Hall of Prophecies

Prophy Room

The towering shelves of glass balls make you stare in awe. The stone floor clicks under your heels as you make your way to pick up your prophecy. You count to yourself as you navigate a path to the row your prophecy was listed. As you round the corner, the dusty globe, with your name attached to it, catches your eye. You pick it up, and listen closely.

Records of prophecies are stored in this long, cold chamber with high ceilings and towering shelves lit with blue-flame candles. These prophecies, held in glass orbs, are magically protected, so that the only people who can lift them off their stand are the Keeper of the Hall of Prophecies and the subject or subjects of the individual prophecy. Anyone else who attempts to inspect the orb with their hands will be afflicted with instant madness.



Archive 1


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