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DemiMM CP3

demetra lyra macmillan
seventh year gryffindor
just feelin a bit shit today


Birthday march 10th
Age seventeen
Pronunciation dee-mee-truh maek-mihl-in
Family trenton + celaena (parents)
aven (twin)
kian + mel (siblings)
Gender female
Pronouns she/her/hers
Orientation questioning
Relationship single
Nationality greek
Languages english + greek
Residence gryffindor dormitories
+ london, england
Religion protestant
Handedness left
Roleplayer ateleia
Sorting Forum here


Eye Color green
Hair Color brown blonde
Height 5'10"
Style frumpy, sweater weather
Faceclaim benedetta porcaroli

demi is extremely tall for a girl, towering at 5'10 with a lankier build. she builds muscle fairly quickly, but struggles to workout, so her muscle definition fluctuates greatly. she has naturally mousy brown hair, but dyes it blonde (closer to the color it was when she was a young child). she has deep blue eyes, which people often mischaracterize as a different color due to their darkness. she really wishes she could be more a metamorphmagus like the twins so she could have a more interesting appearance. she finds herself very plain and dresses rather down and casual to hide herself in the crowds. she would love to be more confident and wear things she loves more, but she would rather just...blend in for the time being.


DemiMM CP2


when celaena sakellarios met trenton macmillan, she was in a good place. she had secured a position as assistant professor at the greek academy for advanced witchcraft, enabling her as she endeavored to pursue a career in education. trenton was interning at the british embassy based out of athens at the time, and the pair met by chance at an england v. greece quidditch game cel had been taking her younger sister malia to. they hit it off and the night withered away as they spent most of the match engaging in light banter over which of the playing teams was better. the final push was delivered by malia, though, while cel was in the bathroom. she likes playing hard to get, she’d said, so you’re gonna have to put in all the hard work. when cel found out a few months later, all she had to say was that malia was lucky he pulled through, because otherwise, she might’ve found herself suddenly started in the middle of the mediterranean sea. they became official three months later.

what she didn’t expect — or any of her immediate family — was to get pregnant so soon. she was on the pill and he’d worn a condom, so what happened? on one hand, celaena didn’t feel ready at all. this would infringe on her ambitions and put a halt to her plans for her career. trenton was just as nervous, if not more. they were barely making any money, and they’d just gotten together. cel was still living with her parents, for christ’s sake. they didn’t have their lives together at all, and they both knew they couldn’t provide for that child. terminating the pregnancy was out of the question for cel, because even though she believes in the right to choose, it wasn’t something she wanted to put her body through. so they ended up deciding on adoption. in early 2023, phoebe cassiopeia primrose sakellarios macmillan was born. or at least that’s who she would’ve been, but some things weren’t meant to be. she was handed off to a nice, barren dhampir couple who desperately wanted children, never to be heard of again — kidding. give it a few years, and cassie would wind up returning to their lives in the way they expected least.

nonetheless, even though celaena and trenton were understandably upset about losing the baby they’d learned to love over nine months, the decision they took proved to be the best one, because a few months later, tragedy struck the sakellarios family. what was supposed to be a fun family vacation turned tragic when the plane they were on crashed. though the why remained a mystery for years, it was eventually concluded that one of the passengers’ magic had acted up, causing the plane to malfunction and crash over the bermuda triangle. for years, it was believed only two passengers were rescued: malia and her then girlfriend, valentina willow. they were moved back to scotland in due time, and the rest of the passengers were declared dead even though no bodies were ever recovered. from there on, the sakellarios were divided into three: celaena, who was never told there were any survivors, malia, who didn’t have the courage to face her sister because of her cushing survivor’s guilt, and the handful of children that narrowly survived the crash; that is, natessa, perseus, atalanta, leda, and apollonas sakellarios. all led vastly different lives there on out.

for her part, celaena was never given any reason to believe any of her siblings had survived, and for some time, it ruined her. between that and her firstborn’s adoption, she was a wreck mentally and emotionally. her job became her lifeline, and she poured every bit of her into her work. very little time did she devote to her personal relationship with trenton, and while it definitely took its toll on their relationship, he was nothing if not patient. he’d endured similar losses, having been orphaned and sent to live with his uncle at a young age, so he at least could provide the support he once received himself. still, though, celaena became emotionally unavailable, and it took nearly two years of therapy for her to accept that her family had died. survivor’s guilt can be a horrible thing. thankfully, with her then-boyfriend’s unwavering support, she got better over time. and as she improved, she continued to go up the hierarchy at the academy, becoming history of magic professor and eventually becoming chair of the history department at the academy and deputy headmistress.

the decade that followed did bring a lot of change to trenton and celaena’s lives. in 2026, she was offered a promotion to headmistress of the academy following the retirement of her would-be predecessor, and for the 14 years that followed, she was an exemplary headmistress. she brought change to the academy. for his part, trenton wound up in charge of the embassy. while it wasn’t as “good” of a job as cel’s, it did allow him a better schedule for when they started having kids in 2030, less than a year after getting married. first came twin girls aven and tbd, followed under a year later by twins kian and delphine-mellis. yes, multiples have been in every sakellarios generation for centuries — it’s basically in their genes. they didn’t mean to have a big family. the second pregnancy was an accident, and the first time they didn’t even account for twins. but there they were, a family of six. both parents had a big presence in their children’s lives growing up.

cel’s job was very demanding as headmistress, and it didn’t get any better in 2040, when she left her post to become minister of education in the government. it certainly didn’t get better in 2042, when she spearheaded a progressive movement that let her run and eventually be chosen as prime minister. this did take a toll on her marriage, and this time, there was no saving it. she made time for the kids, but she’d be lying if she said she was really as “into” her marriage anymore. more often than not, she avoided her husband. their relationship deteriorated pretty quickly after she joined the government, you see; it had always been trenton’s “area”, and her joining made him feel emasculated to a certain extent. like she’d gotten into his territory and managed to progress faster than he had. their compatibility fell apart, and by 2043, they were getting divorced. he returned to his home country of england, but still kept as close of a relationship with his kids as he could. in 2046, celaena abruptly announced her retirement and intent to move. although officially, she cited her want for her kids to be closer to their father, rumor has it there’s more to the woman than was meeting the eye.

❈ ❈ ❈

demetra was the younger, slower of the twins. she was noticeably quiet and less affectionate both with her family and the outside world even at a younger age. she had a difficult time trying to learn to read and write and to this day, her penmanship is a bit on the sloppier side. her seer abilities came in when she was eight and scared the daylights out of her. it was the start of almost a decade of expecting all of her dreams and nightmares to be prophecies even when they weren't, struggling to decipher them all from each other and being in a constant battle with her mind. it has always bothered her that her siblings seem to have a better hold on their magical abilities than she does, but she doesn't want to shame them and instead tries to keep those thoughts to herself. it isn't that she is an untalented seer. in fact, she has an abundance of prophecies under her belt thanks to her narcolepsy, falling asleep more often than the average person and therefore dreaming more too. she has just always felt behind her siblings and pretends she is fine with that. she wouldn't want to outshine them! even her first sign of magic at age seven (when she made her spoon levitate and scoop yogurt into her mouth on its own) was undercover and she didn't mention it to her parents under months later.

as a child, demi was often left boarded inside sleeping or drawing or playing with her own dolls. she watched the animated version of cinderella hundreds of times and eventually got to the point of being able to recite it. her siblings could drag her out from time to time to play out in the street, but she had always preferred staying inside and away from external judgement. with her parents' professions, she felt often vulnerable to the public no matter how much her parents tried to comfort her. going to school where your mother is the headmistress is no easy task either (less so for the academics and more so because she can watch you fail to have friends). demi has always fallen short developmentally and her studies reflected that. she was an excellent student and tried her hardest to stay on top of her studies, but it was difficult when she was constantly falling asleep and would spend a long time after getting up again just on trying to sort out what she had dreamt about. she was very easily distracted and overwhelmed and wanted to just do school to do it. not because there was any genuine interest. when she sat for her owl-equivalents, she passed for all of her courses, but would only carry over five of them to the following term— the bare minimum. her professors have often wondered why she is so under-motivated for a witch as successful as she is, but a lot of it comes down to a lack of confidence and her inability to focus. she's tried potions, but they drained her. in many ways, demi feels lost.

part of her feelings of confusion come from her parents' divorce. no matter how much their parents tried to reassure them that they were loved and it had nothing to do with them, demi was very unconvinced. her father leaving for the united kingdom after all of the proceedings did put a dent in her relationship with him. for some reason, having him out of sight made it very difficult to want to have a relationship with him. they would message each other back and forth and would call each other on her birthday in each year, but she usually let aven take care of that. she has tried to be nicer to him (and she has never been outright rude unless having a bit of a hormonal moment) especially with their recent move to be closer, but she does feel abandoned and a huge part of her wants to try less than her siblings clearly want to. no verbal reassurance could change what has happened; the damage has been done. with the move to hogwarts, she is more hesitant to build friendships and although that is primarily out of her own shyness, it also roots in her not wanting them to leave because she is too boring or for her to have to leave again either and cause them issues. it's fine though. demi doesn't consider herself lonely since she always has her mother and siblings, who give her enough love. she does need friends, but she can pretend she doesn't.


demetra is (most notably) quiet. when you're constantly on the verge of falling asleep, catching your head in your hands and feeling your eyes fall out of your head, it's hard to be energetic. sometimes she takes potions, but it leaves her so wired that she crashes even harder and it gives her aches, so she tries to avoid it unless there's an exam. therefore, demi is generally very quiet. she notably mumbles even with her family and stutters when she tries to be louder in classroom or group settings. it isn't shyness per se, but she's a little lost in most conversations. she prefers to be alone and she has a hard time relating to a lot of her peers. she isn't sure what sets her a part, but she has always felt a general sense of otherness. it might be a result of her parents being so successful in the wizarding world or perhaps it might be a result of having so many siblings close in age to compare herself to. she was a late bloomer in most areas and then shot up to a whopping 5'10, which certainly sets her a part from other girls. (she tends to avoid short people out of fear.) she holds herself awkwardly and generally people don't come to the conclusion that she would want to talk to them. most people wouldn't want to talk to demi either. she is very sensitive to the world around her and the amount of visions that come to her in her seemingly endless sleep tend to overwhelm her, bringing about the very still, tree-like nature that she possesses.

despite her often silent, drab demeanor, demi can be quietly very affectionate. she is naturally connected to the people around her who mean something and goes about living with simple manners of expressing it. she prefers physical closeness and is often the person sitting and listening or being dragged and forced to do some shenanigans. naturally people tend to assume she doesn't appreciate those things because she tends to not be very responsive beyond the smallest of smiles, but she loves it and her heart is booming. she is a very happy person and is often giggly in private, hunched over her phone or whispering to her pet mice. she is still a teenage girl after all and she has a vast amount of emotions, often swelling and overcoming her like an ocean's waves. she is very mature in order to handle her dreams and the weight of those realities, but she is still very unsure on how to handle her way of expressing things. she is not very intelligent, but she is not stupid either. she knows what she is good at, but doesn't know what she could possibly do with that as a career. she wishes she had more time. she focuses so much on not having time, sitting and worrying, that she tends to waste it and it builds into a pool of anxiety. a professor at her old school once told her she was too lazy.

her intense loyalty to her loved ones also manifests into a lot of pride. her love is very stubborn and prideful. like previously described, she is a wispy little tree (both in appearance and physical presence). although she has never been very intimidating (and she will certainly spend most of the conversations stuttering and toying with the hem of her robes), she will talk to people who are causing her loved ones some trouble. it usually does not result in any sort of change, but she still tries to rationalize with them. most people do not take demi very seriously. perhaps they find her clownish or stupid, but it doesn't usually bother her. she embraces that she is sort of weird. she is not separate from her peers like some sort of mythical creature, but she knows she is socially isolated from a good portion of the population. she would choose her down-to-earth, foolish and polite nature over skating down the halls and shouting and being a wreck. however, she knows she could flourish with more human friends that aren't her siblings and honestly she could stand to be closer with all of them too. demi doesn't know really who she is or where she is, but she's here and that's really all there is to it.


Interests traveling, horror movies, divination, coffee
Habits falling asleep randomly, pinching her forearm, airing people's texts
Pet Peeves yelling, loud noises (she has sensitive ears)
Goals further develop her seeing abilities, go twelve hours without sleeping
Enneagram 6w5
Star Sign pisces sun
Alignment true neutral
Love Language words of affirmation

Magical Characteristics

Wand laurel wood, phoenix feather, 9.75 inches
Amortentia coffee, mint, earth
Patronus field mouse
Patronus Memory teaching her mice to shake hands
Boggart drowning
Blood Status pure-blood
Peculiar seer


Song bowling shoes - portland
TV Show dead like me
Book if i stay
Movie cinderella
Color mossy green

* she has narcolepsy and often falls asleep in class
* she has a few pet mice that live in her dormitory, but someone once told her it was gross, so she's scared of letting them out
* this is because as a seer, she is proficient in myomancy as well as ornithomancy and of course dream interpretation
* she has often joked that she is the daughter of aurora and cinderella, but is certain she is far from being a princess
* she is an absolute coffee snob and does her coffee differently depending on the mood she is, but it is consistent sort of like a coffee mood ring
* she has a muggle pen pal who lives in ethiopia


DemiMM CP1

demetra lyra macmillan
seventh year gryffindor
just feelin a bit shit today