Tanis Nyt's Office

Tanis Nyt Office

Tanis or Nyt doesn't take kindly to unexpected visits, depending on who they are from. Her office is large and bright, there is a living area complete with a sofa, twin arm chairs and a coffee table just past the entrance to her office and before her actual desk. Located in the very back of her office is a heavy, dark wood desk, there are two seats placed in front for whomever may come to speak with her, mostly for interviewees. If she can be found in here she is usually behind her desk, or stationed in the living area overlooking previous, current and future Aurors. She is a very critical woman and wants only the most qualified of candidates to become or even be associated with the title Auror.

This Office has been taken by Ferlen Black.

IM / Owl (Interdepartmental Memos and Owls)



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