearing the scene and making muggles forget. He didn’t know what was going on, he asked for his father. In his fear, he made the ground shake a bit, emotionally imbalanced enough to produce the magic. That’s when the ministry realized, not only was the kid the man’s son, but also a wizard. They questioned him, but found near nothing, instead incredibly surprised as to why his father would keep his wizard abilities away from him.

The ministry sent the traumatized boy to live with a foster family they found in England, both willing to take care of him, and teach him about magic. Because the mother of the family worked with the Ministry of Magic in England, they were able to send for the boy to come to them. His new foster mother poured all the knowledge she could into the boy, trying to get him to know three years worth of magic. Although Declan was not a quick study, he worked hard. Declan acclimated well, considering all the drama he had just been through. He mostly just felt frustrated at the ambiguity of his father’s death, and why he would go to such lengths to keep him away from the amazing wizarding world.

All too soon, Declan’s foster family sent him to Hogwarts, believing that for him to be successful, he now needed a more hands on education, and figured they had covered enough of the basics with him. Declan left, afraid, excited, but above all, sorrowful. Declan missed his dad. He is now a fourth year at hogwarts.

Model: Lee Jae Hwan (Ken from Vixx)
Eye Colour: brown
Hair Colour: dyed blonde, actually black
Height: 5'10
Weight: 127
Voice Type: baritone
Distinguishing Marks:
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Declan 3
Father: Byeon Doyeon
Mother: Heo Miju
Full Siblings: N/A
Half Siblings: N/A
Guardian(s): Adoptive Parents, Lisa and Reed Snart
Spouse: N/A
Children: N/A
Other Relatives: Byeon Kyuchul, uncle
Name Meaning:
Nicknames: Ducky, Dec
Favourite Colour: Green
Favourite Movie:
Favourite Song: Punching In A Dream, The Naked And Famous
Favourite Food: green lipped muscles
Favourite Drink: L and P (Lemon and Paeroa)
Most Important People: Dad and Mom
Most Treasured Possessions: {{{Most Treasured Possessions}}}
Custom Trivia:
  • plays the drums
  • will probably eventually find out about history
  • will probably die when point 2 happens
Declan 4