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Deirdre MacLeod
Deirdre MacLeod1
Birthdate May 17th, 2026
Birth Place Stromness, Scotland, United Kingdom
Hometown Dunfermline, Scotland, United Kingdom
Accent Scottish
Heritage Scottish
Bloodline Pure-Blood
Family MacLeod
Wand Arm Ambidextrous
Wand Length 8⅜"
Wand Wood Yew
Wand Core Hippocampus Scale
Boggart Seeing herself decapitated
Patronus Streeler
Amortentia Apple frushie, Dunlop Cheese, Smoked Haddock
Hecate Grimm
Dree MacLeod - Vixen · Creature Queen
Send Me an Owl! - “I play to win and if it looks like I've lost, its only because its not over yet.”
“Act as if you don't know me, and I will make it seem as though you don't exist.”

Vital Information[]

Deirdre MacLeod is a Pure-blood witch of Scottish descent. She is the daughter of Aileen MacLeod (née Hepburn) and Angus MacLeod.

Full Name: Deirdre Isobel MacLeod
Meaning of name: Deirdre — "Raging, broken-hearted, or fear"

Isobel — "pledged to God"

Nickname: Dree
Birthdate: May 17th
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Type of childhood: Constructive
First memory: Rivalry with her brother Art
Most important childhood event: Shattering glass
Why: It was her first sign of magic
What are you doing to that Doxy?

– Aileen MacLeod

I'm taking out all its teeth.

– Deirdre MacLeod

Life Before Hogwarts[]

The MacLeod's have a long and twisted past in Scotland dating back to the early 1600s. It started off simple enough, petty theft really. A cow from one family, chickens from another. A bit of fun for the kids Archibald MacLeod had informed the law when they'd come knocking at his door. Of course, he never told them he was the one to put them up to it. As the years went on their petty thefts developed into something more. Much more. The MacLeod name became infamous in the muggle world. But the MacLeod's were never ones to be content to just settle when there was more out there, not that they knew it at the time so for the next few millennium they were somewhat accepting of their standing. It wasn't until the 1950's that it all changed.

Her name was Davina Campbell, the seventh child of a twelve kid family. She was looking for a way to make her parents notice her. Jonathan MacLeod was her way to do that. He was the heir to the MacLeod family business, there were certain things that were expected of him. None of those included hooking up with Davina Campbell. But of course, when the child was conceived they couldn't just abandon her. No, the child was a MacLeod. And so, nine months later a little boy by the name of Aaron MacLeod was born into the world to the newly married couple. The Campbell's were an odd family, they'd moved to the city only a few years before and strange things always seemed to happen around them. Unexplained things. It took only three years before the unexplained things started happening in the new young couples lives. Jonathan didn't understand it. He only knew it was his new wife's fault. In a way it was, after all. The strange occurrences surrounding the Campbell family really weren't that inexplicable when you knew they were witches.

For years the couple lived just accepting the strange occurrences as a daily part of their lives. It wasn't until Aaron's 11th birthday that Jonathan found out the truth. When the letter came through the window on the leg of an owl. Of course, after that sighting Davina had to tell her husband everything. He didn't take it too well. Not until it hit him that this change, although strange and uncertain, was exactly how he could make his mark on the family business. So he agreed to his son being sent to attend Hogwarts where he would learn the very best skills and eventually, take over the family business. Integrating it into the wizarding world. He succeeded. And so the business was passed from generation to generation becoming more violent and bloody with each transfer of power, each trying desperately to make their mark on the business.

Growing up in the MacLeod family means being shown the basics of survival. How to steal, how to fight and if need be, how to kill. Dree is the youngest member of this vicious clan. She was born long enough after her twin brother to be considered fashionably late. She does like to make an entrance, her birth was no different. Healers wanted to 'go in' and pull her out, her mother would not allow it. She was spoiled before she even took her first breath outside of the womb. She clung to her mother from before she could walk. It was a family joke that she stayed tucked safely inside of Aileen for so long because she was trying to take on some of Aileen's magic. She learned the lessons that every child in the family learns. Unlike most of her siblings she chose to learn the more delicate methods that only her mother could teach her. Dree is a lady, she may pick up a blade and wield it with deadly precision and the greatest of ease. And in that ease she is going to be as elegant as royalty and as graceful as prima ballerina.

Around the age of nine and half, Dree shattered some wine glasses that had been set out, she made a big display of her first sign of magic and she did not even flinch. She was sent to bed early on New Year's Eve for being a gobby rascal.Her twin brother Art, always in the frame of mind to one up her went about shattering every glass in the house. Their antics as never ceased to annoy. For days, and days, and days afterward everyone kept finding broken glass all over the house. Dree was always trying to take credit for it, saying it was her magic that did it. She was actually smashing them, without magic. Either physically bashing them against a door or wall. No body knew this at the time except her. Although Art might have seen her do it once or twice. She denies it, or course. The twins always try to top each other with their dodgy behavior. Their accidental magical outburst were beginning to occur too frequently and within a year and half they had drawn the attention of the Ministry. Someone came to their home to have a chat about the trace and the magical activity it was detecting. It was blamed on something wonky going on with a malfunctioning magical device. The twins were in loads of trouble, lucky for them Hogwarts was right around the corner.


Dree refused to accept being Sorted into any other house except Slytherin. As if the old Sorting Hat would have ever put her anywhere else. The Dungeons did not frighten her, her upbringing prepared her for nearly everything life had to throw at her. The one thing it did not set her up for mentally or emotionally was what happens when tragedy strikes within the family. An occurrence that was rather harrowing, with on an indirect effect on her, a rogue werewolf attacked her older sister Narah. Her brother Bruce was there nearby or Narah might not have survived. Narah went from being the family prodigy to a disgrace. The abomination. All of the potential Narah had shown before then meant nothing. All that mattered was what Narah was now. A werewolf. The moment Narah was out of the hospital the MacLeod's blasted her from the family tree, and formally disowned her. It shook Dree's world, it made her afraid to make a misstep that might also result in her removal from the family. Narah was perfect and the obvious favorite. Despite the fact that Dree proclaimed herself the perfect one. The title that Dree had given herself was based solely on her physical appearance not the skills she was forced to learn because of the family she was born into.

Additional Facts[]

Lower education: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry; Slytherin
Higher education: O.W.L. Results
Charms — O
Transfiguration — E
Herbology — A
Defense Against the Dark Arts — O
Ancient Runes — E
Potions — A
Care of Magical Creatures — O
Astronomy — A
Divination — P
History of Magic — O
Muggle Studies — A
N.E.W.T. Results
Charms — O
Transfiguration — E
Herbology — A
Defense Against the Dark Arts — O
Ancient Runes — E
Potions — E
Care of Magical Creatures — O
Astronomy — A
Divination — E
History of Magic — O
Muggle Studies — A

Talents (hidden or not): COMC, DAtDA
Extremely skilled at: Charms
Extremely unskilled at: Herbology
Good characteristics: Poised
Character flaws: Vain

Color: Magenta
Food: Haggis
Music: Indie rock, post-punk revival
Clothing style/Outfit: Feminine
Literature: Historical fiction, Mystery
Expressions: “Idle hands are the devil's tools.”
Quote: “Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before.”


Luminary - Deceptive, Insensitive, Vitriolic, Antagonistic

She is disgustingly narcissistic, she cannot pass by a reflective surface without looking at herself. She is the wrong person to ask for an opinion from, she is not going to be honest. If the answer is bad she will lie, if the answer is good she will lie. She does not like for anyone to look better than she does. She will happily surround herself with less attractive people so that she looks gorgeous in a side by side comparison. She is not the right person to trust with ANYTHING. She will steal a significant other as fast as she will pick up cash, a wallet or purse. She does not believe in secrets unless they are her own. She would sell out just about anyone, family included, if the price is right. Everything has a monetary value and she is the person who is willing to get her hands on the galleons that someone would give her for something that is considered priceless.


She is disturbingly gorgeous and she is fully aware, she takes advantage of all the privileges that her appearance entitles her to. She is the kind of attractive that makes people stare, the kind of beautiful that makes people hate her for it. Even though she does has some average features, such as; a fair skin complexion. Her is accentuated by long brown hair and light brown eyes. She has pointy face, her nose cheek bones, jaw and chin are all quite sharp looking. She has perfectly sculpted eyebrows, she spends a lot of time making sure they look that way. She will use an exorbitant amount of time making herself look flawless. She will sleep in make up only to wake up and fix it before going about her day. She has a beautiful smile and an photo worthy straight face. She is usually forcing a point or she has an eye catching stone face. She rarely ever dresses down, when she does she still looks glamorous, she likes to feel as feminine as possible. She often chooses to wear tight form fitting clothing as opposed to anything that is loosely fit or that could be considered unflattering.