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Don't get too attached to this character. The user that RPs them is evil.
Expect heartbreak, angst, and depressing storylines.

Decovon Daniel
The Bad Seed Ӝ The Controller
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Decovon may look kind and sweet, but looks can be deceiving. Decovon is neither kind nor Sweet. Underneath that kind looking exterior is a mean, cruel, and heartless person. If something doesn't go his way he'll do whatever is necessary to make it go his way. When it comes to his family, more specifically his younger siblings he holds no love for them. To him they're just annoying pests that need to be squashed. He tends to control them by fear per his parents orders. He seems to hold the most power over his 12 year old sister Shacora, his 13 year old brother A'dez, & his 5 year old sister Kamley. Good forbid anybody who interferes in his family especially over those who he controls via fear.

Decovon is the oldest out of 10 children, born in Houston, TX to Emmett Daniel a pure-blood wizard and Malaya Daniel (nèe Brown) a muggle. Because he was first born he was treated like royalty, anything he wanted he got, he didn't want to do chores he didn't have to. As he got older he became more and more spoiled, his parents where basically grooming him to be like them. When he turned 8 his first signs of magic showed, he was playing with legos one minute they where on the floor in a pile, the next minute they had built a castle.

His parents where glad there son wasn't a squib. When he turned 11 he got his letter from Hogwarts and the beginning of that year he and his parents traveled to Britain and got his supplies.

His first year learning the spells was easy but not as easy as he was used to. The fact that it was hard angered him. By Second year he managed to succeed with the spells but it still remained hard for him. Over the course of the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth year things became easier for him but his personality continued to go downhill. Now in his seventh year of Hogwarts he had dreams of becoming a dark wizard and doing whatever he has to to aspire to that goal.

1st Year Spells

  1. Wingardium Leviosa
  2. Protego
  3. Lumos
  4. Anapneo
  5. Anti-Cheating Spell
  6. Cistem Aperio
  7. Color-Change Charm
  8. Expelliarmus
  9. Incendio
  10. Hair-Thickening Charm

2nd Year Spells

  1. Reparo
  2. Rictusempra
  3. Scourgify
  4. Pluma Pondus
  5. Illegibilus
  6. Oculus Reparo
  7. Obliteration Charm
  8. Impedimenta
  9. Aguamenti
  10. Alohomora
  11. Aresto Momentum
  12. Dissendium
  13. Fumos
  14. Glacius
  15. Herbivicus
  16. Hemavicis Atramentum
  17. Glisseo

3rd Year Spells

4th Year Spells

6th Year Spells

7th Year Spells

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