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Full Name Demetria Morena Crow
Nickname Demi. Metria, but only be Oz.
Basic Info
Birthday 12th of February, Age 20
Nationality English
Home Living with a friend.
Relationship Info
Status Single
Sexuality Heterosexual Demi-Romantic
Best Friend Rhian
Pets Owl called Owl
Family On The Wiki Half-Sister

School/Career Info
House Slytherin
Year/Occupation Assistant to Head Auror
Titles None
Optional Classes Taken Care of Magical Creatures
Magical Info
Species Witch
Blood Status Muggle-Born
Wand Core Dragon Heartstring
Wand Wood Sycamore
Wand Arm Right
Boggart Herself and Her Anger/Hurting People She Cares About
Patronus Wolverine

Model Kaya Scodelario
Gender Female
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Hair Length/Style Slightly curly, generally very messy.
Eye Colour Blue
Skin Colour Light, and less freckled than when she was younger.
Clothing Style Black. Leather jackets, torn jeans, heavy eye-liner.
Other Info About Looks
Demi really doesn't care about how she looks and so her clothes are often just dark, boring and scruffy. She usually wears jeans or long sleeves to cover up scars on her arms, legs, and chest. She hates looking in the mirror because when she does she sees her twin sister. Her style is very dark and she often wears heavy make-up. She's a little taller than most girls her age and built quite strong.

Colour Black, Purple and Red
Music Not a music fan.
Food Hot Chocolate
Sweets Mints
Animal Wolves and Dogs
Class Hated them all.
Season/Weather Winter, cold and rain.
Dream Job To be an Auror
Happiest When...
She's with Rhian, or when she was with Shannon.

Damaged. Don't Care.

"It's hard to forget the one person that made you happy."


Demetria prefers to stay isolated and alone most of the time. She doesn’t like attention at all and prefers to avoid people and stay as distant as possible. Her privacy is important to her, but in exchange she doesn’t go snooping in other people’s business either.

She pretends this is just because everyone else annoys her, but secretly she is afraid of getting close and attached to someone, and then losing them, hurting them or being hurt by them. Demi has trouble trusting people and is extremely sceptical, especially of optimistic and happy people. She doesn't want to trust people and let them close to her...because the last time she trusted someone he killed the person that mattered most to her.

While she takes a long time to get attached to people or things, when she does she gets very sentimental about it, more than she’d like to admit, and she has a hard time saying goodbye to things or people.

She's very tough and confident, certainly not afraid to say what she means and thinks. She really doesn't care what people think of her, in fact she wants people to hate her and not want to spend time with her. When she talks she’s often blunt and sarcastic, or just plain rude.


It took a long time for Demi to realize it, but after a bout of suicidal urges (some of which she tried to act upon), she had to admit that she was depressed and has been for a very long time. It’s become so normal for Demi to feel miserable and irritable that she just presumed that her pessimism was part of her nature. Her depression manifests mainly as an apathy for life.

Her sister’s death was a large cause of this, but also the abuse in her childhood. Demi also suffers from PTSD, occasionally (mainly when she’s angry or in confined areas) she has flashbacks of her sister’s death. She finds it very hard to relax and is constantly on the lookout for threats, little things can set her off and cause her to get angry and sometimes violent.

She sees herself very badly, with no positive traits and no real skills or talents. She’s never done anything great, she only destroys things. She's dangerous and cruel, she doesn't deserve good things to happen to her. But she doesn't really care.

She feels very detached to people and her life in general – which can be good because it means she goes about life without many worries, but she tends to focus too heavily on the past, her sister and the negative events in her childhood.

In general she doesn’t understand, handle or express emotions well at all and prefers to keep things hidden and bottled up…until it comes bursting out uncontrollably.

Lately this has all been improving slightly though and she's started to get a little better.

Demi is caught somewhere between trying to be tough and trying to just get by peacefully without hurting people. The first option often turns out to be the strongest and her anger often gets the better of her, making her uncontrollably aggressive and violent sometimes. Even without that, she tends to be a very impulsive person.

She uses her bitterness and anger to hide most of her other emotions - sadness, awkwardness, nervousness, even love; she turns them all into hate and anger.

When she can control it she uses her anger to get people to stay away, she wants people to not want to get close to her. But a lot of the time she cannot control it and her anger gets the better of her, she can lash out and become dangerous - which scares her a lot, more than she’d admit. It's something she inherited from her father, and it's the one thing she hated most about him and now herself.


The anger (both the uncontrollable and the deliberate kind) is just one side of her though, she has another side, though it is much deeper and rarer because she tries to hide it so well.

While she attempts to look like she doesn't care about others, the truth is generally the opposite. She hates the thought that she could hurt someone and her bitterness is often just an attempt to keep people safe by keeping them away from her. Sometimes the more she likes someone, the more she will actually start to push them away in fear that she'll hurt someone she cares about. She prefers people to stay as strangers, acquaintances or enemies. Being friends with Demi is only dangerous, in her opinion.

She dislikes seeing others in physical pain and especially doesn't deal well with aspects of death, not after seeing her sister die. After being abused as a child, she really doesn’t like to see people suffer.

Despite all of this though, she won't go out of her way to help someone and still tries to keep her exterior as careless and tough as possible. She believes that insulting someone and telling them to go away will only cause them minor pain, whereas if they become friends with her and she loses control then she could significantly hurt them.



Slytherin Crest (Gif)

When she received her letter about Hogwarts she was intrigued and surprised. But she didn’t have anyone left in her life to care for her, she didn’t have anything left to lose. Nobody would miss her anyway. So she decided to go.

As soon as she learnt about the houses she knew that she'd be in Slytherin and that she wasn't good enough to belong in any of the others. She always been okay with her house and got on okay through school in there.


One day everything changed though. It's the one day she cannot forget, no matter how hard she tries.

She came home, she was just nine years old. She saw her Father in the room looking crazed, but there was nothing new there - he was a drunk and a drug-addict. Until Demi noticed the knife he was holding to her mother’s throat. They yelled at each other, but Demi couldn't stop him and in the end he killed her mother. Blood shot across their walls, staining Demi's memory an evil shade of red.

Then Shannon came down the stairs, screaming, trying to protect her twin. Demetria leapt for her, but she was too slow. Her sister's blue eyes faded out, she was dead. Then he came over to Demi, knife in hand, threatening to kill her too. She felt an anger build up inside her, an urge to kill. Somehow she managed to resist it. But something changed inside her that day, she realized she wasn't like other girls her age.

He hurt her, but a neighbour called the police and her father was put in prison. Demi has escaped the fate her sister had been forced into, but she's always felt guilty about it since. She always felt like she wasn't good enough to help her sister live.

She was put into care, but no amount of care could erase the emotional scars she had. Nothing inside her would ever feel the same again.

Demi hadn't always been so cold and cruel, once she'd been a cute and happy little girl who loved to spend time with her sister.

Throughout her childhood Demi was neglected by her parents, plus physically and mentally abused - leaving her with scars all over her body and a damaged mind.

She was independent because, along with Shannon, she had to take care of herself. They had to make their own food and clean the house when their parents were too drunk or ignorant to care for example.

Despite all of that she was almost happy, she felt like she could get through anything with Shannon at her side. She never complained and hardly ever moaned, they just helped each other get on with things.

Sometimes she wishes she’d had more of a childhood instead of being forced to grow up too fast. But she isn't sure what a normal childhood is like, since she has nothing to compare it to.

Hogwarts was a new start for Demi, maybe somewhere new would help her get over the past. But she still doesn’t like sitting next to people in class because it always makes her think of Shannon being next to her. In the magical and ghost-filled castle she still can't seem to get rid of the ghost that haunts her.

She slowly got used to Hogwarts, the magical world and her classmates. She didn't made many friends, which is what she wanted, but meeting Rhian has a large impact on her.

Over the years she's managed to keep her head down fairly well, though she never did very well in class she managed to not get in trouble either, somehow.

During her last year things started to get dark for Demi, she ended up running away and quitting school before she did her exams, with the intention of killing herself. She survived the attempt, and sometimes wishes she'd stuck around at Hogwarts more and not wasted all those years there.


There really aren't many things that Demi enjoys, she spends the majority of her time thinking about her sister and the past. She wouldn't say she really has any hobbies, and certainly not any skills.


Probably one of the only things Demi is sure she enjoys is being outside and watching the stars. At first she didn't really care about the names or anything, but when she started watching them with Rhian she got more interested and secretly tried to learn them all.

Being Outside

Not that she loves animals or nature, she just finds that there are less people and it's less claustrophobic. She she also enjoys climbing trees or other outdoor objects, then just hiding up there for hours.

When she was younger she went to a muggle school. It was fine with Shannon was there with her, but after she died Demi couldn't concentrate in class. Half of the students were always looking at her terrified she would hit them or something, the other half were teasing her. All she was thinking about was the empty seat beside her.

At Hogwarts she often got annoyed when she couldn't do the spells properly, but actually manages to learn them quite fast when she really tries. Still, she never really put the effort into her work and didn't leave with many good results - especially since she dropped out before the end of her last year. However, since she's decided to become an auror she's been trying to study in her spare time and actually put some effort in this time.

Her OWL Results:

  • Acceptable in Astronomy and Potions
  • Poor in Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, DAtDA,
  • Dreadful in Herbology, History of Magic and Transfiguration.

After school she retook her NEWTs to hopefully become an auror and got:

  • Exceeds Expectations in Astronomy and Potions.
  • Acceptable in Everything Else


Once she had parents, but she hated them both anyway and doesn't mind saying it. They were unemployed, abusive alcoholics. They would drink away all their money and sorrows and take it all out on Demi and her sister. She knows she's better of without them.

Her mother is dead, she was killed by her father in a fit of rage. Her father is now in prison for murder and Demi hates both of them.

Once Demi had a twin sister, Shannon. At one time in life there was just one person that made Demetria's life worth living in her opinion, Shannon. She loved her with all her heart, they did everything together...back when Demi was a bubbly and happy child. Thinking about her makes her sad, but also incredibly angry that Shannon was stolen from her so early. She very rarely talks about her to anyone. Shannon was happy, despite the abuse, and always provided hope for Demi.

She'd now dead, killed by their father, and Demi has never quite moved on. She has no photos of her. There was no funeral, since Demi was the only person left who cared for her. She was cremated, so there is no grave and nothing to remember her by.

Demi has also recently discovered that she has half-sister, Nellie, and she's trying to get closer to her, but it isn't going especially smoothly.

Rhian - Her best friend however has to be Rhian, in fact Rhian is more like an role-model or older sister to Demi. Their connection is incredibly strong and Demi enjoys having someone that knows about her past and that she can talk to. They often met up at the Astronomy Tower in the night and enjoy confiding in each other in secret. Rhian saved Demi from suicide and they're now living together. She admires Rhian very much, despite also being a little jealous of her. She doesn't think she'll ever recover and become as great as Rhian is.

Renee - When Demi was going through a bad time Renee was there to help. She's technically Demi's boss and not friend, but she sort of trusts her more than most people.

Oz - Demi is never quite sure if she's friends with Oz or not. They'd often talk in the common room at school, but mostly ended up fighting.

Francis - A co-worker. At first Demi didn't like him, but when she leaned that he has PTSD too she started to like him a little more.

Violet - The pair live together and are sort of friends, but she doesn't really know Violet well enough yet.

Carmen and Kimi November - Demetria has only seen these two in class, but too much of it reminds her of Shannon...the whole twin thing for a start. She finds Kimi especially annoying, but secretly it reminds her of a very exaggerated version of her own sister.


-Demetria Crow's Scary-Looking Pet Short-Eared Owl

 – 08:25, October 22, 2015 (UTC)

The owl in the cage glared at whoever passed it, making an intimidating noise like Demi had taught her to.

During her time at Hogwarts Demi purchased a short-eared owl. She named it 'Owl' because that's what it was...if you name it then you start to care about it, and that means that you're attached to it, which Demi didn't want to do...but ended up doing anyway

She got it simply to help her keep in touch with Rhian better, and wouldn't admit that maybe she did actually enjoy being with her owl. She's a cool owl and Demi likes to scare people with it's sharp glare. Teaching it to hunt has been fun too, she likes to go outside and watch it kill mice and things.

When the owl was a baby, before Demi adopted it, her family was killed by humans. When Demi was told she felt a little sorry for it (thought she wouldn't admit it) and her empathy for it was the reason she decided to pick this one above all the others.

Demi is single, and always has been. Through her school life she wasn't interested in dating - though she did have a sort of kiss with her friend and has a sort of crush on someone.

She's always thought that she was aromantic and asexual, but that has shifted recently and she'd started to realize that she's heterosexual and demi-romantic.


She doesn't really mind what she's called at all and doesn't dislike her full-name but she calls herself Demi most of the time. But she does kinda hate her middle name, Morena. Oz, and only Oz, calls her Metria.

Demi tries very hard to make it look like she isn't afraid of anything, but really she has as many or maybe even more fears than her classmates.

Her boggart is herself and her anger. She is afraid of losing control and hurting someone, especially someone she cares about.

She's afraid of eventually trusting someone, but being stabbed in the back like when she trusted her parents.

She's claustrophobic and sometimes when she's in a small room all she can see is the splatters of blood on the walls, like on the day her sister was killed, which can cause her to have flashbacks.

At one point she thought that boggart was her sister, but now it's changed. She used to hate looking in mirrors at her own reflection and seeing her sister, which is why she wears so much make-up, so that she can no longer recognise her sister in herself.

Demi's life has really started to change recently. She met with her father again and from that she gained confidence and acceptable, but also learnt that she has a half-sister somewhere out there. She's interested in finding her, even if she knows it won't bring Shannon back.

While many dads she still contemplates running away and living alone in the forest again, she tries now to see that as her reward for when she's earned enough money to do it and she uses that as her goal to stay alive.

Despite never enjoying school, Demi is now trying to re-take some of her exams and get better grades on the hope of her being able to undertake auror training. She never wanted to be one until Renee helped her, and now (secretly) she'd like the opportunity to do the same for others.

  • She is right handed.
  • She is muggle-born and was born in London where she has lived all her life, until she went to Lil Bundles. She hates London and cities though.
  • She swears quite a lot when she’s angry, but this is just because she saw her parents doing it a lot. It's just a bad habit she's got, but she isn't exactly trying to get rid of it.
  • Her most treasured possession is a necklace her best friend Rhian got her. Most of her things are second-hand, old and mean nothing to her anyway.
  • She’s quite strong and could easily physically fight a boy her age, she wouldn't be afraid to either.
  • She's tried running away many times before, but it always backfired and made things worse. She doesn't know where she would go anyway, the past would always catch up with her.
  • She doesn't eat very much and hardly has an appetite, but she enjoys scrambled eggs. When her and Shannon used to have to make their own food it was one of the easiest things she could do.
  • She would never drink or do drugs because she saw what it did to her parents and it ended up bad for everyone.
  • She isn’t really into music, books or films or anything.
  • She doesn't believe in God and is a firm Atheist.
  • Her amortentia is hot chocolate, mints and damp grass/wood.
  • She recently got a tattoo of her sister's face on her torso. She specifically got it between her scars and not covering them, to remind Demi of how her sister was always there for her through the abuse and hard times.


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